Hockey World Cup 2018 Highlights: Argentina 3-0 New Zealand

Hockey World Cup 2018: New Zealand vs Argentina: Goals from Agustin Mazzilli, Lucas Vila and Lucas Martinez gave Argentina a 3-0 win at the Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar.

Argentina's Agustin Mazzilli scored twice against Spain in the first match.   -  Getty Images

Welcome to Sportstar's minute-by-minute blog of the Hockey World Cup 2018 Pool A match of New Zealand vs Argentina.


FULL-TIME: Argentina 3-0 New Zealand

Fourth Quarter

60' The Argentina defence has thwarted all attacks by New Zealand, the midfield kept the possession at the right time and forwards have been absolutely precise with their finishing and passes in the penalty quarter in a comprehensive show.

56' This has been a clinical performance from Argentina as it has strategically demolished New Zealand by dialing up the tempo in each quarter.

55' GOAL ARGENTINA! Lucas Martinez scores from a penalty corner as Gonzalo Peillat's back pass reaches the forward at the far post who fumbles, but manages to put the ball behind the net from close range. A well-deserved lead for the Olympic champion.

54' This is some scintillating defending from Argentina as Peillat robs the ball off Inglis, while captain Pedro Ibarra comes out on top against Stephen Jenness.

51' New Zealand is looking for an opening and creates a flurry of chances with most of the chances created through the movement from Hayden Phillips.

49' Hayden Phillips goes on a superb run down the right flank as he takes out three Argentinian defenders on his way. His cut back, though, could have better as it is too high and the umpire deems it as dangerous.

46' Argentina's tactics have been very interesting today as they sacrifice pace for skills and patience in this match. Their passing and dribbling inside the final quarter has been absolutely spot on with Vila, Juan Lopez and Agustin Mazzilli making things look easy with their stickwork.

Third Quarter

45' CLOSE! New Zealand's best chance goes in vain as a sweeping move falls for Jared Panchia who is lurking beside the goalkeeper. But the ball slips through his legs and is out of play before he could reach it.

41' GOAL ARGENTINA! Lucas Vila doubles the lead with an emphatic finish at the near post. The forward tussles with Blair Tarrant on the edge of the circle and smashes it to the right top corner.

39' Peillat, who is usually very decisive with his penalty corners, has been kept quiet in this match by the Black Sticks as he shoots straight to Joyce for the third time in this match.

Trivia: Argentina's Matias Paredes is playing in his fifth consecutive World Cup, having made his debut at the 2002 Kaula Lumpur World Cup.

35' Richard Joyce does well to save the penalty corner from Peillat which was directed at the left corner.

34' Argentina shows how felxible it is by applying a counter press to New Zealand's midfield and seizes back the possession.

32' New Zealand is pressing in the midfield and as a result Hayden Phillips finds himself in a one-on-one situation with Gonzalo Peillat, but the forward is unable to finish at the far post after being failing to turn round on the edge of the circle.

HALF-TIME: Argentina 1-0 New Zealand

Second Quarter

30' New Zealand is looking unfazed by the opening goal as Argentina looks relaxed in possession and looking to increase the passing speed in the 27-metre area.

23' GOAL ARGENTINA! It's Agustin Mazzilli again for Argentina. It was the 29-year old who equalised twice in the first match against Spain and is now back on the top-scorers list with a superb reverse stick into the top left corner.

Trivia: New Zealand's top honours -Olympic gold (1976), Commonwealth Games silver (2002, 2018)

18' A lapse of judgement from Argentine captain Pedro Ibarra results in a penalty corner for New Zealand but Kane Russell's drag flick is dealt well by the defence.

16' Argentina has the first shot on the goal in the second quarter through Lucas Vila's shot at the far post. But Richard Joyce makes a good save with his right glove to keep the ball out.

First Quarter

14' Argentina is slowly gaining more possession with New Zealand defending deep.

Trivia: Argentina squad's average age of 29.3. The Argentina football team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia also had an average age of 29.3

8' There is not much to differentiate between both the sides in the opening exchanges with both the defences cancelling out each other.

5' This is what Argentina is capable of. Juan Lopez unleashes two back-to-back tomahauks in the span of seconds and wins a penalty corner. Gonzalo Peillat's resultant dragflick is on the rise and hits the New Zealand runner on the thigh. The umpire gives a free hit from 25 yards.

3' Hugo Inglis goes close once again as the Black Sticks are taking the game to Argentina. Los Leones, however, are relaxed despite the early onslaught.

1' Stunning start to the match by New Zealand as it has two shots on the goal in the first 15 seconds.

The teams are on the pitch for the national anthems!

Head-to-Head record for the last 6 matches: Argentina: 4 | New Zealand: 1 | Draw: 1

How they qualified:


World Ranking: 2

Olympic champion Argentina qualified for the 2018 World Cup by winning the Pan American Cup in 2017. Gonzalo Peillat's penalty corner in the 49th minute set up a thrilling 4-3 win for Argentina in the opening match against Spain.

New Zealand

World Ranking: 9

2018 Commonwealth Games silver medallist New Zealand has qualified for the tournament by finishing 6th in the Hockey World League Semi-final in Johannesburg.