Hockey World Cup 2023 Crossover HIGHLIGHTS: Germany thrashes France, Korea beats Argentina in shootout to reach quarterfinals

Catch all the updates, results, and highlights of the FIH Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 crossover matches - Germany vs France and Argentina vs Korea - in Bhubaneswar.

Updated : Jan 26, 2023 09:53 IST

Korean players celebrate after scoring a goal during the FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 crossover match against Argentina at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar on Monday.
Korean players celebrate after scoring a goal during the FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 crossover match against Argentina at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar on Monday. | Photo Credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Korean players celebrate after scoring a goal during the FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 crossover match against Argentina at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar on Monday. | Photo Credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

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Hockey World Cup 2023: Korea keeps Asian hopes alive with dramatic comeback win against Argentina

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FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 Quarterfinals Schedule
January 24 - Australia vs Spain - 4:30PM IST - Rourkela
January 24 - Belgium vs New Zealand - 7PM IST - Rourkela
January 25 - England vs Germany - 4:30PM IST - Bhubaneswar
January 25 - Netherlands vs Korea - 7PM IST - Bhubaneswar

What a massive upset to wrap up the crossover stage! Korea knocks out Argentina 3-2 in penalty shootout after a 5-5 draw in regulation time and ensures there will be at least one Asian team in the quarterfinals. Korea will take on the Netherlands in the final-eight fixture.

Player of the match: Jang Jonghyun of Korea

  • 3-2: Ferreiro finds the bottom-left corner but before the ball crosses the line, the buzzer is on!!!! Time up!!! Korea wins the shootout and knocks out Argentina!!!!
  • 3-2: Jung Manjae finds the back of the net after taking his time and making Santiago lose his balance. Argentina says Manjae pushed the goalkeeper but the referral does not change the decision. Goal stands.
  • 2-2: Casella finds the top-left corner to level the scores but Korea have an extra attempt in hand.
  • 2-1: Korea stays in front as Ji Woo Cheon spins around to find the bottom-right corner.
  • 1-1: Nicolas Keenan puts Argentina on the scoreboard. Takes his time, makes Kim commit to left and then simply scoops it in the middle.
  • 1-0: Santiago keeps his team in the match as similar spinning move, this time from Hwang Taeil, hits the right post.
  • 1-0: Toscani fails to convert as he hits the ball onto Kim’s left foot.
  • 1-0: Korea in front after a brilliant spinning move from Lee Jungjun.
  • 0-0: A left foot from Kim denies Domene.

No change in goalkeeping from either side. Santiago for Argentina and Kim Jaehyeon for Korea it will be.


Stunning comeback from Korea. Two goals withing six minutes to come from 3-5 down in the final quarter. The Asian team has given itself a chance. Penalty shootout to decide the winner of this thrilling contest.

  • And the full-time whistle has been blown! We are headed to a penalty shootout!
  • 59’ - Final few seconds. Will either team find a winning goal?
  • 56’ - Korean goalkeeper Kim Jaehyeon forced to make a save after another wave of attack from the South Americans.
  • 55’ - PENALTY CORNER FOR KOREA. Careless error from Della Torre who fails to trap a back pass on the edge of his own striking circle. Kim Sunghyun takes hold of the ball and Della Torre intentionally sends the ball beyond the baseline. GOALLLL!!!!!! Marvellous variation from Korea. Jang hits the drag-flick towards skipper Lee Nam Yong near the left post who deflects it beyond a diving Santiago. Parity restored.
  • 54’ - Magnificent counter-attack down the right flank from Korea. Ji Woo Cheon says he has been fouled from behind as the Argentine player close to him goes down.
  • 53’ - PENALTY CORNER FOR ARGENTINA. Cross from Keenan from the left and it hits a Korean defender’s stick before rebounding onto his body. Casella’s drag-flick is blocked illegally and another PC. The same sequence repeats again and Argentina gets another PC. However, on the third occasion, Korea finally manages to clear the ball away.
  • 49’ - PENALTY CORNER FOR KOREA. Captain Lee Nam Yong takes the ball inside the striking circle from the right. Cicileo lifts it dangerously and Korea gets a chance. GOALLLL!!!!!!! Jang’s drag-flick hits Santiago in the right arm before trickling over the line.
  • 47’ - Another shot on target, a reverse hit from Casella with lots of power in it but Korean custodian Kim Jaehyeon closes his legs just in time to block the effort before clearing it away.
  • 46’ - GOALLL!!!!! Argentina has a cushion. Cross from Toscani from the right, Casella with a cheeky deflection heading towards the near post, Korean goalkeeper keeps it out but Keenan puts the rebound in the back of the net.
  • Argentina somehow hangs on to a one-goal lead with final 15 minutes left.
  • 43’ - PENALTY CORNER FOR KOREA. Cross from Jang from the left flank goes through Thomas Habif’s legs to find Lee Hyeseung on the right side inside the striking circle. Lee takes a shot, it takes a deflection of Habif’s stick and Santiago keeps the ball out at the near post but the rebound goes back to Lee who somehow manages to hit the ball onto Habif’s foot. However, Santiago saves the drag-flick from Jang with his left hand before the defender clears the ball away.
  • 41’ - Green card shown to Martin Ferreiro. Argentina down to 10 men.
  • 40’ - PENALTY CORNER FOR ARGENTINA as Bugallo finds Lee Seunghoon’s foot inside the striking circle on the left. Della Torre’s initial drag-flick is saved by Korean goalkeeper but a back stick from a Korean player awards another PC to the South Americans. GOALLLLL!!!!! Della Torre, this time, hits the drag flick to the bottom-right corner and it goes through Korean skipper Lee Nam Yong’s legs on the line to find the back of the net.
  • 40’ - Korea increases the tempo and earns a PENALTY CORNER after Hwang Taeil puts in the cross from the left, Lee Jungjun gets a deflection before it hits the foot of an Argentine player behind him. GOALLLL!!!!! Jang Jonghyun finds the bottom-left corner with his drag-flick. Scores level.
  • 38’ - A rather sedate third quarter. No clear cut chances for either side so far.
  • 35’ - Another cross aerial pass, Monja takes it down on the right cleanly and enters the striking circle looking for a Korean foot but does not find one.
  • 34’ - Aerial pass on the right flank from Monaj to Domene who puts in the cross. Tarazona receives the ball and cuts it back to Ferreiro at the near post but the umpire blows his whistle to signal a foul.
  • The second half is underway!
  • End of first half. Argentina leads Korea 3-2 but looking at how the last 30 minutes have gone, this contest is far from over.
  • 29’ - Last few seconds of the first half. Both teams look content with the current scoreline for now. CLOSE!!!!! A cross from Martin Ferreiro from the left, Korean goalkeeper leaves it and all Lucas Vila at the far post had to do was to get a touch. However, Vila failed to get any sort of contact on the ball.
  • 26’ - What a frantic contest this has been and we have not even reached the halfway mark. Circle entry from Korea but this time, Argentina’s Federico Monja does well to clear the danger after a cross from Seo Inwoo.
  • 23’ - PENALTY CORNER FOR ARGENTINA. Foul by Lee Seunghoon on Lucas Vila. GOALLLL!!!!! Nicolas Della Torre finds the bottom-right corner with the drag-flick. Argentina leads.
  • 20’ - GOALLLL!!!! Argentina wipes the deficit within seconds of the restart. Excellent passing through the midfield. Toscani takes a shot from the middle of the striking circle. Keenan gets a deflection but Korean goalkeeper Kim Jaehyeon makes a save with his left hand. However, Keenan gets hold of the rebound and from a tight angle from the right side, finds the top left corner. This time, Korea loses the referral while challenging the decision and asking for a back stick.
  • 19’ - GOALLLL!!!! Korea takes the lead from the Penalty Corner. Untidy trap, Jang passes the ball to Seo Inwoo on the right, Seo to Yang and back to Seo, Seo passes it to Kim Hyeongjin at the far post who passes it to Jeong Junwoo at the near post who makes no mistake in putting the ball in the back of the net. Argentina loses its referral while challenging the decision.
  • 18’ - Penalty corner for Argentina but it fails to convert the opportunity.
  • 17’ - Della Torre enters the striking circle along the baseline but excellent defensive work from Jang. GOALLLLL!!!!! Patience provides Korea the reward. A clever pass into the striking circle from Lee Jungjun to find Hwang Taeil who provides the cross to unmarked Kim Sunghyun at the far post. Kim Sunghyun makes no mistake in putting the ball in the back of the net.
  • 16’ - A wishful pass from Lee Seunghoon down the right flank and the ball goes beyond the baseline.
  • Second quarter is underway.
  • End of first quarter. A one-goal lead for Argentina.
  • 14’ - Argentina making use of 3D skills for a circle entry in the last couple of seconds but the Korean defense does decent job to block the way.
  • 12’ - Here are the early possession stats: Argentina - 53%, Korea - 47%
  • 9’ - PENALTY CORNER FOR KOREA after Agustin Mazzilli intercepts an aerial pass illegally near his own striking circle. Initial drag-flick from Jang Jonghyun is blocked, Yang Jihun hits the rebound on target but Argentine goalkeeper Santiago makes a fantastic diving save with his right hand. Argentina launches a fierce counter-attack and the Korean defense somehow clears the danger.
  • 7’ - GOALLLL!!!!!!! Argentina draws first blood courtesy of sloppy work from Korean goalkeeper Kim Jaehyeon who fails to clear the ball with a kick. Casella makes use of the opportunity and lifts it over Kim, who dives to make a save, and into the open goal.
  • 7’ - Korea seems to have settled after early pressure from the South Americans. Nice little spell of possession.
  • 4’ - Ball put into the striking circle for Domene but his first touch lifts the ball high dangerously.
  • 2’ - Nicolas Della Torre from the left flank puts the ball into the striking circle and Keenan provides a deflection which hits the left post. However, the initial pass from Della Torre was too high and the whistle had gone up. So, if it had gone in, the goal would not have counted anyway.
  • 1’ - Argentina’s Maico Casella has an early shot on goal after brilliant circle entry from the right by Federico Monja.
  • Game time! Korea takes the pushback and will play from left to right.

7:05PM - Here we go. The two teams - Argentina (in its traditional white and blue jerseys) and Korea (in red jerseys) are onto the pitch. Time for national anthems.

7:03PM - In World Cups, the head-to-head record is 2-1 in Argentina’s favour.

6:55PM - LINEUPS!!!


Played: 10 | Argentina: 7 | Draw: 2 | Korea: 1

6:45PM - First three quarterfinals are set - Australia vs Spain, Belgium vs New Zealand and Germany vs England. Who will face the Netherlands in the final last-eight fixture - Argentina or Korea? Live action from 7PM IST. Stay tuned!


Germany beats France convincingly in the third crossover to set up a quarterfinal clash with England.

Player of the Match - It is Mats Grambusch, the German skipper.

  • Full-time buzzer is on!
  • 60’ - Eleven seconds left on the clock and Masson earns a PENALTY CORNER FOR FRANCE. However, French captain Charlet puts the drag-flick wide.
  • 59’ - Lung-bursting run from Ruhr on the counter who puts Miltkau through inside the striking circle. However, Miltkau is pushed from behind PENALTY CORNER FOR GERMANY. GOALLLL!!!!!!! Peillat finds the bottom-left corner with a powerful drag-flick.
  • 58’ - Two penalty corners in quick succession for France. On the second occasion, Charlet’s drag-flick is saved by Stadler’s right hand.
  • 57’ - Penalty Corner for France. Germany loses a referral challenging the call. Charlet with the drag-flick but it is blocked by Hinrichs. However, it is deemed dangerous play and hence, another PC. France manages to put the ball in the back of the net but the whistle had gone up for another PC already. Charlet’s drag-flick strikes a German foot again. Another PC. GOALLLLL!!!!!!! Clement with the drag-flick this time and a diving Goyet gets a final touch to send the ball above Stadler and into the goal.
  • 55’ - Ball put into the back of the German goal by Martin-Brisac but he was outside the striking circle. A final touch from a French stick inside the D was required for the goal to count.
  • 52’ - Brilliant run through the middle from Masson before putting Van Streaten through inside the striking circle. Stadler closes in on him and Van Streaten passes it across hoping to find a French stick with the opening goal in front. However, the ball has been cleared by Germany.
  • 50’ - Excellent cross into the striking from the right from Oruz to Ruhr. Ruhr traps it well before eventually losing possession.
  • 49’ - After some early pressure from France in the final quarter, Germany can finally breathe now.
  • 47’ - France with a bit more intent. A circle entry done quickly. Masson along the baseline, cutback to Rogeau but it has a bit too much height on it. Rogeau still takes a shot and it does not miss the top-right corner by much.
  • Final quarter is underway. Can France at least get a consolation goal?
  • End of third quarter.
  • 44’ - Scintillating counter-attack from Germany. Ruhr takes the ball along the left flank with Wellen in the middle. Ruhr gets into the striking circle but before he gives the pass to Wellen, he is fouled from behind by Desgouillons, the French No. 3. PENALTY CORNER FOR GERMANY. Mathias Muller with the injection, Hinrichs traps it, Peillat with the drag-flick but it misses the top-right corner by some distance.
  • 43’ - A free hit for France close to the German D. Baumgarten takes the ball inside the striking circle but does not make a clean contact. The shot goes wide.
  • 41’ - Another circle entry from Germany. Wellen enters along the baseline from the right before providing the cutback to Ludwig Moritz who hits the shot wide of the near post.
  • 40’ - Green card shown to Timothee Clement. France down to 10 men.
  • 38’ - Trompertz goes down in the midfield after a French stick gets stuck in his sock.
  • 37’ - Relentless attack from Germany. France forced to make multiple clearances from it’s own striking circle.
  • 34’ - PENALTY CORNER FOR GERMANY as French captain Charlet infringes the aerial pass guidelines. Tom Grambusch’s initial drag-flick is stopped illegally, earning another PC. The second drag-flick from Grambusch goes wide of the bottom-right corner.
  • 33’ - Solo effort from Christopher Ruhr. Makes a run through the midfield, enter the striking circle from the left and goes for the tomahawk but misses the far post.
  • 31’ - Germany with early circle penetration in the second half. It has clearly not taken its foot off the pedal and wants more goals.
  • Third quarter is underway. Germany plays from left to right and France, right to left.
  • 29’ - End of first half. The head-to-head record between these two teams is 12-0 in Germany’s favour. Barring a miraculous comeback from France in the next half hour, it is set to become 13-0. Stay tuned for an exciting second half.
  • 28’ - Well, well. PENALTY CORNER FOR FRANCE. Excellent 3D skills from Tynevez to take the ball inside the striking circle before it hits a German player but a referral from Germany overturns the call as the video official rules it dangerous play.
  • 26’ - Ludwig Moritz of Germany gets a Green Card.
  • 24’ - GOALLLLL!!!!!!! Two in two minutes for Germany. Tom Grambusch with the drag-flick from the Penalty Corner and Trompertz puts himself in front of Thieffry to get a deflection which, despite a touch from the French goalkeeper, manages to find the top-right corner. France uses a referral saying the PC was not taken properly but the original decision stands. Goal given. Germany 4-0 France.
  • 23’ - GOALLL!!!! Hinrichs puts the ball into the striking circle from the right, Justus Weigand sets it up for Prinz at the near post, Prinz’ shot is blocked by Mats Grambusch, German captain, at the far post, puts it into the back of the net. Germany 3-0 France.
  • 22’ - Collision between Tynevez and Tom Grambusch as the German looks to receive an aerial pass.
  • 20’ - PENALTY CORNER FOR GERMANY. Xavier fails to deal cleanly with a cross from the right and the ball strikes his foot. First shot from Windfeder is blocked from French defense but still, another PC for Germans. Tom Grambusch with the drag-flick this time, he goes central and Thieffry, slightly off balance, somehow manages to make the save.
  • 18’ - GOALLLL!!!!! A man down, Germany still manages to double its lead. Poor clearance from Thieffry in the goal after Prinz’ cross from the left allows Niklas Wellen to capitalise and score. Germany 2-0 France.
  • 16’ - Green card shown to German No. 27 Timur Oruz.
  • Second quarter is underway. France is still playing with a man short. And straight away, Thieffry is forced to save a shot from Trompertz.
  • 14’ - Green card to Xavier, French No. 6. GOALLLL!!!!! Moments later, Germany takes the lead. Grambusch puts the ball into the striking circle, French captain Charlet is unable to trap it as the ball goes behind him to Marco Miltkau at the near post. Miltkau does well to control the ball with the first touch before putting it into the back of the net. Germany 1-0 France.
  • 13’ - SAVE!!!! Wellen, unmarked, enters the striking circle from the right and takes a shot towards the top of the goal. A strong left hand from French goalkeeper Thieffry keeps it out. Scoreline remains goalless.
  • 9’ - Trompertz, German No. 33, takes a hit from the left inside the striking circle but his attempt is blocked by a French defender.
  • 7’ - Excellent run through the midfield from Hinrichs before passing it to Jouin on the left. Jouin puts the ball inside the striking circle for Hinrichs but he is unable to control it and it goes beyond the baseline.
  • 6’ - Just as I said it, Gaspard Baumgarten earns a PENALTY CORNER FOR FRANCE. However, Timothee Clement’s drag-flick misses the bottom-left corner by some distance.
  • 4’ - Untidy play from France so far. Les Bleus is failing to do even the basics properly at this point.
  • 1’ - PENALTY CORNER FOR GERMANY under two minutes. Interesting variation from Germany, the goal does not come but it does get another PC. Peillat’s drag-flick is blocked.
  • First quarter is underway. Germany plays from right to left. France from left to right.

4:35PM - German (in black jerseys) and French players (in white jerseys) are out on the pitch at the Kalinga Stadium. Time for national anthems.

4:30PM - Here’s an interesting read on Niklas Wellen, the German No. 9, by Aashin Prasad - ‘Daddy’ Niklas Wellen’s ‘crazy moment’ during Germany’s clash against Belgium

4:25PM - LINEUPS!!!

4:05PM - ICYMI, check highlights of the thrilling crossover match from yesterday where New Zealand edged host India in a dramatic penalty shootout.

3:55PM - Germany vs France Head-to-head record

Played: 12 | Germany: 12 | France: 0

3:45PM - Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s LIVE Coverage of the Hockey World Cup 2023 - Day 11 in Bhubaneswar. Germany takes on France in the third crossover match with the winner set to face England in the quarterfinals. Later in the day, Argentina faces Korea in the final crossover with the winner going up against the Netherlands at the last-eight stage.

Where to watch the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup matches live?
The 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup matches will be telecast live on Star Sports First, Star Sports Select 2 HD, Star Sports Select 2 SD. The same will be streamed live on Disney+ Hotstar.


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