PKL 2018, Day 11: Haryana edges out Dabang Delhi 34-31, Puneri Paltan loses to Gujarat Fortunegiants 28-34

Catch all the LIVE updates from Sportstar's blog of Thursday's Pro Kabaddi League matches as the Haryana Steelers clashes with Dabang Delhi and the Puneri Paltan locks horns with Gujarat Fortunegiants.

Haryana Steelers, which has now lost four consecutive home matches will be looking to bounce back when it meets Delhi on Thursday.   -  PKL Website

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's LIVE blog of the Pro Kabaddi League matches. Today,  Haryana Steelers clashes with Dabang Delhi and Puneri Paltan locks horns with the Gujarat Fortunegiants.

Puneri Paltan vs Gujarat Fortunegiants

Second Half

28-34 Gujarat came back from 17-15 in the beginning of the second half. Ajay Kumar's super raid of five points turned the game in Gujarat's favor. It is Gujarat's first win of the season. It is Puneri Paltan's second defeat of the season.

26-33 Akshay Jadhav tries to get to the bonus line but Gujarat defenders tackle him to the ground.

26-32 Sachin opts for an empty raid with ten more raid seconds left.

25-32 Ajay Kumar, the hero of the day for Gujarat, gifts away two points as he overstays the raid time of 30 seconds.

23-31 Nitin Tomar gets back a point, but Gujarat extend the lead with Ajay Kumar's raid.

22-30 A grave error by Pune's defence allows Ajay Kumar to reach the bonus line and also takes out four defenders out of the court.

22-26 Both sides have come out revitalized after the time out, with the defenses looking good on both sides.

21-25 Nitin Tomar gets his first raid point of the second half.

20-25 Sachin gets the final two Pune players out as Gujarat gets the first all out points of the match.

20-21 Ajay Kumar gets a lucky point on his raid to get Gujarat leading by a point.

20-19 Nitin Tomar asks for a referral after claiming to have crossed the line before the whistle but the referee says that the raider did not have a touch in the opposition court.

20-18 Ajay Kumar gets a point for Gujarat in a do-or-die raid.

20-17 Nitin Tomar is back in the court but comes back with an empty raid.

20-17 Deepak Kumar Dahiya extends Pune's lead with a successful raid.

18-17 Sachin and Rajesh Mondal get back two points for Gujarat with successful raids.

17-15 Dong Geon Lee is given out after he fails in a do-or-die ride.

17-15 Pune takes the first points of the second half as Deepak Kumar Dahiya takes out two Gujarat players.

15-15 Substitute Dong Geon Lee makes an empty raid.

First Half

15-15 Pune execute a super tackle to level things.

13-15 Nitin Tomar makes two successful raids but is tackled on the third raid.

11-13 Prapanjan gets a point in a do-or-die raid.

11-12 Rajesh Mondal is pinned down as Puneri Paltan takes back the lead.

11-10 Sachin Vittala is green carded for a foul.

9-10 Tomar is out after Gujarat defenders execute a perfect tackle.

8-10 Nitin Tomar manages to get two points after More G.B's empty raid.

8-8 Rajesh Mondal and Prapanjan are tackled successfully by both defences.

7-7 Sachin restores parity with another successful raid.

5-7 Nitin Tomar gets three points for his side with a super raid.

3-4 Empty raid from K. Prapanjan and a successful raid by Nitin Tomar helps Pune pull points back.

2-4 Nitin Tomar gets the first points for Puneri Paltan.

0-3 Two unsuccessful raids for Pune gives Gujarat an early lead.

0-1 K. Prapanjan goes on the first raid and gets a point


Puneri Paltan: Nitin Tomar, Ravi Kumar, Girish Maruti Ernak, More G.B, Rajesh Mondal, Sandeep Narwal, Akshay Jadhav

Subs:  Deepak Kumar Dahiya, Rinku Narwal, Sandeep, Sanjay Shresta, Shubham Shinde

Gujarat Fortunegiants: Sachin, Sunil Kumar, Parvesh Bhainswal, Sachin Vittala, K. Prapanjan, Ruturaj Koravi, Hadi Oshtorak

Subs: Ajay Kumar, Amit, Dong Geon Lee, Mahendra Rajput, Shubham Palkar


Second half

34-31 Four losses on the trot and finally the men in blue get things right as they end their home leg on a high. The fans go wild as if it is the season that Haryana has clinched here.

34-29 A Do-or-Die raid for Steelers. Naveen gets a point and of all people it is Joginder giving it away. That is certainly curtains for the visitor.

32-29 Kandola does the same thing, again. Takes his own sweet time and returns with an empty raid.

32-29 Sunil goes for a quick raid and gets the right corner.

32-28 Kandola doing what is needed now, killing time.

32-28 Two points for Chandran Ranjit! Ranjit wins a review as he dives to touch the line.

32-26 What an effort by Naveen. The raider was running out of time, but Pahal goes in. Pahal had a good day so far but this was not required at this stage at all.

Timeout taken by the Steelers. The side cannot afford to lose this game from here on. Three-and-a-half minutes of concentration now.

31-26 The confidence shows now. Kadian has been pinned to the mat.

Timeout taken by Dabang Delhi. The side surely needs it. Meanwhile Vikas Kandola has nine points in his pocket, highest of the day, in a defence-dominated game so far. Ravinder Pahal has the highest tackle points as of now in this game (5).

The five-point lead is still intact with four minutes to go.

30-25 A costly error by Shabeer now. He steps into the orange zone. He cannot afford to add to Haryana's kitty now.

Haryana must be happy with the way things are going.

28-24 Delhi has something to cheer about! Chandran Ranjit returns with a point.

So is the Steelers keeping the head-to-head ratio as it is?

28-22 Vikas Kandola returns with a super raid. He is changing things here and how! Here is a huge lead with eight minutes to go.

24-22 Steelers gives away two points too easily now, on back-to-back occasions . That is just a two-point deficit now. Haryana down to five men.

23-21 Shabeer Bappu, the raider, gets left corner, Kuldeep on the run. A point for Delhi there.

23-20 The host storms back into a good lead now. Goyat's raid. He gains a point.

20-19 Vikas Kandola gains three points from a super raid. Does this change things now? Joginder's plan backfires as Kandola slips.

The game might not even see the scorecard reach 30. It is all strategy now.

17-19 Wow! Haryana pockets two points with a super tackle now, as Pawan Kadian fails to reach the white line. Steelers needs more of those.

15-19 Monu Goyat gives in to a backhold again. And it is Joginder again. He is having a very good day.

15-18 There is a super tackle as Ranjit is pinned down. Brilliant work from Delhi's defenders.

15-16 A point for Haryana as Shabeer goes down.

14-16 It might just be a low scoring game. Both sides look to be extremely cautious after the first two empty raids.

First Half

14-16 And that is how the first half ends. It has been a good start for the Steelers, with Monu Goyat putting up a good show in the raid department. Fans must hope now that the Steelers carries on with the same momentum in the second half although it is trailing by two points here.

14-15 A super tackle! Vikas Kandola goes down to Joginder's fantastic ankle-hold even as he slips from Pahal.

14-13 A Do-or-Die raid for Delhi again! Mayur does a brilliant job again. Stays patient and allows Kuldeep to hold down Meraj.

Less than two-and-a-half minutes left in the first half.

13-13 Monu Goyat gives in to the duo of Joginder and Ravinder Pahal. Its even stevens.

13-11 Naveen Kumar, the last man standing, gains two points with a raid.

11-9 Pawan Kadian clearly looking for a bonus, but Parveen has him with a quick dash. he Goes back to the bench.

11-9 Naveen goes for an empty raid.

Do-or-die for Delhi! Chandra Ranjit goes for the bonus point but fails.

9-7 Monu Goyat going for the left corner but fails.

9-7 A bad move from Vikas Kandola as he is held back by the Delhi defence.

Dabang Delhi has four men out there now, Haryana has its full squad out there.

9-5 Vikas Kandola comes back after a succesful raid. 1 point!

Each time Monu Goyat goes for the raid the crowd goes wild.

8-4 Kadian attempts a raid but comes back empty handed.

7-4 Haryana's defence joins the party. Good work from from Mayur but he gets a warning for grabbing the jersey. Green Card!

3-2 Do-or-Die raid for Pawan Kadian! Sunil, the right corner gifts him a freebie here.

3-1 A little bit of confusion from the Delhi side sees Monu pocket two points again in his next raid.

1-0 Monu Goyat comes in for the first raid of the match and gets the bonus point for Haryana even as the audience cheers on.

Monu Goyat looks like a man on mission at the toss here at the Motilal Nehru School of Sports.



Haryana Steelers:

Monu Goyat, Mayur Shivtarkar, Parveen, Naveen, Vikas Kandola, Sunil, Kuldeep Singh

Subs- Anand Surendra Tomar, Bhuvneshwar Gaur, Sudhanshu Tyagi, Patrick Muvai, Sachin Shingade


Dabang Delhi:

Pawan Kadian, Vishal Mane, Meraj Sheykh, Naveen Kumar, Chandran Ranjit, Ravinder Pahal, Joginder Narwal

Subs- Kamal Kishor, Rajesh Narwal, Shabeer Bappu, Tapas Pal, Viraj Vishnu Landge