PKL Auctions day 3 highlights: Monu Goyat sold to Patna; Puneri Paltan retains Nitin Tomar, Thakur goes to Dabang Delhi

PKL Auctions 2021: Tune in for updates from day 3 Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) auctions where category B, C, D and unallocated players went under the hammer.

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) player auctions will be held in Mumbai from August 29-31.   -  Twitter/ProKabaddi

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's highlights of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) players auctions being held in Mumbai. This is Shyam Vasudevan taking you through the a(u)ction as it unfurls.

Going forward, we will bring you squad analysis, talking points and much more leading up to the eighth season. Do watch this space and keep up with the latest from the Prokabaddi League on Sportstar.

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It seems like we've come to the end of the auction. Quite a few highs, some thumping lows too. Here's a quick look of the highlights of day 03:

- PKL veterans Ajay Thakur, Manjeet Chillar, Dharmaraj Cheralathan all went for modest sums to their respective franchises

- Monu Goyat's auction sum falls from the 1.51 cr figure that once made him the most expensive player in the league to INR 20 Lakh

- Quite a few teams have not addressed their faultlines from the last season. It will be interesting to see how they get their act together, after two years of no action, when PKL 8 begins.

6:28pm: Sushant Sail
goes to Dabang Delhi for Rs. 10 lakh. Raider Ajay Kumar is sold to Gujarat Giants for his base price. All-rounder Santhapanaselvam goes to Tamil Thalaivas for Rs. 10 lakh.

6:24pm: All-rounder Ashish Kumar Sagwan is sold to U Mumba for Rs. 10 lakh. Pardeep Kumar goes to Bengal Warriors for Rs. 10 lakh. Sagar B Krishna goes to Tamil Thalaivas for Rs. 10 lakh.

6:20pm: Vikas sold to Bengaluru Bulls for Rs. 10 lakh. Shabeer Bappu goes unsold. Girish Maruti Ernak sold to Gujarat Giants for Rs. 20 lakh. Vishav Chaudhary remains unsold. Shaul Kumar is sold to Jaipur for Rs. 10 lakh.

6:15pm: Monu Goyat sold to Patna Pirates for Rs. 20 lakh. Palle Mallikarajun goes unsold. Sourav Kumar sold to Puneri Paltan for Rs. 6 lakh. Athul MS sold to Tamil Thalaivas for Rs. 30 lakh. Vishal Mane goes unsold.

6:12pm: Defender C. Arun sold to Telugu Titans for Rs. 10 lakh. Defender Sahil sold to Tamil Thalaivas for his base price of Rs. 10 lakh. Raider Amit Nagar sold to Jaipur Pink Panthers. Raider Rishank Devadiga sold to Bengal Warriors for Rs. 20 lakh.

6:09 pm: All-rounder Manjeet Chillar sold to Dabang Delhi for his base price of Rs. 20 lakh! Bintu Narwal and Azad Singh go unsold again.

6:06pm: Raider Ankit sold to UP Yoddha for Rs. 10 lakh. Amit Chauhan sold to Telugu Titans for Rs. lakh.

The auction will begin shortly with the unsold players up for bidding again. Will Monu Goyat and Rishank Devadiga find takers the second time around?

5:40pm: Did you know? Naveen Kumar, one of the brightest young talents in the Pro Kabaddi League, was once tricked into eating methi ke laddus! He relives the "bitter" memory here -


5:20pm: Siddharth Desai was among the crores again yesterday as he was retained by Telugu Titans for Rs 1.3 crore. We had spoken to the muscular raider last year and he opened up about how he used to secretly learn music as a kid, the role his brother Suraj played in his career and his fascination for the guitar.


5:00pm: Here is the full list of domestic players sold on day two and three of the auction so far - READ


4:40pm: Defenders Abinesh Nadarajan and Vikas are picked up for their base price by Puneri Paltan and Dabang Delhi, respectively. G. Raju is the next defender to go for his base price to Telugu Titans.

4:30pm: We move to category D and we start with all-rounders. Rohit moves to Bengal Warriors for his base price of Rs. 6 lakh.

4:05pm: Raider Gulveer Singh goes to UP Yoddha for Rs. 10 lakh.

4:00pm: Tamil Thalaivas gets its man and Jaipur loses out on another bidding war. Ajinkya Ashok Pawar goes to the Tahailvas for Rs. 19.50 lakh.

3:40pm: Four raiders find takers for their base price of Rs. 10 lakh. Harshit Yadav (Gujarat Giants), Jashandeep Singh (U Mumba), Rahul Rana (U Mumba), Vishwas S (Punari Paltan)

3:36pm: Patna Pirates land raider Guman Singh for Rs 18.5 lakh after a bdding war with Jaipur.

3:20pm: Raider Maninder Singh goes to Gujarat Giants for his base price of Rs. 10 lakh

A bunch of raider acquisitions for Rs.10 lakh: Sahil goes to UP Yoddha, Ashok to Jaipur Pink Panthers, Bhavani Rajput to Tamil Thalaivas

3:07pm: Akash Pikalmunde goes to Bengal Warriors for Rs.15 lakh while Ratan K gets a fairly good deal, going to Gujarat Giants for Rs. 25 lakhs.

Time for the raiders. Mahendra Ganesh Rajput heads to Gujarat Giants this season for Rs. 15 lakh.

2:57pm: Ajeet
moves from Tamil Thalaivas to U Mumba for his base price of Rs. 10 lakh.

Defender Sachin Vittala has been snapped up by Bengal Warriors for Rs 17.5 lakhs while Puneri Paltan sign on left corner Karamvir for his base price of Rs. 10 lakhs.

We have been wondering about what happens to the left over money in the purse once this round ends. As of 2:50pm, here's how much money the teams have left to spend.

Bengaluru Bulls: 45.23 lakh
Bengal Warriors: 80.78 Lakh
Patna Pirates: 91.79 lakh
Tamil Thalaivas: 1.43 cr
Gujarat Giants: 1.34 cr

UP Yoddha: 67.53 lakh
Telugu Titans: 39.73 lakh
U Mumba: 1.03 cr
Jaipur Pink Panthers: 48.06 lakh
Dabang Delhi: 77.71 lakh
Haryana Steelers: 56.63 lakh
Puneri Paltan: 68.71 lakh

Teams have to spend this amount when the unalloted players come back up again in the auction.

2:46pm: Patna Pirates
has snapped up defender Shubham Shinde for Rs.10 lakh. This is followed by a string of unsold players.

2:44pm: Adarsh T,
left cover, goes to Telugu Titans for Rs.10 lakh while defender Ankit heads back to Bengaluru Bulls for the same amount as well.

Ruturaj Shivaji Koravi, who was with Gujarat Giants last season, will represent Telugu Titans this time around. They sign him on for ₹19.8 lakh. Ruturaj has 178 tackle points from 40 matches. Meanwhile, Darshan J goes to reigning champion Bengal Warriors for ₹10 lakh.

2:38pm: Mayur Jagannath Kadam heads to Bengaluru Bulls for ₹15 lakh.

2:34pm: Patna Pirates ropes in its third defender of the day as it gets Sandeep for ₹10 lakh.

2:30pm: We resume the auctions for the Category C defenders and Sunil Siddhgavali is the first one to be signed as he goes to U Mumba for his base price of ₹10 lakh.

2:20pm: The teams retained a total of 59 players ahead of this year's auctions. From Pawan Kumar Sehrawat to Naveen Kumar and Fazel Atrachalli, here are those chosen ones - PKL Auctions 2021: Full list of retained players for Pro Kabaddi auction

Dabang Delhi's Naveen Kumar, Bengaluru Bulls' Pawan Sehrawat and U Mumba's Fazel Atrachali are among those retained by their franchises ahead of the 2021 ProKabaddi League auctions.   -  ProKabaddi League


2:05pm: Speaking of the overseas stars in the PKL, no one has taken the league by storm like Fazel Atrachalli has. One of the most entertaining kabaddi players in the PKL, he had a sit-down with us last season and spoke about his love for Bollywood, Indian food and his chance meeting with Amitabh Bachchan.


1:50pm: A total of 22 overseas players were signed yesterday, while the other 20 went unsold. Iran's Mohammedreza Shadloui Chiyaneh (Patna Pirates) and Abozar Mohajer Mighani (Bengal Warriors) fetched the biggest bids at Rs. 31 lakh and Rs. 30.50 lakh respectively. Here's the full list of the overseas players who found takers yesterday - PKL 2021 auctions: Full list of foreign players sold at Pro Kabaddi auction

1:45pm: While Pardeep is the most-expensive player in the Pro Kabaddi League's history, do yo know who the best-paid overseas players is? PKL 2021 auctions: Most expensive foreigners in Pro Kabaddi history

1:40pm: Pardeep Narwal could barely contain his excitement after being signed by UP Yoddha for a phenomenal ₹1.65 crore yesterday. "I am very happy that UP Yoddha has signed me.  It's my first time here and it's nice that a new team has signed me. I was hoping that I would go over the ₹1.5 crore mark and I'm very happy," said Pardeep, who made his debut in the PKL auctions yesterday.

More on that here - PKL 2021 auction: UP Yoddha signs Pardeep Narwal for record Rs. 1.65 crore

1:36pm: Apologies, we have a few more Category C defenders left. The auctions will resume shortly.

1:35pm: That brings us to the end of the auctions for the Category C defenders.

1:29pm: Haryana Steelers get Rajesh Gurjar for ₹10 lakh. He is a left corner defender.

1:26pm: Left corner defender Gaurav Kumar heads to UP Yoddha for ₹10 lakh.

1:24pm: We have a big one! Telugu Titans spends ₹59.50 lakh to sign up Sandeep Kandola. The defender came in with a base price of ₹10 lakh and the Titan fought off a stiff competition from three-time champion Patna Pirates to get his signature.

1:16pm: Bengal Warriors adds to its firepower as it gets Rohit Banne onboard for ₹10 lakh. Sourav Gulia has been signed by Patna Pirates for the same amount.

1:14pm: Sachin Shingade, who has played 75 games and has 281 tackle points to his name, also finds no takers.

1:09pm: We have a Bajrang here, a right cover, who is looking to make his debut in the PKL. Unfortunately, no bids for him.

1:06pm: An intense battle ensues for right corner Rinku and U Mumba offers the highest bid of ₹32 lakh to sign him. Meanwhile, Parveen heads to Bengal Warriors for ₹10 lakh.

1:00pm: Amit, a right cover, attracts strong interest from Bengaluru Bulls but the Jaipur Pink Panthers have the last laugh as they sign him for ₹20 lakh.

12:55pm: SOLD! Defending champion Bengal Warriors fortifies its defence as it signs on Vijin Thangadurai for ₹10 lakh.

12:53pm: While quite a few players have not been signed, they will have another shot at finding a team for the season as they will go under the hammer again later today. Here are some of the top players who have gone unsold so far -

Monu Goyat

Mohit Chillar

Rann Singh

Rishank Devadiga

Vishal Mane

Rohit Baliyan

12:50pm: No takers for left corner defenders Varun Shetty and Aditya.

12:45pm: Sombir will make his Pro Kabaddi League debut this year as the Puneri Paltan snap him up for ₹34.5 lakh. He will join Puneri Paltan's defence for this season.

12:37pm: U Mumba has another all-rounder as it gets Pankaj on board for ₹10 lakh. Pankaj has 105 tackle points to his name and was with the Gujarat Giants last season.

12:33pm: Vittal Meti, Armaan and Arkam Shaikh go unsold.

12:31pm: E Subash will join forces with Nitin Tomar as he moves to Puneri Paltan for ₹10 lakh.

12:28pm: UP Yoddha, which now has the Dubki King Pardeep Narwal in its roster, ropes in Gurdeep for ₹10 lakh.

12:25pm: And we're back! Ajay Ghanghas heads to Haryana Steelers for his base price of ₹10 lakh.

12:20pm: Arjun Deshwal is this morning's most expensive buy at ₹96 lakh. Here's a brief profile of him - he spent the last two seasons at U Mumba and played three games in season 6. However, he came to the fore last season when he played 19 matches for the side and racked up 106 points. He has a career total of 110 points and scored a stunning 15 points in a single game last camapign.

12:10pm: While we  wait for the auctions to resume, here's a quick throwback to our interview with Ajay Thakur as part of our Kings of Kabaddi series from last season. Did you know that he was so nervous that he actually put his mobile data off and tried to go to sleep on the evening he was named a Padma Shri awardee?


12:03pm: That brings us to the halfway mark of the auctions for the Category C all-rounders. Brijendra Singh Chaudhary is the most expensive pick of the lot as he goes to Haryana Steelers for ₹55 lakh.

11:57am: Tamil Thalaivas are making reinforcements as they sign Sourabh Tanaji Patil for 15 lakh. Tamil Thalaivas, coached by Uday Kumar J, got in an ace raider in Manjeet yesterday for ₹92 lakh. The team is building its squad from scratch after not retaining any of its top players.

11:53am: Haryana Steelers spend big bucks to rope in all-rounder Brijendra Singh Chaudhary for 55 lakh. The Steelers were engaged in a fierce bidding match with Puneri Paltan before they managed to get their man.

11:46 am: All-rounder Rajesh Narwal goes to the Haryana Steelers for 10 lakh.
11:38 am: Manoj Gowda K
goes to Bengal Warriors for his base price of  10 lakh. Meanwhile, Patna Pirates rope in Sajin Chandrasekar for the same amount.

11:31 am: Ajay Thakur
is up next and he moves to Dabang Delhi for 46 lakh. Very excited to see what will come of the partnership between him and Naveen. Incredible opportunity for the youngster.

11:30 am: Sumit Singh
moves from Bengaluru Bulls to Bengal Warriors for his base price - ₹20 lakh. Arjun Deshwal has meanwhile made a move to Jaipur Pink Panthers for a huge 96 lakh.

Unsold players so far

Monu Goyat

Mohit Chiller

Rann Singh

Rishank Devadiga

Vishal Mane

Rohit Baliyan

11:27am: Sonu
stays at Gujarat Giants for ₹20 lakh, while Rishank Devadiga and Rohit Baliyan go unsold!

11:25 am: Jaipur Pink Panthers
rope in Naveen from the Steelers for 22 lakh.

11:23 am: Sukesh Hegde,
formerly with holder Bengal Warriors, will remain with the side for ₹30 lakh after the side uses its FBM privilege.

11:21 am: V Ajith Kumar,
formerly with the Tamil Thalaivas moves to U Mumba for ₹25 lakh.  Ajith is one of the youngsters to watch out for and can flourish under Fazel Atrachalli's captaincy at U Mumba.

11:20 am: Monu Goyat,
once the most expensive player in the auctions, but what do we have here? He goes unsold!
11:18 am:
Former Jaipur Pink Panther man Deepak Narwal will now head to Bengaluru Bulls for ₹26.50 lakh.

11:17am: GB More
goes to Bengaluru Bulls for ₹25 lakh.

11:12 am: Nitin Tomar
is up next. The former Puneri Paltan player is looking for a new home, but the Pune franchise does not want to let him go just yet and retain him for ₹61 lakh. FBM to the rescue.

11:08 am - Haryana Steelers
have enlisted the services of defender Ravi Kumar for a little above his base price (20 lakh). He comes to the Steelers for ₹27.50 lakh. They also snap up Surender Nada for ₹20 lakh.

11:07 am - Jeeva Kumar
has moved to Dabang Delhi KC for ₹44 lakh. The veteran defender was formerly with defending champion Bengal Warriors.

11:05 am - Patna Pirates
has roped in Sunil - a right corner specialist - for ₹31.50 lakh

11:02 am - Joginder Singh Narwal will remain at Dabang Delhi KC for his base price of ₹20 lakh.

After Mohit Chillar shockingly goes unsold, Dharmaraj Cheralathan is up. He will swap the Steelers for the Pink Panthers this season for 20 lakh!

11am: And we begin.

How much money do teams have left? : Wondering how much money each team has left? Fret not, we've got you covered

TeamPurse AmountTotal spentRemaining purseFBM Used
Bengal WarriorsRs. 4.40 croreRs. 2.59 croreRs. 1.81 crore-
Bengaluru BullsRs. 4.40 croreRs. 3.18 croreRs. 1.22 crore1
Dabang DelhiRs. 4.40 croreRs. 2.52 croreRs. 1.88 crore-
Gujarat GiantsRs. 4.40 croreRs. 2.86 croreRs. 1.54 crore-
Haryana SteelersRs. 4.40 croreRs. 2.51 croreRs. 1.89 crore-
Jaipur Pink PanthersRs. 4.40 croreRs. 2.34 croreRs. 2.06 crore2
Patna PiratesRs. 4.40 croreRs. 2.77 croreRs. 1.63 crore1
Puneri PaltanRs. 4.40 croreRs. 2.66 croreRs. 1.74 crore-
Tamil ThalaivasRs. 4.40 croreRs. 2.82 croreRs. 1.58 crore-
Telugu TitansRs. 4.40 croreRs. 3.11 croreRs. 1.29 crore1
U MumbaRs. 4.40 croreRs. 2.60 croreRs. 1.80 crore-
UP YoddhaRs. 4.40 croreRs. 3.52 croreRs. 87.53 lakh1

10:45 am:
Two category B players were allocated teams in yesterday's auction. Sandeep Narwal went to Dabang Delhi KC for ₹60 lakh while Vikas Jaglan went to Haryana Steelers for his base price of ₹20 lakh.

10:30 am: Updates from day 2: Domestic players in category A were put through the paces of the auction on Monday. Here are the top buys of the day -

Pardeep NarwalUP Yoddha₹1.65 crore
Siddharth DesaiTelugu Titans₹1.30 crore
ManjeetTamil Thalaivas₹92 lakh
SachinPatna Pirates₹84 lakh
Rohit GuliaHaryana Steelers₹83 lakh
Chandran RanjitBengaluru Bulls₹80 lakh
Surjeet SinghTamil Thalaivas₹75 lakh
Ravinder PahalGujarat Giants₹74 lakh

Pardeep Narwal, with that ₹1.65 crore price tag pipped Monu Goyat as the most expensive player in the history of the PKL.

6:30pm: Each team goes into the auctions with a purse of ₹4.4 crore. However, a team's funds will reduce based on the number of players it retains ahead of the auction.

We have a whole auction guide to get you started, if you're just discovering the auction this season. Keep up with our updates here to see where your favourite players head in PKL8.

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| PKL auction 2021: Owners and players expect teams to go "all-out"

The three-day Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season eight player auctions will see the 12 teams will battle it out to sign the 500-plus players who will go under the hammer. The eighth season was to be held last year but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and will begin in December this year. It will be the first indoor sporting league to begin in the country since the pandemic.

Here's all you need to know about the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) player auctions:

When will the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) player auctions be held?

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) player auctions will be held in Mumbai from August 29-31. The New Young Players (NYP) draft will take place on August 29, while the overseas and Category A players and Category A (domestic players) will go under the hammer on August 30. The auction for categories B, C, D and unallocated players will be held the following day.

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What are the different player categories, and what are the base prices?

The Pro Kabaddi League player auction will have three categories of players - domestic, New Young Players (NYP) and overseas.

Under this, the domestic players are further divided into categories - A, B, C and D. The players in category A have a base price of ₹30 lakh, while category B players have a base price of ₹20 lakh. Category C and D have a base price of ₹10 lakh and ₹6 lakh respectively.

How many overseas players can a team field in the Pro Kabaddi League?

Each team has to field a minimum of two and a maximum of four foreign players in their roster.

How much money can each team spend in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) auction?

The 12 teams will each have a total player purse of ₹4.4 crores. However, a team's funds will reduce based on the number of players it retains ahead of the auction. A player’s total salary for the PKL season is determined by the price at which he is signed by a team.

What is the Final Bid Match and how can a team use it?

The Final Bid Match (FBM) rule allows teams to retain a player by matching the final bid made for him.

Each team can use the FBM twice in the auction. However, it also depends on the number of players retained by the team. If a team retains all of its maximum allotted six players, then it cannot use an FBM card. If it retains five players, then it can avail the FMB once. If the team retains less than five players, then it can use the FMB twice.

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What is the maximum number of players each Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) team can have?

Each Pro Kabaddi League team needs to have a minimum of 18 players and a maximum of 25.

Where can you watch the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) auction in India?

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) player auction will be telecast live on the Star Sports network and streamed on the Disney+ Hotstar app on August 31 from 6.30 pm.