Le Golf National poised for Ryder Cup magic

The opening ceremony whet the appetite for the 42nd Ryder Cup and Omnisport's Russell Greaves is expecting a far greater show to come.

The opening ceremony of the 42nd Ryder Cup   -  Getty Images

"Heroes will be made, legends will be forged, and one team will be victorious."

That was David Ginola's declaration in an introduction video that kicked off the opening ceremony of the 42nd Ryder Cup on Thursday.

The former football star's seductive French accent imbued his words with a sense of poetry befitting the occasion.

Years in the making - France was announced as the host nation in 2011 - the countdown clock is now numbering just hours, minutes and seconds.

With that comes a sense of anticipation that is tangible when you walk the course at Le Golf National.

Closed to the public on Monday, the beauty of its rolling dunes, verdant fairways and glistening lakes were beheld only by a select few.

But in the days since, the alluring beauty of this spectacular layout, which sits just outside Paris, has had onlookers swooning in much the same way many were over a besuited Ginola.

The course is already guaranteed to emerge victorious. It poses a true test of a golfer's skill and thus, when we talk of heroes being made and legends forged, they will indeed be made to earn such lofty acclaim. 

As the players from each team strode onto the stage in front of a cheering crowd and were then announced one-by-one to varying degrees of acclaim and, infrequently, disdain, the enormity of what lay in store must have started to germinate deep in their stomachs.

The nerve-jangling prospect of that opening tee shot in front a 6,900-seater grandstand is enough to give even the most seasoned Ryder Cup stalwart a chill, despite the warm glow that has haloed the host venue for most of this week.

It is a setting that matches the grandeur of the competition and no player will be immune to its effects.

Team USA captain Jim Furyk described the set-up as "magnifique", his accent proving somewhat less elegant than Ginola's, for obvious reasons. 

But the sentiment was clear, even if his pronunciation was less so.

It is against that magnificent backdrop, which in truth defies appropriate description in any language, that the action will commence on Friday.

And while the Kaiser Chiefs' off-colour display, which contrasted perfectly with the tricolore flyover that followed, will soon be forgotten, what unfolds over the next three days will most certainly not.

The fourballs pairings, announced perhaps a little later than planned after some speeches that went on longer than a Rory McIlroy drive, whet the appetite for what's to come. 

And now the time for talking is over. Bring on the golf. Let's get the real show started.

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