FIH Women's Junior Hockey World Cup, South Africa 2021: Full Schedule, Pools, Matches List, Timings

India is set to play its first FIH Women's Junior Hockey World Cup 2021 match at 11:00 AM on December 6.

Hockey turf

REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE: The FIH Women's Junior Hockey World Cup 2021 final is set to be played on December 16.   -  S. S. Kumar

Ireland meets Zimbabwe in the opening clash of the FIH Women's Junior Hockey World Cup 2021 at the North-West University in Potchefstroom on December 5.

India will play its first match at 11:00 AM on December 6. The final is set to be played on December 16.

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Serial No.Day/DatePoolTimeMatch
1Sunday, December 5A09:00Ireland vs Zimbabwe
2Sunday, December 5A11:00Korea vs Netherlands
3Sunday, December 5B13:00Canada vs Uruguay
4Sunday, December 5B15:00Belgium vs England
5Sunday, December 5D17:00Germany vs United States
6Sunday, December 5D19:00Spain vs South Africa
7Monday, December 6C09:00Argentina vs Japan
8Monday, December 6C11:00India vs Russia
9Monday, December 6A13:00Netherlands vs Ireland
10Monday, December 6A15:00Korea vs Zimbabwe
11Monday, December 6B17:00England vs Canada
12Monday, December 6B19:00Belgium vs Uruguay
13Tuesday, December 7C09:00Japan vs Russia
14Tuesday, December 7C11:00India vs Argentina
15Tuesday, December 7D15:30Spain vs Germany
16Tuesday, December 7D17:30United States vs South Africa
17Wednesday, December 8A09:00Netherlands vs Zimbabwe
18Wednesday, December 8A11:00Ireland vs Korea
19Wednesday, December 8B15:30England vs Uruguay
20Wednesday, December 8B17:30Canada vs Belgium
21Thursday, December 9C09:00Argentina vs Russia
22Thursday, December 9C11:00Japan vs India
23Thursday, December 9D15:30United States vs Spain
24Thursday, December 9D17:30Germany vs South Africa
25Saturday, December 119/1609:003rd Pool A vs 4th Pool B
26Saturday, December 119/1611:153rd Pool D vs 4th Pool C
27Saturday, December 119/1615:453rd Pool B vs 4th Pool A
28Saturday, December 119/1618:003rd Pool C vs 4th Pool D
29Sunday, December 12QF09:001st Pool A vs 2nd Pool B
30Sunday, December 12QF11:151st Pool D vs 2nd Pool C
31Sunday, December 12QF15:451st Pool B vs 2nd Pool A
32Sunday, December 12QF18:001st Pool C vs 2nd Pool D
33Monday, December 1313/1609:00Loser Match 25 vs Loser Match 26
34Monday, December 1313/1611:15Loser Match 27 vs Loser Match 28
35Monday, December 139/1213:30Winner Match 25 vs Winner Match 26
36Monday, December 139/1215:45Winner Match 27 vs Winner Match 28
37Tuesday, December 145/809:00Loser Match 29 vs Loser Match 30
38Tuesday, December 145/811:15Loser Match 31 vs Loser Match 32
39Tuesday, December 14SF13:30Winner Match 29 vs Winner Match 30
40Tuesday, December 14SF15:45Winner Match 31 vs Winner Match 32
41Wednesday, December 1515/1609:00Loser Match 33 vs Loser Match 34
42Wednesday, December 1513/1411:15Winner Match 33 vs Winner Match 34
43Wednesday, December 1511/1213:30Loser Match 35 vs Loser Match 36
44Wednesday, December 159/1015:45Winner Match 35 vs Winner Match 36
45Thursday, December 167/809:00Loser Match 37 vs Loser Match 38
46Thursday, December 165/611:15Winner Match 37 vs Winner Match 38
47Thursday, December 163/413:30Loser Match 39 vs Loser Match 40
48Thursday, December 16FINAL15:45Winner Match 39 vs Winner Match 40
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