PKL 2018 highlights: Jaipur triumphs over Haryana, U.P shares points with Titans

Jaipur Pink Panthers ended a four-game losing streak to beat Haryana Steelers 32-28, U.P Yoddha let a nine-point lead slip away to tie the match against Telugu Titans 26-26

U.P. Yoddha defence in action against Patna Pirates.   -  R Ragu

UP Yoddha vs Telugu Titans


26-26 Mohsen with an empty raid and it is a second draw in a row for U.P after what looked like a win following an impressive first-half. The host has bottled up after building a lead of nine points at the stroke of half-time. Defensive mistakes has cost the host at least two points on the points table. The draw takes the host to the top of Zone B, while the Titans climb to third in the Zone with 24 points.

26-26 Nitesh Kumar with another failed attempt on Mohsen and U.P blows away yet another big lead.

26-25 Krushna Madane with another successful tackle as he takes out Azad Singh on the right cover.

26-24 Narender commits another mistake as he attempts a poor thigh hold on Mohsen, who shakes off the defender.

26-23 First all out for Telugu Titans as Krushna Madane takes out Bhanu Pratap with an ankle hold.

25-20 Narender is take out with a simple touch by Rahul Chaudhari and Titans is on the verge of the allout.

25-19 Rahul Chadhari gets another point for his team. He seemed to stepped out of the lobby, but the referee awards Titans a point.

25-17 Finally Rahul Chaudhari gets his first raid point on his tenth attempt of the night.

24-16 Shrikant Jadhav does well to get away from Manoj Kumar, but Abozar Mighani dashes at the raider to push him out of the lobby.

23-15 Abozar jumps in a little early but manages to topple Azad Singh off balance and gets his man.

23-13 Sachin Kumar foils Rahul Chaudhari's ninth consecutive attempt to pick up a raid point. This has been a torrid game for the star raider.

22-13 Shrikant Jadhav is taken out by a powerful ankle by Mohsen Maghsoudlou.

22-12 Mohsen gets Narender as Telugu Titans looks desperately to come back into the game.

21-11 Now Nilesh Salunkhe is out of the game with a silly mistake as Sachin Kumar gets a touch on him as soon as the raider comes back into the court.

20-11 Shirkant Jadhav gets a running-hand touch on Manoj Kumar on the left cover in a Do-or-Die raid.

19-10 Rahul Chaudhari looks on from the bench as he is still serving his suspension time of ten more minutes as the second half starts with a couple of empty raids.


19-10 At half-time, Telugu Titans is struggling against a superior UP Yoddha side that climbed to a big lead late in the first half.

16-9 After inflicting an all-out on Titans, Yoddha is well in control here

11-7 Shrikant Jadhav pulls out of Mighani's hold to get a point.

10-7 Rahul Chaudhari is successfully tackled again and he is yet to open his account.

9-7 Another Super Tackle by the Telugu Titans as Rishank Devadiga is taken down in a do-or-die raid

8-5 Abozar Mighani gets his side two points with a Super tackle, bringing Shrikant down.

7-3 UP Yoddha moves into a four-point lead as Rahul Chaudhari is taken down and Rishank Devadiga easily snatches points.

4-3 Maghsoudlou is unable to convert the do-or-die raid as Sachin takes him down.

3-3 Srikanth gets a bonus point but is taken out by Mighani.  


Matches – 4 | UP Yoddha – 3 | Telugu Titans – 1 | Tie - 0

  • UP Yoddha have won 3 out of 4 matches that they have played against Telugu Titans including all 3 matches in PKL 5.
  • However, the Titans won their first PKL 6 meeting 34-29 Rahul Chaudhari scored 9 raid points for Telugu Titans with 2 tackle points as well (11 total points)
  • Abozar Mighani scored a HIGH 5 (5 tackle points) while Vishal Bhardwaj also had 4 tackle points.
  • Rishank Devadiga and Prashanth Kumar Rai both had 7 raid points for UP Yoddha while Sagar Krishna had a HIGH 5. This will be the second meeting between these two teams in PKL 6.
  • UP Yoddha PKL 6: 3 wins, 5 losses, 2 ties. Tied last match against Bengal Warriors 30-30. UP are yet to win a home game.
  • Telugu Titans PKL 6: 4 wins, 2 losses. Won last match against Patna Pirates by 21 points.


Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana Steelers


32-38 That is it for Jaipur, which finally breaks the dismal run of four defeats to gain five points for the win, but still stays at the bottom of Zone A with 12 points, five points behind the fifth-placed Haryana, which gets a point despite losing.

32-37 Naveen comes back with a successful raid after taking out Nitin Rawal.

31-36 Vikas Kandola's unsuccessful raid adds to Jaipur's lead. But Monu Goyat gets a point back for Haryana.

30-35 Deepak Hooda gets his Super 10 with a bonus point.

30-34 Monu Goyat gets a hand touch on Young Chang Ko, but he allows Nitin Rawal ample time to push him out of the lobby.

30-33 Naveen comes back with an empty raid before the time-out.

29-32 In a Do-or-Die raid, Deepak Hooda is unable to get a touch on a Haryana player, as Mayur comes up with an ankle hold on the right corner and Hooda knows his 30 seconds is up and walks out of the court.

28-32 Mohit Chhillar tackles Monu Goyat successfully.

27-31 Nitin Rawal is at it again, as he crosses the bonus line and is back within five seconds.

25-28 What a missed opportunity for Haryana! That could cost the Steelers the game. Monu Goyat has crossed the line with his outstretched hand, but the referee gives him out and Jaipur gets the allout. But surprisingly Haryana does not review it.

24-24 A series of defensive errors by Haryana's defence levels the scores.

22-25 Nitin Rawal does very well to come around from the right cover to bundle Vikas Kandola out from the back  of the court.

21-23 A touch-and-go for Nitin Rawal, as he races into the opposition court at super speed, gets a touch on a Haryana player and come back within three seconds in a Do-or-Die raid.

19-23 A technical point opens the account for Jaipur in the second half.

18-23 Two unsuccessful raids by Jaipur sees Deepak Hooda and Anup Kumar go out as Haryana extends its lead further.


18-20 Ajinkya Pawar is the last-man standing for Jaipur and his raid is unsuccessful, giving Haryana the all out and a lead in the for the first time in the match.

17-16 Selvamani gets an running-hand touch on Monu Goyat, but Vikas Kandola makes a dash at the last moment and pushes the raider out of the lobby.

17-15 Mohit Chhillar goes for an ankle hold on Vikas Kandola, but the raider looked ready for the move and escapes the attempt easily to go back with a point.

17-14 Vikas Kandola takes out Young Chang Ko with a running-hand touch.

16-13 A superb raid by  Naveen, as takes out three Jaipur players and also pinches the bonus line on his way out. It presents Haryana with a window to make a comeback.

16-9 The chain of Sachin Shingade and Vikas Kandola tries to ambush Deepak Hooda who is trapped inside the court on the left corner, but the raider uses his strength to push away both the players and reach the centre line.

13-9 Monu Goyat pulls back another point for Haryana.

13-7 Selvamani comes back with an empty raid.

11-6 First all out for Jaipur, as last man Vikas Kandola is tackled easily by Nitin Rawal and Sunil Siddhgavali. Vikas manages a bonus point.

8-5 Deepak Hooda takes out substitute Parvin and reduce Haryana to one man.

5-4 Deepak Hooda is a gifted a point in a Do-or-Die by Kuldeep Singh, who tries a unnecessary block while the raider is on his way back.

4-4 Monu Goyat equalises for Haryana with a bonus point after Selvamani takes out Sachin Shingade.

3-3 Selvamani comes back with a point to revive Deepak Hooda.

2-2 Sachin Shingade blocks Deepak Hooda on his turn and restores parity for Haryana.

2-0 Monu Goyat goes for the first raid for Haryana, but he is taken down by Sunil Sidhgavali.

1-0 Jaipur to raid first. Captain Anup Kumar comes back with a bonus point.


Jaipur Pink Panthers: K. Selvamani, Sunil Siddhgavali, Young Chang Ko, Anup Kumar, Deepak Hooda,Mohit Chhillar, Nitin Rawal

Subs: Anand Patil, Ajinkya Pawar, Sandeep Dhull, Lokesh Kaushik, Santhapanaselvam

Haryana Steelers: Monu Goyat, Sachin Shingade, Mayur Shivtarkar, Vikas Kandola, Wazir Kandola, Sunil, Kuldeep Singh

Subs: Sudhanshu Tyagi, Bhuvneshwar Gaur, Naveen, Patrick Muvai, Parveen



Overall PKL: Matches – 4 | Jaipur Pink Panthers – 1 | Haryana Steelers – 2 | Tie - 1

  • Haryana Steelers has the edge in the head-to-head 2-1 with one match ending in a tie.
  • Haryana was undefeated against Jaipur in season 5, but the Pink Panthers got their first win against the Steelers in their first meeting of PKL 6 in Sonepat, winning 36-33.
  • Both teams had 22 raid points in this match, but Jaipur outscored Haryana 11-7 in tackle points.
  • Naveen HS was the outstanding raider on the day, scoring 15 raid points. He also had 2 tackle points to finish with 17 points in the match. It was the first Super 10 of his PKL career.
  • Vikas Kandola (2) and Monu Goyat (3) had a combined 5 raid points in this match.
  • Nitin Rawal was the main man for Jaipur with 8 raid points and 3 tackle points (11 points total), while Anup and Deepak scored 6 raid points each in the game.
  • Jaipur Pink Panthers PKL 6: 1 win, 5 losses. Lost last match against Gujarat Fortunegiants by 11 points.
  • Jaipur is on a 4-match losing streak, which is 2nd longest of this season after Tamil Thalaivas (5 mts). Jaipur’s only win this season came against Haryana.
  • Haryana Steelers PKL 6: 3 wins, 6 losses. Won last match against Patna Pirates by 11 points.