Pires hopes France draws reinvigorated England at Euro 2020

France is in Pot 2 for Saturday's Euro 2020 draw and Robert Pires would welcome the chance for the world champion to face England.

Former Arsenal and France winger Robert Pires feels England will be a big threat at Euro 2020.   -  Getty Images

Robert Pires hopes France is paired with a reinvigorated and "motivated" England in the Euro 2020 group stage. Both sides finished top of their qualifying groups to get their name in the hat for Saturday's draw in Bucharest.

England will host a total of seven matches in next year's finals and is in Pot 1, while France - despite being world champion - is in Pot 2. Former Arsenal winger Pires would like to see his native France face off against Gareth Southgate's side, which he believes will be a big threat in the tournament.

"What's for sure is that we're going to draw a big team because unfortunately we're in Pot 2," he told Omnisport, speaking as part of the UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour driven by Nissan. "Which one I would like to play against? France-England would be nice."

"I think that we're strong but the English are having a renaissance and Southgate has built a good team, quite young, with a bit of experience and they can be a good surprise during the next Euros. And as you know the final is in London so they will be motivated."

One team Pires is eager for France to avoid is Spain, which qualified for the competition with an unbeaten record that sets them out among the favourites.

"The team to avoid is always Spain," added Pires, who won the World Cup and European Championship during his playing days. "They remain very strong, they're very skilled and they cause problems to us every time."

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