Pro Kabaddi League 9 auction HIGHLIGHTS: Full list of sold and unsold players on day 2

Follow live updates, analysis and reactions from the Pro Kabaddi League season 9 auction in Mumbai.

Pawan Sehrawat, on day one of the acution, became the most expensive player in PKL history as Tamil Thalaivas splurged a staggering 2.26 Cr. on him.

Pawan Sehrawat, on day one of the acution, became the most expensive player in PKL history as Tamil Thalaivas splurged a staggering 2.26 Cr. on him. | Photo Credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Follow live updates, analysis and reactions from the Pro Kabaddi League season 9 auction in Mumbai.

Hello and welcome to the highlights of the Pro Kabaddi League season 9 auction that took place in Mumbai this weekend.

With that, we’ve reached the end of two days of an eventful auction! The record for most costliest buy was broken, not once but twice yesterday. Vikash Khandola went for 1.70 Cr. which was short lived as Tamil Thalaivas acquired the services of Pawan Sehrawat for a staggering 2.65 Cr. Second day was comparitively dull but had a few blockbuster signings like Bastami who joined Haryana Steelers for 65.10 Lakh. There were a fair share of shockers as well, Rahul Chaudhari being picked up for just 10 lakh and Rishank Devadiga being unsold. Nonetheless, the last two days were entertaining to say the least. That will be it folks, thanks for tuning in! 

Top 3 buys of the day
Amir Hossein Bastami to Haryana Steelers for 65.10 lakh
Ravi Kumar to Dabang Delhi for 64.10 lakh
Neeraj Narwal to Bengaluru Bulls for 43 lakh

Mr. Anupam Goswami, League Commissioner of the Pro Kabaddi League on the auction price caps and what it means for the growth of the league

Q The growing ecosystem of franchises, the budgets are increasing year-on-year, so was there ever a thought of increasing the purse from 4.4 to 5? How does it impact the league ecosystem?

I think it's important to create a sustainable system and there are several factors that will contribute to the league being able to go to its 10th year that we will go next year, but I think the important factor is how are you striking a right balance. The player purse of Pro Kabaddi has worked really well for all the stakeholders - team owners as well as players. For players, it's evident that it has made aspirational careers.

What we do is we have the base categories, category B, the mean price (of players sold) is well over 50% of the base price. Category A which is a star category which goes 200% of the base price. Even if we look at Categories C and D, the mean prices will match any middle-class services career at a starting level. We think that the player prices are working well. What the overall player policy has done over the years is to encourage and equate teams to find the next generation of players. I am very sure that many teams are coming into this auction with a solid bunch of young players, who are the emerging stars or stars of tomorrow. They will definitely be the stars of this season.

Q There could be someone among the retained players, who will be getting more than 1 crore. Isn’t it? How quickly can 10 players get more than 1 crore? 

The player purse will surely increase. We have not kept it for all time and I am sure you are going to see a higher purse in the 10th season. The logic of 10 players getting more than 1 crore, will be just an extrapolation of numbers. If you look at the median salary of players, they have been going up steadily and that’s an indicator of how the system is growing. At auctions the salaries are open, that contract, the retention bit is still a bilateral contract between the franchise and a player.

  • ⦿ Mahindraprasad to Puneri Paltan for 6 lakh
  • ⦿ Vishwas S goes to Patna Pirates for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Nehal B Sawal Desai goes to U.P. Yoddhas for 10 lakhs
  • ⦿ Defender Ankit to Tamil Thalaivas for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Ravinder to Tleugu TItans for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Category B defender Rohit goes to Bengal Warriors for 20 lakh
  • ⦿ Defender Manuj to Gujarat Giants for 10 lakhs
  • ⦿ Rahul Gorakh Dhanawade to Jaipur Pink Panthers for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Gujarat Giants signs Kapil for base price of 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Satywan to U Mumba for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Babu Murugesan to UP yoddhas for 20 lakh
  • ⦿ Haryana Steelers Signs Joginder Narwal for 20 lakh
  • ⦿ Harsh Mahesh Lad to Puneri Paltan for 6 lakh
  • ⦿ K Abhimanyu, from category D, goes to tamil Thalaivas for 6 lakh
  • ⦿ Ujawal Singh to Gujarat Titans for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Sushil Gulia to Patna Pirates for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Arprit Saroha to Tamil Thalaivas for 6 lakh
  • ⦿ Vishal Pandi is the player that’s picked first after what seemed to be a half an hour break but he goes unsold

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  • ⦿ Lovepreet Singh to Haryana Steelers for 6 lakh
  • ⦿ Dabang Delhi signs Monu for base price 6 lakh
  • ⦿ Sakthivel R joins Bengal Warriors for 12.20 lakh
  • ⦿ Nitin Chandel joins the Pink Panthers for 19 LAKH?!!
  • ⦿ Tejas Maruti will Join Dabang Delhi KC for an undisclosed fee

Now, category D players will be up for grabs!

  • ⦿ HUGE! Rahul Chaudhari, who went for a whopping 1.29 Cr. in the 2018 auctions, will join the Pink Panthers for just 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Manish Gulia is a Steeler, signs him for 1o lakh
  • ⦿ Gulveer Singh will be a part of UP Yoddhas squad
  • ⦿ Jaipur Pink Panthers signs Navneet for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Anand Surendra Tomar to Patna Pirates for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Jai Bhagwan and Ankush will join U Mumba for 10 lakh each
  • ⦿ Mahendra Ganesh Rajput will stay at Gujarat Giants as they use their FBM
  • ⦿ Bhavani Rajput to Pink Panthers for 10.40 lakh
  • ⦿ Bengaluru Bulls gets Harmanjit Singh for 15 lakh
  • ⦿ UP Yoddhas has added Rathan K to its arsenal for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Nitin Powar joins the Panthers camp for base price
  • ⦿ K. Prapanjan goes to Haryana Steelers for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Aman Kadian to Telugu Titans for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Poorna Singh is the new entrant into the Gujarat Giants camp, a 10 lakh signing this
  • ⦿ Bengaluru Bulls shells out 43 lakh to sign Neeraj Narwal
  • ⦿ SHOCKER! Rohit Kumar goes UNSOLD!
  • ⦿ Another base price buy, Haryana Steelers signs Sushil.
  • ⦿ Gujarat Giants gets Sawin for base price.
  • ⦿ Defender Ravi Kumar is next on the list and looks like we have another battle between teams. AND HE IS SOLD TO DABANG DELHI FOR A WHOPPING 64.10 lakhs !! Last season, Haryana Steelers had acquired his services for 27.50 lakhs.
  • ⦿ Kiran Laxman Nagar joins U Mumba for 31 lakh!!
  • ⦿ At 15.20 lakh, Shivam Chaudhari goes to Patna Pirates
  • ⦿ Puneri Paltan grab Rakesh Bhalle Ram and Alankar Kaluram Patil for base price of 10 lakh each
  • ⦿ Another 20+ lakh signing here. Shubam Shinde goes to Bengal Warriors for 20.30 Lakh
  • ⦿ Ravinder Pahal is gaining traction here. Seems to be a battle brewing between teams, his base price is 10 lakh and he is SOLD to Telugu Titans for 23 lakh
  • ⦿ Defender Vijay Kumar goes to Telugu Titans for ₹10 lacs.
  • ⦿ Gujarat Giants gets hold of Baldev Singh for 21.50 lakh
  • ⦿ Adharsh T goes to Telugu Titans for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Vinod Kumar moves to Gujarat Giants for 10 lakhs
  • ⦿ Amit Hooda is picked up by Dabang Delhi KC for base price
  • ⦿ Sudhakar Krishan goes to Bengaluru Bulls for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Sourav Gulia and Sandeep Kandola join the Gujarat Giants squad for 10 lakh each
  • ⦿ Surender Nada is Bengal Warriors’ new recruit
  • ⦿ Amit Sheoran SOLD to Bengal Warriors for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Rinku Narwal, who’s played 55 matches, is up next. Rinku is the latest to join the big bucks. Gujarat Giants have got the last bid for 40 Lakh. Bengal Warriors think about using FBM but decide against it. So he goes to Giants
  • ⦿ Parveen Satpal goes to Bengal Warriors for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Vikas is first up and he is UNSOLD

We are back after a break!

Speaking on behalf of Mashal Sports, CEO, Sports League, Disney Star and League Commissioner, vivo Pro Kabaddi League, Mr. Anupam Goswami said, “It was a fabulous day for all the teams on Day 1 of the player auctions. All the franchisees strategized well and we saw some great bids happen today. We have a lot of action coming up tomorrow and I hope all the teams will be able to build their desired squads.”

  • ⦿ Vishvavath V is Tamil Thalaivas’ latest signing. They get him for 12.80 lakhs
  • ⦿ Balaji D goes for 20.60 lakhs to Bengal Warriors
  • ⦿ Telugu Titans gets K Hanumanthu for ₹10 lacs.
  • ⦿ Shankar Gadai is the latest to have hit a jackpot. The allrounder is bieing chased by Gujarat Giants and Haryana Steelers. And now Bengal Warriors have entered the fray. It’s crossed 30L and he is SOLD to Gujarat Giants for 30.30 lakh!
  • ⦿ Tamil Nadu’s Abdul Insamam is Patna Pirates’ new signing for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Vinod Kumar is Bengal Warriors’ new addition for 10 lakh 
  • ⦿ The Bulls have another signing, Rahul Khatik fot 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Relentless Gujarat Giants gets Arkam Shaikh for 32.10 lakh
  • ⦿ Bengal Warriors adds Ashish Sangwan to its line-up for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Left cover Youngchang Ko goes to Gujarat Giants for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Reza Katoulinezhad heads to Dabang Delhi for 10 lakhs
  • ⦿ Thanushan Laxmamohan and Md Arif Rabbani join Tamil Thalaivas for 10 lakh each
  • ⦿ Bengaluru Bulls makes yet another signing, Sachin Narwal for base price of 10 lakh
  • ⦿ UP Yoddhas picks all-rounder Gholamabbas Korouki for 20 lakh
  • ⦿ Raider Mohammad Taghi Paein Mahali goes UNSOLD
  • ⦿ Mohsen Maghsoudlou Jafari, from category C, is sold to Telugu Titans for base price 10 lakh
  • ⦿ UP Yoddhas signs Abozar Meghani, who went unsold last night, at base price. 20 lakh

In case you’re wondering who Amirhossein Bastami —the costliest signing of the day so far— is, we’ve got you covered. Click HERE to read more about the Iranian.

Yet another pause and we hope its a 15-minute break to initiate accelerated auction

  • ⦿ Nageshor Tharu is picked up by Bengaluru Bulls for base price
  • ⦿ Raider Dong Geon Lee from South Korea is up next. He’s had quite a good resume with 90 raid points from 43 games. And he is SOLD to GUJARAT GIANTS FOR 20 lakh
  • ⦿ Aslam Saja Mohamed Thambi joins Bengal Warriors for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Lal Mohar Yadav goes to Bengaluru Bulls for base price
  • ⦿ Heidarali Ekrami SOLD to U Mumba for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ James Namaba will wear the UP Yoddhas jersey as he is picked up for a base price of 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Another player gets added to the unsold list and its Md. Rabiul Alam
  • ⦿ Mohammad Taghi from Iran goes UNSOLD

The auction resumes!

After a couple of scorching battles, the auction has come to a halt. Will resume in five minutes, stay tuned!

  • ⦿ We have another bidding battle in our hands here. This time it’s between UP Yoddhas and Haryana Steeler and it is for defender Reza Mirbagheri. At 22 lakh, Gujarat Giants pull out. Enter Jaipur Pink Panthers. They are up against UP Yoddhas. SOLD! to Jaipur Pink Panthers for 26.80 lakh
  • ⦿ Woosan Ko heads to Jaipur Pink Panthers for 10 lakh
  • ⦿ Khateravan Mariappan’s name comes up next and he remains UNSOLD
  • ⦿ UP Yoddhaa and Dabang Delhi are involved in the first bidding war for A Bastami of Irani. With base price of 10L and an incremental bid of 10k, it’s passed 15L. It’s crossed 33 lakh now! Bastami was the Iran junior national team’s captain that won the Junior World Kabaddi championship in 2019. Giants have now pitched in a bid of 50 lakh! Outrageous. We have a conclusion at last, HARYANA STEELERS SIGN THE IRANIAN FOR 65.10 LAKH!!!

We finally have some action!

  • ⦿ Iranian defender Soleiman Pahlevani goes to Bengal Warriors for ₹10 lakh
  • ⦿ Telugu Titans has its first signing and its Hamid Mirzai Nader for 10.10 Lakh
  • ⦿ Daniel Omondi Odhiambo, another Kenyan, moves to Patna Pirates for ₹10 lakh
  • ⦿ Dabang Delhi gets Md .Liton Ali for a base price of 10 Lakh
  • ⦿ Reza Katoulinezhad is added to the next player and he goes UNSOLD
  • ⦿ Victor Onyango Obiero is the first name on the list, a category C Kenyan all-rounder. And he is UNSOLD
The system has been changed. Rather than only getting shortlisted players, every player's name will be put up. Expect a plethora of unsolds today

At the outset, auctioneer Charu Sharma appeals to all the teams to bid for overseas players to make kabaddi a truly global sport.

And we are underway!!

The day two of PKL auction will kick off soon. All the 12 teams will look to complete their squads with players from the remaining categories.

PKL auction day 1 recap:

Pawan Sehrawat emerged as the most expensive player in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), fetching a bid worth Rs. 2.26 crore from Tamil Thalaivas on Friday, the first day of the player auction ahead of the franchise-based league’s ninth edition.

While Vikash Khandola (Rs. 1.70 crore, Bengaluru Bulls) - whose joy of earning the highest bid lasted barely few minutes - and Fazel Atrachali of Iran (Rs. 1.38 crore, Puneri Paltan), the most expensive overseas signing in PKL, and Guman Singh (Rs. 1.215 crore, U Mumba), were the other crorepatis on Friday evening, Sehrawat stole the show by breaching the Rs. 2-crore mark.

Haryana Steelers started the bidding with an opening bid of Rs. 1 crore despite his base price of Rs. 30 lakh, Thalaivas entered late and walked away with the biggest signing.

Pardeep Narwal was retained by UP Yoddhas with a Final Bid Match process for Rs. 90 lakh.

Atrachali will be joined by his Iran teammate Mohammad Nabibakhsh at Puneri Paltan. The Pune outfit shelled out Rs. 87 lakh on Nabibakhsh, who was the first player to go under the hammer.

-Amol Karhadkar

Top signings on Day 1
Pawan Sehrawat (Tamil Thalaivas) Rs. 2.26 crore
Vikash Khandola (Bengaluru Bulls) Rs. 1.70 crore
Fazel Atrachali (Puneri Paltan) Rs. 1.37 crore
*Guman Singh (U Mumba) Rs. 1.215 crore
Pardeep Narwal (UP Yoddhas) Rs. 90 lakh (FBM)
*Sunil Kumar (Jaipur Pink Panthers) Rs. 90 lakh
* base price Rs. 20 lakh, others base price Rs. 30 lakh
Full list of retained players
Elite Retained Players: Maninder Singh - Raider, Manoj Gowda K. - All-rounder, Akash Pikalmunde - Raider
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Suyog Baban Gaikar - Raider, R Guhan - Raider, Parshant Kumar - Raider, Vaibhav Bhausaheb Garje - Defender
Elite Retained Players: Mahender Singh - Defender, Mayur Jagannath Kadam - Defender, More G B - Raider
Retained Young Players: Saurabh Nandal - Defender
Existing New Young Players: Bharat - Raider, Rohit Kumar - Defender, Vinod Lachmayya Naik - Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Aman - Defender, Rajnesh - Defender, Yash Hooda - Defender
Elite Retained Players: Vijay - All-rounder
Retained Young Players: Naveen Kumar - Raider
Existing New Young Players: Dipak - Defender, Krishan - Defender, Vinay Kumar - Defender, Ashu Malik - Raider
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Ashish Narwal - Raider, Manjeet - Raider, Suraj Panwar - Raider, Vijay - Defender
Elite Retained Players: Sonu - Raider
Existing New Young Players: Rakesh - Raider, Gaurav Chhikara - Raider, Sohit - Raider, Sonu Singh - Raider
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Parteek Dhaiya - Raider, Rohan Singh - All-rounder
Retained Young Players: Vinay - Raider
Existing New Young Players: Meetu - Raider, Jaideep - Defender, Ankit - Defender, Mohit - Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Monu - Defender, Naveen - Defender, Harsh - Defender, Sunny - Defender
Elite Retained Players: Arjun Deshwal - Raider, Sahul Kumar - Defender
Existing New Young Players: Deepak - Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Devank - Raider, Ankush - Defender, Ashish - Defender, Abhishek KS - Defender
Elite Retained Players: Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh - All-rounder, Sajin Chandrasekar - All-rounder, Monu - Raider, Neeraj Kumar - Defender
Existing New Young Players: Rohit - Raider, Manish - Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Ranjit Venkatramana Naik - Raider, Anuj Kumar - Raider, Naveen Sharma - Defender, Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj - Defender
Elite Retained Players: Sombir - Defender, Abinesh Nadarajan - Defender
Retained Young Players: Pankaj Mohite - Raider, Sanket Sawant - Defender
Existing New Young Players: Aslam Inamdar - Raider, Mohit Goyat - Raider, Akash Santosh Shinde - Raider, Shubham Nitin Shelke - Raider, Govind Gurjar - All-rounder
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Aditya Tushar Shinde - Raider, Badal Taqdir Singh - Defender
Elite Retained Players: Ajinkya Ashok Pawar - Raider
Retained Young Players: Sagar - Defender, Himanshu - Defender, M. Abishek - Defender
Existing New Young Players: Himanshu - Raider, Sahil - Defender, Ashish - Defender, Mohit - Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Himanshu - Raider, Narender - Raider, Jatin - Raider
Retained Young Players: Ankit Beniwal - Raider, Rajnish - Raider
Existing New Young Players: Muhammed Shihas S - Defender, Palla Ramakrishna - Defender, Prince - Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Vinay - Raider, Mohit Pahal - Defender, Mohit - Defender, Nitin - Defender
Elite Retained Players: Rinku - Defender
Existing New Young Players: Kamlesh - Raider, Shivam - Raider, Prince - Defender, Rahul - Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Sachin - Raider, Pranay Vinay Rane - Raider, Rupesh - Raider, Shivansh Thakur - Defender
Elite Retained Players: Nitesh Kumar - Defender
Retained Young Players: Surender Gill - Raider, Sumit - Defender, Ashu Singh - Defender
Existing New Young Players: Nitin Panwar - All-rounder, Shubham Kumar - Defender, Aman - Raider, Rohit Tomar - Raider
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players: Durgesh Kumar - Raider, Mahipal - Raider, Anil Kumar - Raider

Each Pro Kabaddi League team needs to have a minimum of 18 players and a maximum of 25.


The 12 teams will each have a total player purse of ₹4.4 crores. However, a team's funds will reduce based on the retentions and purchases on day 1. A player’s total salary for the PKL season is determined by the price at which he is signed by a team.

The base prices for each of the categories are:

Category A – INR 30 Lakhs

Category B – INR 20 Lakhs

Category C – INR 10 Lakhs

Category D – INR 6 Lakhs.

The PKL teams also have a choice of retention of players from their respective squads from last season, as per the league policies. The franchisees are allowed to retain up to 6 players under the Elite Retained Players category and up to 4 New Young Players (NYPs) under stipulated conditions in each PKL season. The players, who are not retained by the franchisees from the pool of 500+ players, will go under the hammer during the two-day auction process in Mumbai.

The Season 9 Player Pool has been expanded to 500+ including the 24 players from the top 2 teams of the Khelo India University Games 2021, Bangalore.


As things stand, the day 2 of PKL auction is not being telecast anywhere. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted!

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