Dabang Delhi vs Tamil Thalaivas - Updates

Full-time: Dabang Delhi 37-33 Tamil Thalaivas. Haryana Steelers has been eliminated.

37-32 Sukesh Hegde with a successful raid for Tamil Thalaivas.

37-31 A super tackle from Dabang Delhi on Ajay Thakur to assure itself of a win with only 30 seconds left to play.

35-31 Naveen Kumar wins a bonus point for Dabang Delhi and Ajay Thakur follows it with a successful raid, escaping an ankle-hold from Vishal Mane. Just 1 minute and 25 seconds left to play now.

34-30 Another successful raid from Ajay Thakur.

34-29 Naveen Kumar escapes an attempted ankle-hold from Manjeet Chhillar.

33-29 Meraj Sheykh is successfully tackled by the Tamil Thalaivas defence before Ajay Thakur wins another raid point. Just over three minutes left to play.

33-26 Tamil Thalaivas has inflicted the first all-out on Dabang Delhi. Ajay Thakur is leading the way with successful raids, but has it left itself with too much to do?


31-22 Three raid points in the last two raids by Ajay Thakur have kept Tamil Thalaivas in the hunt with six minutes left.

30-18 Chandran Ranji is successfully tackled by Tamil Thalaivas to earn its first point since the second all-out.

27-17 ALL-OUT! Dabang Delhi inflicts a second all-out to go 10 points in the lead.

23-16 Meraj Sheykh with a successful raid for Dabang Delhi, escapes the attempted ankle hold of Parthiban.

20-14 Manjeet Chhillar is yellow-carded for arguing with the official and is set of a time on the sidelines.

18-12 Ajay Thakur wins a raid point but on his next raid, he is successfully tackled by the well-organised Dabang Delhi defence.

17-11 Naveen Kumar gets the first point of the half for Dabang Delhi, gets a touch on Athul.

16-11 Meraj Sheykh wins a raid for Dabang Delhi to put it in a comfortable position going into half-time.


15-10 Ajay Thakur commits himself too far into the Dabang Delhi territory and the coordination of Delhi's defenders helps tackle the big fish.

14-9 A successful raid from Ajay Thakur is followed by a successful raid from Naveen Kumar for Dabang Delhi.

12-8 Sukesh Hegde with a successful raid for Tamil Thalaivas after Meraj Sheykh was successfully tackled.

12-6 Ajay Thakur wins a raid point for Tamil Thalaivas. Spots Joginder Narwal attempting a tackle on his blindside. He escapes an ankle hold and gets a touch over the white line.


10-4 ALL-OUT! Dabang Delhi inflicts the first all-out of the match and Tamil Thalaivas has fallen a huge six points behind.

5-1 Naveen Kumar with a successful raid for Dabang Delhi to establish a four-point lead.

3-1 An unsuccessful raid from Chandran Ranjit gets Tamil Thalaivas off the mark.

2-0 Ajay Thakur is successfully tackled by the coordination and timing of the tackle by the Dabang Delhi defenders.

1-0 Meraj Sheykh delivers the first point of the match in a do-or-die raid. Amit Hooda is drawn into a tackle but Meraj is aware and escapes being strangled.

Dabang Delhi to raid first.

UP Yoddha vs Haryana Steelers - Updates

Full-time: UP Yoddha 30-29 Haryana Steelers! A simply brilliant all-round display from UP Yoddha helps it record a come-from-behind win.

28-30 That should be the match! A do-or-die raid for Haryana Steelers and Naveen is unable to win a raid point.

26-29 Brilliant coordination from the UP Yoddha defenders to tackle Monu Goyat and go three points in the lead.

26-28 Successful raids back to back for UP Yoddha, which now has a crucial two-point lead with about three minutes of the match left to play.

26-26 Shrikant Jadhav escapes an attempted ankle-hold and pulls UP Yoddha level with a successful raid.


26-25 Monu Goyat gets a touch point to nudge Haryana Steelers ahead. No UP Yoddha defender in his way as he gets a touch and returns to the Haryana Steelers half.

23-24 Sagar Krishna pounces at the right moment to tackle Vikas Kandola, while the coordination of all the UP Yoddha defenders helps matters.

21-21 All-square as Prashanth Kumar Rai delivers a raid point for UP Yoddha.


20-18 Shrikant Jadhav is successfully tackled by the Haryana Steelers defenders. He was close to getting a touch over the white line, but the right-cover defender ensures the tackle is successful.

19-18 Monu Goyat delivers a super raid to put Haryana Steelers back in front.

15-14 An enthralling start to the second half. Sachin Kumar wins two raid points for UP Yoddha. Amid pressure from Haryana Steelers pulling him back, he uses his strength and reach to touch the white line and earn UP Yoddha two raid points.

It's 15-12 at half-time.

14-12 Sachin Kumar delivers two raid points in a do-or-die raid for UP Yoddha.

14-10 Monu Goyat is successfully tackled in what was a do-or-die raid for Haryana Steelers.

14-9 Shrikant Jadhav is a victim of the do-or-die raid. In pursuit of a touch, he ventures too deep and the coordination of the Haryana Steelers defenders does the job as he tries to escape.


12-6 SUPER RAID! Vikas Kandola benefits from UP Yoddha defenders committing themselves half-heartedly. He ventures deep to get one touch point, but he manages two more touches with the UP Yoddha left cover defenders' poor positioning and poor timing making Kandola's job easier.

9-6 Successful raids back to back from Shrikant Jadhav and Monu Goyat.

8-5 Monu Goyat wins a raid point. Jeeva tries to tackle the Haryana Steelers raider, but it is at best a desperate tackle which Goyat successfully evades.

7-5 UP Yoddha asks for a review for a bonus point claim by Rishank Devadiga. The review is unsuccessful, though.

6-5 Vikas Kandola wins two raid points for Haryana Steelers but Shrikant Jadhav bags two points for UP Yoddha in the subsequent raid.

4-3 Prashanth Rai evades an ankle hold and wins two points, one a touch point and another a bonus point.


1-1 A do-or-die raid for UP Yoddha and Shrikant Jadhav delivers. He stretches out his left hand a gets a feather to level the score in the early minutes of this match.

1-0 Monu Goyat with a successful raid for Haryana Steelers first up.