Hello and welcome to Sportstar 's LIVE blog of the Pro Kabaddi League matches at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune. In the first match, fifth placed Yoddha takes on fourth placed Warriors. On the other hand, in a Zone A table toppers' clash we will see what promises to be a high voltage encounter between U Mumba and Puneri Paltan.


Puneri Paltan takes bragging rights in a thriller!

32-33 More GB is tackled down in the final raid of the night but it won't be enough for U Mumba to tie the scores.

31-33 What an anti-climatic end to Siddharth's night. He makes a technical error on his raid... Two points for Puneri!

31-31 Empty raid from Monu for Puneri. Just 30 seconds left on the clock.

31-31 What a point from U Mumba! Nitin goes for the bonus and Vinodh gets an ankle grab and is tackled down by the rest of the defenders.

30-31 Siddharth Desai with another point.

29-31 Empty raid from Nitin Tomar. A high line defence from U Mumba.

Another time-out called. A little over three minutes left in this tantalising match. Siddharth Desai remains key for U Mumba.

29-31 Bonus point from Nitin Tomar.

29-30 Siddharth Desai, again takes out two Puneri defenders.

27-30 Mistake from Abhishek corner on the right corner and Nitin Tomar accepts it.

27-29 Abolfazal with an empty raid and we head into another time-out.

27-28 Huge raid from Siddharth Desai! The big man is at it again! The two remaining Puneri defenders pile on him but Siddharth manages to overpower them to get the line. All-out inflicted on Puneri.

23-28 U Mumba's Dhanraj with a big tackle on Monu!

22-28 Puneri with another super tackle, this time on Abolfazal!

22-26 Akshay Jadhav looks for a touch on the run but its Atrachali who has the final say with the tackle.

21-26 Abhishek Singh with a successful raid. He was mindful of Girish Ernak's challenge from the left corner and sticks out his hand to get to the mid-point line.

20-26 Super tackle by U Mumba's left corner led by Atrachali! GB More is blocked in the right side of the court.

18-26 A crucial point here for Puneri! Siddharth Desai is sent to the bench after being tackled down.

18-25 U Mumba with a review on Puneri's super tackle. It appears that Girish Ernak has pushed Abolfazal before heading out to the lobbies himself. Review is unsuccessful, however.

18-23 GB More, the last man standing for Puneri, picks up two touches and saves his side from an all-out.

18-20 Siddharth, again, invites a tackle on Nitin Tomar and manages to successfully get to the mid-point line.

17-20 Siddharth Desai lures Monu into an ankle grab but the raider is too quick to get away with just a touch.

16-19 Two successive empty raids from Nitin Tomar.

16-19 Siddharth Desai forces the right corner defender to step outside the court. One point for U Mumba.

15-18 Siddharth Desai with two touches and that's a super raid for U Mumba!

12-18 Monu gets a touch on the run on his raid.

Second half

12-17 Siddharth Desai with a "Do-or-Die" raid. Gets the bonus, as we walk into half time.

11-17 Rohit Baliyan searches for a victim for long but fails to get one. Empty raid!

10-16 Atrachali, in a moment of frustration and desperation goes after an already safe Tomar. Easy point!

10-15 Siddharth Desai gets cover Ravi Kumar with another kick. He is becoming an easy target.

9-14 U-Mumba All-Out! Vinod Kumar down. The fans are enjoying the contest.

7-10 Nitin Tomar's display of wit gifts two points to Paltan. He manages to get a touch point and on the way back, spots Tajik, who lost his balance. Tags him to get two points!

7-8 Abolfazl has got Ravi Kumar with a toe touch. The 6'6" tall Abolfazl makes it look easy.

6-8 A short moment of hesitation from Baliyan has him floored by Paltan's strong defence.

6-7 Nitin Tomar searches for a point desperately but retreats. Empty raid.

6-6 Atrachali goes for a quick dash but Nitin Tomar is quicker. One point for Puneri as Atrachali is pinned down.

5-4 Nitin Tomar could not make it to the mid-line but a defender landed on the other side. One point for Paltan! Fazal gets a green card for arguing with the referee.

5-3 Rohit Baliyan scores a point for Mumba as he gets the left corner.

4-3 Monu with a "Do-or-Die" raid. A close one. Rajguru nabs him. Monu seemed to have secured a point but due to the absence of one in the side's kitty, the point goes to U Mumba.

3-3 Siddharth comes in for U Mumba's "Do-or-Die" raid. Gets Paltan skipper Girish.

2-3 Dharmaraj raids. The bonus point is on but he does not attempt it.

2-2 Abolfazl comes for the "Do-or-Die" raid. He is one of the tallest players in the PKL. Garners too much pace as he rushes to get the left corner, and loses footing as he steps into the lobby. OUT!

2-1 Monu gets the first points for the home side.

2-0 Siddharth Desai gets the left corner with a menacing kick.

1-0 Nitin Tomar has been floored straight away by Rajguru. Good start from U Mumba!

U Mumba wins the toss and select the choice of court.

Puneri Paltan marches into a strong home support! The fans are wild here at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex.


Stay tuned to Sportstar to get live updates of the high-voltage Maharashtra Derby, a few minutes from now!

U.P. Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors

40-40 Bengal gives away the tie. That is a shocker! Its defence stood strangely way back as Prashanth literally walked away with the bonus.

40-39 Prashanth pockets the bonus, again.

40-38 Yoddha gifts two touch points to Maninder. That is poor defending.

38-38 Prashanth Rai gets a touch point.

37-37 Scores level as Yoddha gets a bonus point.

37-36 Maninder Singh has 13 raid points now. One point!

35-34 Prashanth Kumar Rai gets the bonus. This is turning out to be a hell of an ending. A little over two minutes to go into this encounter and Bengal has a lead of just the solitary point.

35-33 Sagar Krishna goes for a backhold. Ends up tugging at the jersey of Maninder. Not required at this stage at all.

34-32 Lee comes back with an empty raid. Meanwhile, Devadiga has reached the 10-raid point mark.

32-32 That is it! All out! Amit goes, and Warriors pockets additional two points.

29-31 Maninder Singh gets Sachin Kumar. That looks bad for the Yoddha.

28-30 Warriors coming back into the match. Maninder Singh gets a touch point. If Warriors gets an all-out here, that will be two additional points for the side. Could change things here.

25-30 Surjeet Singh gets a tackle point as he gets hold of Jadhav. That is one strong ankle hold!

24-30 Under eight minutes left in the match. There is a lead of six points which should be easy to defend.

23-29 Lee has been tackled again! Sagar Krishna takes it upon himself as he pins the Korean down. Five defenders doing the job for Yoddha.

22-28 "Do-or-Die" raid. Bonus line active. Maninder goes for it and gets it easily.

21-28 Rishank Devadiga looking for a super raid but retreats. Empty raid.

19-27 Cheeky from Lee! Tempts right corner Nitesh Kumar as he drags him to the line after he gets an ankle hold.

18-27 "Do-or-Die" Raid for Shrikant Jadhav. Bonus line inactive so point has to come in the form of a touch point. A double ankle hold sees him down. But the defender has stepped into the lobby.

18-26 Maninder Singh again makes his way to the bench. Nitesh Kumar and Sagar Krishna with a strong double thigh hold. They have had a good night.

18-25 Kun Lee sniffs an opportunity as he goes after the cover but in vain. No point!

18-25 Rishank Devadiga gets Bengal's right cover. Easy!

17-24 Prashanth Kumar Rai's height aids him to the bonus line post an All-out. The lead is up by 7 now.

Rakesh Narwal back on.

16-20 Rishank Devadiga gets a point again.

Vijin Thangadurai comes in for Rakesh Narwal to add muscle to the defence.

15-19 Rishank Devadiga helps Yoddha extend its lead.

First half ends

15-18 That is it for the first half, as Prashanth goes for an empty raid. Lee has been Bengal's star.  This match surely promises more. Stay tuned!

15-18 "Do-or-Die" raid by Maninder Singh. But what is this? He never tried to go for a point here. Goes to the bench.

14-16 Rishank Devadiga retreats. Empty raid.

14-16 A moment of brilliance from the UP defensive unit as a strong backhold sends Lee to the bench now.

13-15 Bengal Warriors down to three men, one of them being Lee who again comes back with a point. A kick sees the right corner down.

12-13 Rishank Devadiga wasn't far from the line when he got pinned down. But, there was a jersey tug. A point gifted to the Yoddha!

12-12 Back-to-back super raids as Maninder comes back with two points.

10-12 Rishank Devadiga with a super raid here. Three points!

10-9 Maninder comes in for a raid again, but this is an empty one.

8-7 Maninder spots right cover Narender stepping out and gets him. Narender tries to retreat but it was already too late.

7-7 Jang Kun Lee with an empty raid. He already has four raid points in his kitty.

6-6 Scores level! Right corner Nitesh gets Narwal as he goes for the bonus.

6-5 Maninder Singh pinned down as an ankle hold restricts his movements.

4-2 At one point it seemed like the skipper, Rakesh Narwal would come back with all the points there but a display of brute strength from the defenders successfully holds him back.

4-1 Rishank Devadiga welcomed with a loud cheer by the audience. He is in for a "Do-or-Die" raid here and comes back with the bonus point.

4-0 Lee with a replay of his first raid. Gets the bonus point and a touch point from the right corner. Early Lead for the Warriors here.

2-0 Star Jang Kun Lee opens Bengal's account right away. Comes back with bonus and a touch point.

UP Yoddha has never won against Bengal. They will be desperate for a win here.

UP Yoddha wins the toss and select the choice of court.