Hockey World Cup 2018: Colours of Kalinga

As the Hockey World Cup fast approaches we have a look at how the city of Bhubaneswar is gearing up for the mega event.

National flag light colours is seen at Jayadev Vihar square, near Kalinga Hockey Stadium in Bhubaneswar. The city will promote its handicrafts during the world cup as the government will use gifts, trophies, and mementos made of local handicrafts and handloom. (Biswaranjan Rout) Photo: BISWARANJAN ROUT
The official mascot, Olly is seen at a wall painting neat AG square in Bhubaneswar. It represents the endangered Olive Ridley Sea Turtles that swim thousands of miles to Odisha’s Rushikulya and Gahirmatha beaches for their annual nesting. (Biswaranjan Rout) Photo: BISWARANJAN ROUT
Odisha's capital, Bhubaneswar will host the 2018 World Cup at the Kalinga Hockey stadium. This is the third time India will host a World Cup after 1982 (Mumbai) and 2010 (New Delhi). Kalinga will also have the distinction of hosting first World Cup with four-quarters rule. (Biswaranjan Rout) Photo: BISWARANJAN ROUT
The Kalinga Hockey stadium— where 36 matches will be played over 19 days—can accommodate close to 16,000 people. This is where 16 teams will fight it out to win the coveted trophy. (Biswaranjan Rout) Photo: BISWARANJAN ROUT
The Hockey World Cup trophy was designed by the Bashir Moojid and created by the Pakistani Army. It weighs approximately 11.5 kilograms and stands 21 inches. Only five teams have won the trophy in the past 13 editions. (Biswaranjan Rout) Photo: BISWARANJAN ROUT