ProKabaddi 2018: Jaipur bags win at home, Thalaivas out of Playoffs race

Even as Panthers started off its home-leg with a stylish win, the Thalaivas has been knocked out of Playoffs-contention.

Bengal Warriors emerged victorious the only time these two sides clashed this season with valuable contributions from Maninder Singh and Ran Singh.   -  R Senthil Kumar

Hello and welcome to the highlights of the matches from the Tau Devilal Sports Complex in Panchkula.

The first contest would see the home side take on the visiting Puneri Paltan in what promises to be a blockbuster contest of action-packed Kabaddi. In the second contest of the evening the Warriors would look to flay the Thalaivas to inch closer to Zonal supremacy.


Scores in order of Tamil Thalaivas - Bengal Warriors



21-28 FT: Ajay Thakur, empty raid and that is it! The leadership of Surjeet Singh on the mat ensured that the Tamil Thalaivas get knocked out of the Playoffs race.

21-28 A Do-or-Die raid for the Warriors. But does it really matter now? Anyway Maninder would like to keep a point for himself. Could have easily go two but he would be satisfied with the point there.

20-27 Bhupinder in no sign of hurry. Using up all of the 30 seconds and that is exactly how it is going to be in the upcoming raids as well.

20-27 One quick point for Thakur after Bengal picks up a bonus point but too late now.

19-26 Under three minutes left in the contest and that's pretty much curtains on the Thalaivas this season. Hooda has been pushed out of bounds by the Warriors and that is an All Out!

18-21 Victor walks in as the substitute and does not put up that exceptional show he is known for. Walks back seconds later.

Anguish right there on the bench reflecting on the face of Ajay Thakur.


18-19 Ajay Thakur off the mat as soon as he comes on from the bench. The Thalaivas' tactical brilliance must now be questioned. Why on earth would they let Thakur go for the Do-or-Die? it should have been Jasveer.

17-19 Where on earth was the raider going there? Atul to warm the bench too now. Thalaivas needs to revive players but who would step up with the assist here? Things not looking good here for them.


Ajay Thakur is on the bench, for more than ten minutes now.

17-18 Excellent show from the Thalaivas. It was C. Arun who rushed in to the rescue of his side. Nothing that spectacular from Bhupinder as it would seem at short notice.

16-18 An unsuccessful Do-or-Die that! Bhupinder drags Sukesh a few feet back by the ankle.

16-17 Surjeet just looking to gets things in sequence here as the next one would be a Do-or-Die for the Thalaivas.

15-17 The Tamil Thalaivas strikes when needed and takes care of Ran Singh. Literally flung out of the lobbies as Amit Hooda gets a High-5 for himself.

13-16 Super-Raid! Bonus coupled with three touch points, and look who got it for the Warriors. It's the substitute Bhupinder who is all smiles. He had walked in once in the first half too and had scored a point then as well.

Warriors was the table-topper last season, going down to defending champion Patna Pirates in the quarterfinal.

12-12 Sukesh Hegde clearly on the lookout for a false move from Surjeet but the Warriors' defence has been exceptional today.

11-11 Sukesh Hegde playing some smart Kabaddi, constantly switching his defensive game. Normally with a full strength he would go for the right cover position. He is equally good at the corner too.


10-11 HT Warriors walk in to take a slender one-point lead with the last raid coming from Maninder - an empty one. One thing that we need to keep in mind here on - This game is up for anyone's to take. However, the Thalaivas have a Do-or-Die situation as they compulsorily need to win this match or they will be mathematically out of contention for the Playoffs.


10-9 When the pressure's on, there is one man you always look up to and that is Ajay Thakur. Does what he is known for doing yet again. He came charging in as the right cover commits unsuccessfully to hand Thakur the slip.

9-8 Ajay Thakur looks to be in no compulsion to pick up a point yet again. Empty raid!

8-8 Ajay Thakur who is in his 99th PKL appearance walks back. The teams still look defensive in their approach. Meanwhile, scores level.

8-6 The big screen flashes 75% on the energy bar as Surjeet Singh walks in to raid. He returns empty-handed.

7-5 Pretty low-scoring first half and both the sides have their guards up. Will this slow game see things accelerate soon as had been seen in the first encounter of today's evening?

6-3 Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat down! Unless and until its necessary Surjeet will not commit. But this time he realises that the raider is under pressure of walking in for a Do-or-Die and almost instantly he jumps into action, bringing home the first raid points of the night.



5-2 Sukesh Hegde, the raider of choice after Ajay Thakur for the Thalaivas walks in. Empty raid!

5-2 Maninder walks in with the bonus for the taking and the Do-or-Die raid. His fingers graze Ponparthiban's shorts as he pockets one.

2-1 The Tamil Thalaivas skipper Ajay Thakur walks in with 699 career points into the match and with this touch point from Ran Singh becomes the third player in PKL history to reach the 700-point mark.


Bengal Warriors opts for the choice of court after it wins the toss.




In the other contest of the evening, the Bengal Warriors will look to close the gap on the Titans with a victory over Tamil Thalaivas. The Warriors is just seven points away from third-placed Telugu Titans in Zone-B.

Bengal Warriors emerged victorious the only time these two sides clashed this season with valuable contributions from Maninder Singh and Ran Singh.



Scores in order of Jaipur Pink Panthers- Puneri Paltan


36-23 There's the win for Jaipur Pink Panthers! The Panthers begin their home leg in style with a comprehensive win over Puneri Paltan.

34-23 Another super tackle for the Pink Panthers! Sandeep has nowhere to go and is taken down by the Panthers defence.

30-20 Sandeep Narwal gets tackled by Amit Kumar.

28-19 Sandeep Narwal comes on, playing in his 100th PKL game. He takes a needless team review and loses it. Not the best of calls that.

28-18 Deepak Hooda is tackled easily and the gap is back to ten points now.

27-18 Two good raids for Pune and the gap is down to nine points now. And Jaipur is down to four men.

A little more than nine minutes left in this game. Is there a way back for Puneri Paltan here?

An official tiimeout has been taken with ten minutes remaining in the contest.

26-16 Six people on the mat for Paltan. Diving attempt there from Anand Patil but he misses a touch point. Sandeep Narwal misses the first block, but Shivam Shinde and the reinforcements has his back.


24-13 Good tackle from the Panthers' Patil as Rajesh Mondal walks back to the bench! And that revives Deepak Nivas Hooda, the poster boy. It has been a season to forget for Mondal and that has hurt Paltan. Hurt a lot to be precise. Nitin Tomar's injury could only add salt to the already open wound.

21-10 Rajesh Mondal comes in and tries to take the first point of the second-half. And he does it alright with a gift from the left corner. Point to be noted, Paltan has left trying to make a mark altogether as the maximum points they can manage is 57 if you consider wins in its remaining two matches as well. But with the show the side is putting up tonight, doesn't look like the side can manage any point from here.


21-9 The Half-Time has been called with Deepak Hooda's empty raid. Paltan doesn't to be trying, AT ALL! The whole match is just slipping away in the form of freebies.

21-8 All-Out! Deepak Nivas Hooda gets a touch point as another All-out has been inflicted. That is one lead difficult to bridge.

18-8 What about that? A High-5 for Sunil Siddhgavli and what a way to bring it. Sandeep has been slammed with an effortless lift-and-throw. That was almost like taking a leaf out of the wrestling rulebooks.


14-8 Ajinkya Pawar comes back with an empty raid. His season has been more or less blotched with injuries.


12-7 An All-Out has been inflicted. Panthers is picking up the pace and has a five point lead now. Sandeep lands up on the wrong side and has the defenders all over him. No way out there! Abhishek Bachchan looks pleased with the effort!

6-5 "Deepak! Deepak!" chants rent the air as Deepak throws the right corner off balance with the first effort and then as customary bags a freebie. One point!


4-4 Anand Patil walks back in after a classy show of wit in his last raid as he threw himself on the line after a firm ankle hold from the left corner tried holding him back. But this time, walks back empty-handed.

Interesting to note, Patil looks to be in some sort of discomfort as he hobbles back home. This season has been one of injuries for the Panthers.

2-4 G B More gets the left-in with a reverse-kick. That looked easy!

1-1 A score difference of -76 is what Pink Panthers walks into this contest with and the side must ensure that it keeps slotting points home. It has been tough but the side can hope for the best with the home crowd cheering on.


Puneri Paltan wins the toss, opts for the choice of court.


Jaipur Pink Panthers has seven games left in its campaign, and will need to win all its matches to be eligible to mathematically qualify for the Playoffs. It remains to be seen whether the home atmosphere make a difference.