PKL 2018-19 Highlights: Delhi punishes woeful Jaipur, Haryana edges out Mumbai

Dabang Delhi thrashed error-prone Jaipur Pink Panthers to win 40-29, while Haryana held its nerve to win 35-31 in a closely-contested match against U Mumba.

U Mumba defence, led by Fazel Atrachali (extreme right), in action against Jaipur Pink Panthers.   -  PKL

U Mumba vs Haryana Steelers


31-35 What a final raid that was from Vikas Kandola. Mumbai allows the raider to waste time and then try a desperate ankle hold at the final moment and gifts away two more points. In a very close match, Haryana trailed for most of the match, but comes out on top with a smart five minutes at the toe end of the match.

30-33 Fazel Atrachali goes for a desparate block and Vikas Kandola pushes him away to stretch the slender lead to three with just half a minute left in the match.

30-32 Rohit Baliyan is taken down by Sunil on the right corner as Haryana takes a vital two-point lead.

30-30 Rohit Baliyan gets a touch on Parveen and crosses the midline.

29-30 Siddharth Desai is taken down by the Haryana defence but replays show that one of the defenders was out of the lobby during the tackle. The referees do not notice it. Mumbai should have reviewed the decision there.

29-29 The scores are level yet again as Naveen gets a bonus point.

29-28 Haryana reduces the gap to single point by foiling Abhishek Singh's Do-or-Die raid.

29-27 Monu Goyat is taken out by Surender Singh in the central chain in a Do-or-Die raid.

28-27 Haryana defenders target Siddharth Desai's injured right shoulder to push the raider out of the lobby after Mumbai gifts a technical point.

28-25 Vikas Kandola is finally taken out by Abhishek Singh, who gets a double-thigh hold on the right cover.

27-25 Super 10 for Siddharth Desai as he hops to the midline by dragging Naveen along, who has managed an ankle hold.

26-25 Vikas Kandola escapes a weak double-ankle hold by Surender Singh.

26-24 Fazel Atrachali makes a mistake on the left corner and Vikas Kandola takes advantage of it to get his Super 10.

23-23 Naveen almost has two touches, but Fazel Atrachali makes a dash from the left corner to put the raider in a lock down to earn a tackle point. Unbelievable stuff from the Mumbai captain.

22-23 Rohit Baliyan gets a bonus point for Mumbai.

21-22 Kuldeep gets hold of Siddharth Desai's upper body after the right cover puts in a good block to slow the raider down.

21-20 Siddharth Desai gets a running-toe touch and comes out successful for the first time in this half.

20-20 Rohit Baliyan is taken out by a diving tackle by Sunil.

19-19 Vikas Kandola raids deep on the right corner and Fazel Atrachali pounces at the chance and gets an inescapable ankle hold.

18-17 Parveen gets a double-thigh hold on Siddharth Desai and his teammates push the raider out of the lobby.

18-16 Rohit Baliyan gets his first point of the match with his fifth raid.


17-16 Vikas gets a point back for Haryana just before the half-time. The visitor has posed a tough challenge for U Mumba with some smart raiding from Vikas Kandola and forced Fazel Atrachali into committing mistakes. Siddharth Desai is just a point away from his Super Ten, but he needs to watch on Sunil and Kuldeep Singh after being tackled by the duo on three ocassions.

17-15 Siddharth Desai gets the 107th raid point of PKL season 6 with an easy touch on Parveen.

15-15 Sunil gets a double-thigh hold by Sunil and the Haryana defence rushes in quickly to take the star raider out.

14-14 Siddharth Desai is taken out for the second time by Kuldeep Singh.

14-13 Rohit Rana makes a dash from the centre and pushes out Vikas Kandola.

12-12 Scores levelled by Haryana as Vikas Kandola gets Hadi Tajik and Fazel Atrachali to enforce an all out on Mumbai.

11-8 Rohit Baliyan is unable to succeed on the Do-or-Die raid as he taken out an ankle hold by Sunil on the right cover.

11-7 Vikas Kandola gets a touch on Rohit Rana, as Fazel Atrachali goes for a raid and comes back empty.

11-6 Vikas Kandola gets a point for Haryana and the defence finally gets the better of Siddharth Desai.

10-3 Three Haryana players go for a super tackle on Siddharth Desai, but the raider gets easily over the line to inflict the first all out on the visitor.

5-2 Siddharth Desai bulldozes through the chain closing in on him near the midline to get two points for Mumbai.

2-2 Vinod Kumar with another successful raid as the host levels the scores.

1-2 Parveen gives an easy point away to Siddharth Desai as the home team gets its first point.

0-1 Haryana Steelers shows good cohesion to thwart Rohit Baliyan's first raid of the match.


U Mumba: Siddharth Desai, Surender Singh, Rohit Rana, Vinod Kumar, Rohit Baliyan, Hadi Tajik, Fazel Atrachali

Subs: Abolfazl Maghsoudlou, Rajaguru Subramanian, Abhishek Singh, Mohit Balyan, Darshan Kadian

Haryana Steelers: Monu Goyat, Sudhanshu Tyagi, Parveen, Naveen, Vikas Kandola, Sunil, Kuldeep Singh

Subs: Sachin Shingade, Anand Surendra Tomar, Mayur Shivtarkar, Prateek, Patrick Muvai



Overall: Matches – 5 |U Mumba – 4 |Haryana Steelers – 1

  • In the first match that these two teams played against each other this season, U Mumba won by a whopping 27 points which is the largest victory margin for U Mumba in PKL history and also biggest margin of PKL 6.
  • Abhishek Singh secured his maiden PKL Super 10 (12 raid pts) and Siddharth Desai also scored 8 raid points at a raid SR of 57 for U Mumba.
  • Fazel Atrachali scored 7 tackle points at a tackle strike rate of 100. His tally of 7 was 2 more than Haryana’s total of 5 tackle points in the game.
  • For Haryana except Vikas Kandola (8 raid pts), no one managed to reach even 5 points in the game.
  • In the second match that these two teams played against each other this season, U Mumba won by 10 points 42-32.
  • Siddharth Desai had 15 raid points at a raid SR of 71 to lead the way for U Mumba. Surender Singh had 3 tackle points supported by three teammates (Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Fazel Atrachali, Vinod Kumar) with 2 tackle points each.
  • Monu Goyat also had 15 raid points in a losing cause for Haryana while Parveen scored 4 tackle points at a strike rate of 100.
  • U Mumba PKL 6: 7 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie. Lost last match to Gujarat Fortunegiants by 2 points. They were on a 4-match win streak before that loss.
  • Haryana Steelers PKL 6: 3 wins, 8 losses. Lost last match to Dabang Delhi by 6 points.

Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Dabang Delhi


29-40 Deepak Hooda gets a consolation point for Jaipur, but it is not enough for his team which ends up with yet another defeat, to remain rooted at the bottom of the Zone A with 12 points, while Delhi closes down the gap between itself and Gujarat Fortunegiants in the third position to 7 points.

28-40 Anup Kumar's sloppy ankle hold is easily fended off by Naveen Kumar who gets his Super Ten.

28-39 Ravinder Pahal rushes into an ankle hold but Deepak Hooda is too quick for him and gets a touch on the defender.

27-39 Another bonus point for Jaipur after Deepak Hooda raids the left corner.

25-39 A bonus point for Anup Kumar but his team is far way from getting a point out this clash.

23-39 Deepak Hooda and Joginder Narwal get into an argument after the raider claims a touch on the Delhi captain. Both the players get green carded.

23-38 Meraj Sheykh reaches nine raid points as he takes out Anup Kumar and Selvamani to inflict a second all out on Jaipur.

23-32 Bajirao's torrid night continues as he lets Meraj Sheykh to get a touch on him, but Ravinder Pahal gets the better of Deepak Hooda to keep Delhi in the lead.

23-31 Anup Kumar escapes a late dash at him by Rajesh Narwal and gets a point back for Jaipur.

22-30 Deepak Hooda is out after being taken out by Naveen Kumar, but Anup Kumar gets a revival with the next raid.

21-28 The weak chain of Bajirao and Mohit Chhillar costs Jaipur two points, as Chandran Ranjit gets a bonus and evades a weak tackle by Mohit.

21-26 Vishal Mane tries to bring down Deepak Hooda by holding on to his shorts and is rightly shown the green card.

20-26 Chandran Ranjit takes out Mohit Chhillar with a scorpion kick.

20-25 Deepak Hooda targets the left corner and takes out Ravinder Pahal.

18-25 A Super 10 for Deepak Hooda as he gets a running-hand touch on Rajesh Narwal.

17-24 Joginder Narwal reaches his High 5 as he tackles Selvamani from behind.

16-21 Anup Kumar is taken out easily on the left cover with a toe touch by Chandran Ranjit.


16-20 Naveen with a bonus point with the last raid of the first half. Jaipur started out well with Deepak Hooda looking good, but thanks to two super tackles by Ravinder Pahal and Joginder Narwal followed by a Super Raid from Meraj Sheykh turned the tables for Delhi, which takes a deserved lead into half-time.

16-19 Deepak Hooda gets two touches and Jaipur is not very far away from levelling scores.

13-19 Meraj Sheykh is off to the midline in a flash and gets two touches on his way out.

13-17 Ravinder Pahal is out after Naveen gets a kick on him on the right cover.

10-15 Naveen takes out Young Chang Ko and Sandeep Dhull, while Selvamani is taken out by Ravinder Pahal to get Delhi the first all out of the match.

10-10 Meraj Sheykh takes out three Jaipur players with a Dubki and Delhi goes from being all out to six players on the mat.

10-7 Another super tackle by Joginder Narwal and Ravinder Pahal takes out Deepak Hooda.

10-5 Pawan Kadian is a fingertip short of crossing the midline but the Jaipur defence holds him back.

9-5 Deepak Hooda is taken down by the combination of Vishal Mane and Ravinder Pahal and Delhi gets a revival.

8-3 Rajesh Narwal is tagged by Deepak Hooda on the right cover and the Jaipur has his fifth raid point of the match.

4-3 Rajesh Narwal gets a successful ankle hold on Anup Kumar and Meraj Sheykh covers for his teammate.

4-2 Chandran Ranjit gets a sliding-toe touch on Mohit Chhillar on the right corner.

3-1 Bajirao Hodage goes for a late challenge as Naveen gets to the midline easily.

2-0 Deepak Hooda gets the first raid point of the match--a bonus, while Meraj Sheykh is taken out by the Jaipur defence.


Jaipur Pink Panthers: Selvamani K, Bajirao Hodage, Young Chang Ko, Anup Kumar, Deepak Hooda, Mohit Chhillar,  Sandeep Dhull

Subs: Ajit Singh, Amit Kumar, Anand Patil, Gangadhari Mallesh, N. Shiva Ramakrishna

Dabang Delhi: Chandran Ranjit, Vishal Mane, Meraj Sheykh, Naveen Kumar, Rajesh Narwal, Ravinder Pahal, Joginder Narwal

Subs: Anil Kumar, Pawan Kadian, Satpal, Yogesh Hooda, Viraj Vishnu Landge



Overall PKL: Matches – 11 | Jaipur Pink Panthers – 7 | Dabang Delhi K.C. – 3 | Ties - 1

  • Jaipur Pink Panthers hold a 7-3 edge in their head-to-head with Dabang Delhi with one match ending in a tie. This will be their first meeting of PKL 6.
  • 2 out of Dabang Delhi’s 3 wins against Jaipur came in PKL 5.
  • Jaipur Pink Panthers PKL 6: 2 wins, 6 losses. Lost last match against U Mumba by 24 points.
  • Jaipur’s both wins this season came against Haryana Steelers.
  • Dabang Delhi PKL 6: 3 wins, 4 losses, 1 tie. Won last match against Haryana Steelers by 6 points.