PKL Auctions Highlights: UP Yoddha signs Pardeep Narwal for a staggering ₹1.65 crore, Telugu Titans retains Siddharth Desai for ₹1.30 crore

PKL Auctions 2021: Tune in for live updates from the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) auctions where the likes of Pardeep Narwal, Siddharth Desai and Deepak Niwas Hooda will go under the hammer.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's highlights of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) players auctions being held in Mumbai. This was Shyam Vasudevan taking you through the a(u)ction as it unfurls.

That brings us to the end of our coverage of the day. Thanks for tuning in. We'll be back tomorrow when the Category B, C, D and unallocated players go under the hammer. Until then, take care and stay safe.

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An enthralling second day of the Pro Kabaddi League player auction comes to an end with Pardeep Narwal emerging as the most expensive player. The 24-year-old goes past Monu Goyat to become the highest-paid player in the Pro Kabaddi League after being signed by UP Yoddha for a mind-numbing ₹1.65 crore.

Here are the top buys of the day -

Pardeep NarwalUP Yoddha₹1.65 crore
Siddharth DesaiTelugu Titans₹1.30 crore
ManjeetTamil Thalaivas₹92 lakh
SachinPatna Pirates₹84 lakh
Rohit GuliaHaryana Steelers₹83 lakh
Surjeet SinghTamil Thalaivas₹75 lakh
Ravinder PahalGujarat Giants₹74 lakh

The two Category B all-rounders in the auction today are up next. Sandeep Narwal goes to Dabang Delhi for ₹60 lakh and Haryana Steelers bring in Vikas Jaglan for his base price of ₹20 lakh.

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8:51pm: Puneri Paltan has signed Shrikanth Jadhav, but it's not meant to be! UP Yoddha uses its FBM to retain Shrikanth Jadhav for ₹72 lakh.

8:49pm: This is getting interesting. The Puneri Paltan have made an offer of ₹59 lakh but they're facing strong competition from Jaipur Pink Panthers.

8:48pm: Shirikant Jadhav is the last player on offer today. He was UP Yoddha's best raider last year with 148 points.

8:47pm: Sachin will play for Patna Pirates this season for ₹84 lakh.

8:46pm: We've touched the ₹80 lakh mark and it's the Patna Pirates who've taken the competition by surprise. We have another new bidder in Jaipur Pink Panthers!

8:45pm: UP Yoddha are going for it and have just made a bid of ₹64 lakh! They're engaged in a back and forth battle with Bengaluru Bulls.

8:44pm: Sachin, a wily raider, was Gujarat Giants' best raider with 433 points. He also bagged the Emerging Player of the season award in season five.

8:42pm: Sachin Tanwar is the next player at the auction today. He has played for th Gujarat Giants since making his debut in season five.

8:41pm: SOLD! Three-time champion Patna Pirates ropes in Prashanth Kumar Rai for ₹55 lakh.

8:41pm: It's Bengaluru Bulls vs Jaipur Pink Panthers as they fight it out for Prashanth. He's one the few players who has played in every season of the Pro Kabaddi League so far.

8:40pm: Prashanth Kumar Rai, who played for Haryana Steelers last term, attracts a bid of ₹40 lakh from Patna Pirates.

8:38pm: The Bengaluru Bulls camp is a happy one as they get Chandran Ranjit for ₹80 lakh.

8:36pm: That escalated quickly, Bengaluru Bulls has offered ₹60 lakh for Chandran! Chandran was a runner-up last year with Dabang Delhi.

8:36pm: Chandran Ranjit gets a bid of ₹31 lakh from U Mumba.

8:36pm: The Telugu Titans have acquired Rohit Kumar for ₹36 lakh.

8:35pm: The Patna Pirates have raised their hands and want to sign Rohit for ₹35 lakh.

8:33pm: Rohit Kumar, who captained Bengaluru Bulls last season, is the next player. There were no initial bids for him and it appeared like he would unsold before the Telugu Titans came up with a bid of ₹30 lakh.

8:31pm: Siddhart Desai, who was retained by Telugu Titans for a huge sum of ₹1.30 crore, says "The team management took a good call to not retain me before the auction as they wanted to form a balanced team. We have a good team now with Surender also coming in it is well balanced. We will definitely play the final and take home the trophy this season."

8:29pm: Bengaluru Bulls' star raider Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, who had rightfully predicted that Pawan would set a new record, says, "I am very happy for Pardeep. We all wanted him to play for us and we tried really hard, but I am very happy that he got such a big bid."

8:27pm: What an auction debut for Pardeep Narwal. He sets (another) record as he becomes the most expensive buy in the Pro Kabaddi League's history. While he lets his game to the talking and is a man of a few words, he says. "I am very happy that UP Yoddha has signed me.  It's my first time here and it's nice that a new team has signed me. I was hoping that I would go over the ₹1.5 crore mark and I'm very happy."

8:24pm: Tamil Thalaivas rope in Manjeet for ₹92 lakh.

8:23pm: Bengaluru Bulls and Tamil Thalaivas are engaged in a see-saw battle for Manjeet and we're inching towards the crore mark. Tamil Thalaivas has just offered ₹92 lakh!

8:21pm: Manjeet is up next and the Bengaluru Bulls have offered a sum of ₹50 lakh for the raider.



8:18pm: Pardeep Narwal becomes the most expensive player in the history of the Pro Kabaddi League. UP Yoddha has just bid ₹1.60 crore for the Dubki King.

8:17pm: This is truly astounding. UP Yoddha has just made a bid of ₹1.51 crore for Pardeep and he is all but sure to become the most expensive player in the PKL.

8:16pm: Wow, what just happened there!? The first bid for Pardeep comes from the Telugu Titans and its for a stunning ₹1.2 crore!!!!

8:16pm: A three-time champion with Patna Pirates, he is making his debut at the PKL auctions.

8:15pm: Here's the biggest of them all - Pardeep Narwal! The greatest there ever has been in the Pro Kabaddi League, Pardeep is the highest point-getter in the PKL.

8:15pm: Rahul Chaudhari will play for Puneri Paltan this season. The side ropes him in for ₹40 lakh.

8:14pm: Patna Pirates seemed to have gotten their man but Puneri Paltan has swooped in with a bid of ₹40 lakh. However, Tamil Thalaivas can retain him too!

8:13pm: Rahul has the second-most raid points in the Pro Kabaddi League's history with a staggering 955 points. He's currently being pursued by Patna Pirates and the Jaipur Pink Panthers.

8:12pm: The Showman, Rahul Chaudhari is up next. Rahul, one of the most decorated players in the Pro Kabaddi League, had won the best raider award in season 1 and 4.

8:10pm: SCRATCH THAT! The Telugu Titans have used their FBM option to retain Siddharth Desai for ₹1.30 crore. We have our first crorepati of the season!

8:10pm: UP Yoddha gets hold of Siddharth Desai for a massive ₹1.30 crore!

8:09pm: We have a new entrant and Puneri Paltan has also thrown its hat in the ring with a ₹1.20 crore bid.

8:08pm: UP Yoddha and Jaipur Pink Panthers are at it! UP Yoddha leads the race with a ₹1.15 crore bid right now.

8:07pm: Phenomenal stuff here...Jaipur Pink Panthers have just made a bid for ₹1 crore for Siddharth Desai.

8:07pm: Wow, Patna Pirates have raised the stakes to ₹60lakh! They seem very very very keen to sign Siddharth.

8:07pm: Siddharth is the fastest to 200 raid points in the Pro Kabaddi League and won the Emerging Player of the Season award in season six.

8:05pm: It's a big one! Siddharth Desai is the next player to go under the hammer. Siddharth is th second-most expensive player in Pro Kabaddi League's short history. He was signed for ₹1.45 crore last year, which was the highest for last season.

8:04pm: Tamil Thalaivas signs K. Prapanjan, the first raider of the evening, for ₹71 lakh.

8:03pm: Tamil Thalaivas has joined the bidding war with a bid of ₹63 lakh. It's a two-way contest now between the Thalaivas and Bengaluru Bulls. Both the Southern India teams look very keen to bring Prapanjan home.

8:02pm: Bengaluru Bulls, Patna Pirates and U Mumba are in contention to sign Prapanjan.

8:01pm: Prapanjan won the Pro Kabaddi League title with Bengal Warriors last season. He has scored over 100 raid points in each of the last three seasons.

8pm: The first of the 10 raiders to go under the hammer today will be K. Prapanjan.

8pm: The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! The auctions for the Category A raiders will to begin any second now.

7:56pm: Rahul Chaudhari says he's a tad nervous, but is unwilling to predict how big a bid he will attract.

7:54pm: Pardeep Narwal or Siddharth Desai? Who do you think will attract the highest bid today?

7:52pm: The crore mark has been breached eight times over the last seven seasons of the Pro Kabaddi League. Here's a collection of the most expensive buys ever at the PKL auctions - PKL 2021 auctions: Biggest buys ever at Pro Kabaddi League auctions

7:50pm: Phew, a nerve-racking series of bids come to an end and now we have a short breather before the auction for the Category A raiders begin.

7:47pm Here are the top buys of the evening so far -

Rohit Gulia - Haryana Steelers - ₹83 lakh

Surjeet Singh - Tamil Thalaivas - ₹75 lakh

Ravinder Pahal - Gujarat Giants - ₹74 lakh

Rohit Gulia ₹83 lakh bid price becomes the highest auction price for an FKH athlete.  The FKH is a nation-wide scouting hunt which sees coaches of various teams travel across the length and breadth of the country to identify and select the best young talents and gives them a platform to further elevate their game by competing in the Pro Kabaddi League. More on that here.

7:44pm: RETAINED! Bengaluru Bulls hold on to Mahender Singh for ₹50 lakh. Interestingly, Mahender has the record for the most super tackles in a season - nine.

7:43pm: Mahender, who played for Bengaluru Bulls, has scored the most tackle points for the Bulls since PKL 5.

7:42pm: Mahender Singh is the last category A defender on offer for the evening. His base price is ₹30 lakh.

7:41pm: Tamil Thalaivas has the last laugh as it signs Surjeet Singh for ₹75 lakh.

7:40pm: Tamil Thalaivas seemed to be running away with Surjeet's signature with a bid of ₹73 lakh, but Dabang Delhi has upped the stakes with a bid of ₹74 lakh.

7:38pm: Tamil Thalaivas, which has to build its squad from scratch, enters the contest to sign Surjeet.

7:37pm: Surjeet holds the record for the most number of High 5s in the PKL - he has 27 to his name.

7:35pm: Veteran defender Surjeet Singh garners strong interest from Dabang Delhi and Bengaluru Bulls.

7:34pm: Jaipur Pink Panthers exercises its FBM to retain Sandeep Kumar Dhull for ₹45 lakh.

7:33pm: Sandeep has been among the top-five defenders in the PKL over the last two seasons and will be an absolute asset to whichever team manages to sign him on.

7:32pm: Sandeep Kumar Dhull, who has 13 High 5s to his name, is the next player on offer.

7:31pm: Telugu Titans snaps up Surender Singh for ₹55 lakh. Surender has scored over 50 tackle points in each of the last three seasons.

7:30pm: Surender has been one of the most consistent players for U Mumba over - with 174 points, he has the most tackle points for U Mumba since season five.

7:29pm: Surender Singh, who played for U Mumba last season, is up next and the Jaipur Pink Panthers have shown interest right away.

7:28pm: SOLD! Puneri Paltans get right corner defender Baldev Singh for ₹60 lakh.

7:27pm: We've climbed nearly ₹10 lakh in under a minute as the bids roll on to ₹60 lakh for Baldev.

7:25pm: It's a two-way battle between Patna Pirates and Telugu Titans now...

7:23pm: Baldev Singh, who was crucial in Bengal Warriors' title win last season, is up next. The burly defender is sure to evoke some interest here.

7:22pm: Puneri Paltans get their man! They sign Vishal Bharadwaj for ₹60 lakh. Telugu Titan chooses not to exercise its FBM option.

7:22pm: That's a huge offer from Puneri Paltan - they offer ₹50 lakh for Vishal.

7:21pm: Vishal Bharadwaj is the next player and Dabang Delhi sets the ball rolling with a bid of ₹30 lakh.

7:19pm: Ravinder Pahal, widely known as The Hawk, goes to Gujarat Giants for ₹74 lakh.

7:18pm: Pahal's asking price has swiftly risen to ₹70 lakh now!

7:17pm: Pahal, who has the second most tackle points in the history of the league - 326 points, is invoking some steep interest from Puneri Paltan and Gujarat Giants.

7:16pm: Ace defender Ravinder Pahal is now up for grabs. The veteran of 112 PKL games had played for Dabang Delhi last season.

7:14pm: This is huge! Haryana Steelers ropes in Rohit Gulia for ₹83 lakh!

7:12pm: Puneri Paltan and Haryana Steelers are engaged in an intense battle for Rohit Gulia's signture. The offer is now at ₹81 Lakh, ₹41L above his base price.

7:11pm: Rohit Gulia triggers a bidding war and Puneri Paltan seems very keen to acquire his services. We're currently at ₹70L with Puneri Paltan.

7:08pm: Rohit Gulia is the next player in the fray. His base price is also ₹30L.

7:08pm: RETAINED! Jaipur Pink Panthers uses its FBM to retain Deepak Niwas Hooda at ₹55 Lakh! Deepak's association with the team as captain looks set to continue.

7:07pm: SOLD! Patna Pirates sign Deepak Niwas Hooda for ₹55 Lakh.

7:06pm: Bengaluru Bulls get us started off with a bid of ₹50L for Deepak, Patna Pirates makes it ₹55L.

7:04pm: Deepak Niwas Hooda, the number one all-rounder of the Pro Kabaddi League, will be the first player to go under the hammer in this evening's auction. His base price is ₹30L.

7:02pm: And the auctions get underway in Mumbai. We begin with the Category A all-rounders.

7pm: Deepak Niwas Hooda, the national team captain, will be one of the most sought after players in today's auction. One of the fittest kabaddi players in the League, Deepak has established himself as one of the most versatile all-rounders in PKL. Captain of the Jaipur Pink Panthers last season, he was also their highest-earning player - with a Rs. 1.15 CR tag. He's among ourpick of five players who could cross the ₹1 crore mark today - PKL Auction 2021: Five Indian stars who could cross the 1 CR INR mark

Deepak Niwas Hooda's Super 10 guided Jaipur Pink Panthers to a comfortable win over U Mumba in their Pro Kabaddi League (PKL 2019) clash on Monday.   -  PKL MEDIA


6:55pm: While we wait for the auctions to begin, here's a quick throwback to an interesting chat we had with the Sultan, Fazel Atrachalli -


6:50pm: With 1014 points, 40 Super-10s and countless moments of brilliance in the history of the tournament, Rahul Chaudhari remains one of the biggest superstars in the sport. We caught up with him as part of our Kings of Kabaddi series and here's him talking about his collection of cars, his fascination for agriculture and how much he misses ghee during the PKL season.


6:45pm: Patna Pirates' coach Ram Meher Singh says Pardeep was eager to feature in the auction this year. Pardeep, however, says he's also keen to return to Patna Pirates. The three-time champion can retain Pardeep using the Final Bid Match (FBM) card. The Final Bid Match (FBM) rule allows teams to retain a player by matching the final bid made for him. Each team can use the FBM twice in the auction.

Patna Pirates has one FBM left as it used the other to retain Jang Kun Lee earlier today.

6:40pm: So we will have 19 category A players at the auction today. Here are the big names -


Chandran Ranjit
K. Prapanjan
Pardeep Narwal
Prashanth Kumar Rai
Rahul Chaudhari
Rohit Kumar
Shrikant Jadhav
Siddharth Sirish Desai


Deepak Niwas Hooda
Rohit Gulia


Surender Singh
Vishal Bhardwaj
PO Surjeet Singh
Sandeep Kumar (Dhull)
Mahender Singh
Baldev Singh
Ravinder Pahal


6:35pm: Wondering how much money each team has left? Fret not, we've got you covered - PKL 2021 auctions: Teams' remaining purse ahead of Category A auction

6:30pm: Each team goes into the auctions with a purse of ₹4.4 crore. However, a team's funds will reduce based on the number of players it retains ahead of the auction. Tamil Thalaivas, which retained none of its elite players, goes into today's auction with the highest purse of ₹3.96 crore.


6:25pm: Speaking of Siddharth, we caught up with him and his elder brother Suraj who teamed up with him at Telugu Titans last season. From their childhood squabbles to Siddharth's passion for music, here's feel-good interview with the Desai brothers -


6:20pm: Siddharth Desai, who was bought by the Telugu Titans for a whopping ₹1.45 crore last season, is eager to better his performances this season. “I made a come back from a shoulder injury last season and had a shorter rehab than I would have liked, My start was poor but I got better as my shoulder recovered and I equalled my best career performance [he scored 220 points, one point shy of the 221 he secured for U Mumba in season six]. I am not nervous but excited since my performances have been good and I have big hopes from the auction. I look forward to doing bigger and better things this season around," he says.

More on that here: PKL auction 2021: Owners and players expect teams to go "all-out"

Star raider Siddharth Desai, PKL's second-most expensive player, will go under the hammer in the 2021 auction.   -  SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT


6:15pm: Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, who was the leading scorer last season with 360 points, feels Pardeep is the name to look out for in today's auction. "I feel Pardeep will attract a record-high bid. His nickname is 'Record-breaker' and he has been doing it on the mat for years and now I expect he will do the same in the auction too," he says.

6:10 pm: Throwback to Pardeep Narwal's interview with Sportstar where he shares his excitement for the auction. An excerpt: “Mujhe bohot khushi ho rahi hai ki mai pehli bar aaya hun auctions mein. [This is the first time I am in the auction and I am thrilled about it. I can’t say what will happen, which team will pick me or if Patna Pirates will retain me, but I am very excited],” he says.  Read the full interview here.

Pardeep Narwal

Pardeep Narwal has been widely touted to attract the highest bid and become the most-expensive PKL player of all time.   -  Rajeev Bhatt


6 pm: 30 minutes to go as some of the biggest names in Indian kabaddi go under the hammer. Here's our pick of PKL veterans who are likely to get the big bucks. Who are you looking forward to the most?

We have a whole auction guide to get you started, if you're just discovering the auction this season. Keep up with our updates here to see where your favourite players head in PKL8.

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) Auction guide:

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| PKL auction 2021: Owners and players expect teams to go "all-out"

The three-day Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season eight player auctions will see the 12 teams will battle it out to sign the 500-plus players who will go under the hammer. The eighth season was to be held last year but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and will begin in December this year. It will be the first indoor sporting league to begin in the country since the pandemic.

Here's all you need to know about the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) player auctions:

When will the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) player auctions be held?

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) player auctions will be held in Mumbai from August 29-31. The New Young Players (NYP) draft will take place on August 29, while the overseas and Category A players and Category A (domestic players) will go under the hammer on August 30. The auction for categories B, C, D and unallocated players will be held the following day.

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What are the different player categories, and what are the base prices?

The Pro Kabaddi League player auction will have three categories of players - domestic, New Young Players (NYP) and overseas.

Under this, the domestic players are further divided into categories - A, B, C and D. The players in category A have a base price of ₹30 lakh, while category B players have a base price of ₹20 lakh. Category C and D have a base price of ₹10 lakh and ₹6 lakh respectively.

How many overseas players can a team field in the Pro Kabaddi League?

Each team has to field a minimum of two and a maximum of four foreign players in their roster.

How much money can each team spend in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) auction?

The 12 teams will each have a total player purse of ₹4.4 crores. However, a team's funds will reduce based on the number of players it retains ahead of the auction. A player’s total salary for the PKL season is determined by the price at which he is signed by a team.

What is the Final Bid Match and how can a team use it?

The Final Bid Match (FBM) rule allows teams to retain a player by matching the final bid made for him.

Each team can use the FBM twice in the auction. However, it also depends on the number of players retained by the team. If a team retains all of its maximum allotted six players, then it cannot use an FBM card. If it retains five players, then it can avail the FMB once. If the team retains less than five players, then it can use the FMB twice.

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What is the maximum number of players each Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) team can have?

Each Pro Kabaddi League team needs to have a minimum of 18 players and a maximum of 25.

Where can you watch the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) auction in India?

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) player auction will be telecast live on the Star Sports network and streamed on the Disney+ Hotstar app on August 31 from 6.30 pm.