28-33 Jasvir's raid is unsuccessful and that's the points for the Titans! A second successive loss for the Tamil Thalaivas!

28-32 Jasvir with a point on the raid.

27-32 A super tackle for Thalaivas

25-32 Athul is tackled down now.

25-31 Anil Kumar with an ankle hold on Thakur!

25-29 Rahul is forced out.

23-29 Another mistake in defence from the Thalaivas and Rahul rolls out with a touch.

23-28 Jasvir is tackled down on his raid.

Four minutes to go.

23-27 Amit Hooda initiates a challenge and Nilesh is tackled down.

22-27 Jasvirgets a point, his first of the night, on his raid.

Over five minutes to go.

21-26 Rahul gets a touch on Thakur on his raid.

21-25 A touch for Thakur on his raid.

20-25 Rahul turns around to get his foot over the line despite being pulled down.

20-24 Sunil and Jasvir come in from behind to take down Nilesh.

19-24 Athul gets a touch on Vishal on his raid.

18-24 Manjeet comes in from the left to pull down Mohsen.

17-24 Superb from Vishal Bharadwaj! He gets an ankle hold on Thakur which allows his teammates to haul the Thalaivas' skipper down.

17-23 Jasvir Singh is tackled down on his raid.

Change for Thalaivas. Sunil comes in for Arun.

16-21 Athul with a successful raid for Thalaivas.

15-21 Successful raid. Mohsen gets a touch on Manjeet Chillar.

15-20 A do-or-die raid for the Thalaivas and the Titans' haul Thakur down.

15-19 Nilesh finds himself in trouble and is tackled down from all corners. The home support is fired up after that!

14-19 A strong hold from the Thalaivas' defence on Rahul's raid

13-19 Thakur is successful on his raid.

12-19 Nilesh gets a bonus after a review from the Titans.

Second half

11-17 Thakur with a successful raid and it's half-time! Plenty to ponder for Thalaivas

9-16 Vimal Raj is tackled down and the Titans' inflict an all-out on Thalaivas!

9-9 A successful review from Thalaivas. Rahul Chaudri is forced out of play Manjeet.

8-9 Superb defensive set up on Thakur! The raider has his legs taken out before being held from behind!

8-8 Empty raid from Jasvir.

8-8 An empty raid from Rahul

A green card for Vishal Bharadwaj.

6-7 Nilesh gets two points on his raid.

7-5 A successful raid from Athul.

6-5 Nilesh picks up a point on his raid.

6-4 This time Hooda goes for an one-on-one but he gets support from his teammates in taking down Rahul Chaudri.

5-4 Superb strength from Thakur and he gets two touches here.

3-4 Thalaivas, again, go for an one-on-one and Rahul gets two touches on the run.

A big roar for Ajay Thakur every time he goes for a raid.

2-2 A solo tackle from Thalaivas and Nilesh manages to touch the mid court line.

2-1 Good defensive work on Titans' right side and Athul is tackled down.

2-0 Rahul is tackled down by Manjeet Chillar before his teammates join him.

1-0 Athul gets a touch and it's the first point on the board.

0-0 Rahul cross the bonus line but the point isn't given.

First half

It's Ajay Thakur vs Rahul Chaudhari!

Both teams are out on the mat.

Next up it's the clash between home side Tamil Thalaivas and Telugu Titans.

Chandran Ranjit, formerly of Gujarat, comes back to haunt his old team. The raider had a stellar evening racking up 10 points! Gujarat's Sachin was the best out of its lot with seven points.

32-32 Delhi's Pawan settles for an empty raid and a tie for his team! The buzzer goes off and Gujarat's players wear a look of dejection. A superb comeback from Delhi led by Ranjit. It's the second tie of the tournament.

32-32 Mahendra Rajput gets a touch on Ranjit and we are level again!

32-31 Delhi is in the lead! Pawan gets a touch!

A time-out taken with less than a minute to go.

31-31 Gujarat's Rohit is tackled down from the right! He had no chance to get out of that scuffle!

30-31 Ranjit with a bonus on his raid.

Two and a half minutes to go.

29-31 Naveen's raid is unsuccessful this time.

29-29 Naveen Kumar levels the score on his raid! We are set for a thrilling finish here!

27-29 Mahendra Rajput is unsuccessful on his raid and Delhi affects an all-out on Gujarat!

24-28 Ranjit is having a night to remember! He gets two points on his raid!

Another time out and over six minutes left in this contest.

22-28 Ranjit shows his defensive side with a hold on Sachin allowing his teammates to bring him in down.

21-28 Ranjit gets a touch on his raid.

20-27 Unsuccessful raid for Delhi. Pawan is tackled by two defenders.

20-25 Empty raid from Sachin.

Delhi calls for a review claiming two touches but its unsuccessful.

20-25 Ranjit gets a touch a raised foot on the turn. Superb point.

Another time out after an empty raid from Pawan.

Time out taken with 10 minutes to go.

19-24 Parvesh goes for the ambitious tackle and Pawan manages to get over the line on the roll.

18-23 A super tackle from Gujarat tackling Naveen Kumar down! A big let off for Gujarat?

18-21 Do-or-die raid Rohit runs into the lobby after getting a touch. Point for Delhi.

17-21 Successful raid from Naveen Kumar.

15-21 Naveen Kumar is tackled from the left.

14-19 A bit overzealous in defence from Rohit? His approach allows Pawan to get a touch on the run.

13-18 Do-or-die raid and Ranjit is tackled down from the right.

13-17 Empty raid from Pawan.

13-17 An unsuccessful raid from Rohit.

Second half

12-17 A successful raid from Sachin and its the end of the first half. Gujarat in control here but Delhi has fought back to reduce the deficit.

12-16 Ranjit gets a point with a touch of the bonus line and Gujarat wastes a review on the decision.

11-16 Ranjit escapes the clutches to get away with a point on a touch.

10-16 Delhi's Naveen Kumar is hauled down on his raid.

10-15 Prapanjan breaks the paatern and manages a point on his raid.

A few empty raids from either sides.

10-14 Empty raid from Prapanjan for Gujarat.

10-14 Ranjit is at it again. Another successful raid.

9-13 Substitute Chandran Ranjit makes a successful raid for Delhi.

8-13 Rohit Gulia's is held by his ankle and is tackled down.

7-13 Shabeer Bappu is tackled down.

7-12 Successful raids from Sachin and Shabeer for Gujarat and Delhi, respectively.

6-11 Kalai Arasan steps out from defence and Naveen Kumar manages to get a touch on the turn.

5-10 Shabeer is tackled down by Gujarat's defenders.

5-9 A big point for Delhi as Sachin is tackled out of play.

3-9 Rajesh Narwal is swarmed in the middle by Gujarat's defenders and we have the first all-out of the match.

1-4 Successful raid from Rohit.

1-3 Meraj has no where to go and he is forced out of the court without even being tackled.

Both teams playing it cautiously here.

Gujarat's Ajay Kumar comes in for Sachin

1-2 Successful raid from Prapanjan. He gets two points.

1-0 Naveen Kumar claims a touch and Delhi opens the scoring.

Empty raid from Rohit Gulia.

First half


Two teams — Dabang Delhi and Gujarat Fortunegiants — will kick-start the action and their respective seasons today. Gujarat Fortunegiants had a memorable debut campaign when it waltzed through the Zone A qualifier before losing in the final to Patna Pirates. On the other hand, Dabang Delhi finished last in Zone A with just five wins — the lowest among all teams. Tamil Thalaivas, who had a mixed outing last night will look to reverse its fortunes when it resumes battle with Telugu Titans in the second match of the evening.

Amal John has more on tonight's match-ups in this preview .