PKL 2018-19 Highlights: Patna Pirates thrashes Bengal, Gujarat Fortunegiants pips U Mumba

Patna Pirates registers a comprehensive 50-30 victory over Bengal Warriors, while Gujarat Fortunegiants wins 38-36 to remain unbeaten against U Mumba.

Patna Pirates' Pardeep Narwal in action against Bengaluru Bulls on Wednesday.   -  PKL

(Scores read: Patna Pirates - Bengal Warriors ; U Mumba - Gujarat Fortunegiants)

U Mumba vs Gujarat Fortunegiants

Second Half

36-38: Gujarat Fortunegiants maintains a perfect win-record against U Mumba. Ajay Kumar's last gasp raid helps Gujarat silence the home crowd and edge past U Mumba by 2 points.

36-37: Fazal Atrachali's solo tackle is followed by Siddharth's raid point. One point differentiates the two teams.

34-37: 1 raid point for Desai.

32-36: Siddharth Desai bags his seventh Super10 and reduces Gujarat's lead to 4 points.

30-36: Skipper Sunil Kumar with a double thigh hold deposits Darshan Kadian on to the bench.

30-35: Rohit Baliyan ushered off by the Gujarat defence.

30-33: Mahendra Rajput silences the crowd with a super raid that fetches Gujarat 7 points. 2nd ALL-OUT inflicted by Gujarat.

30-26:  A charging Prapanjan forced out to the lobbies by Fazal, who seems to be finding his mojo back tonight.

29-26: Prapanjan makes the most of U Mumba's defensive error to bring the deficit down by 1 point.

29-25: Gujarat does well to stop the dangling hand of Rohit Baliyan cross the midline.

29-24: Ruturaj was unable to stop the back-tracking Rohit Baliyan who completed the raid with ease, eventually. 

27-24: After Vinod Kumar reaches his High 5, K. Prapanjan completes a successful raid point. Three-point lead for the home team with over seven minutes to go.

27-23: Sachin has clearly been the best raider on the mat for Gujarat. He scores his 9th raid point of the night.

25-21: U Mumba takes a time out. Siddharth Desai seems to be struggling with his left shoulder as he receives treatment on the sidelines.

24-21: ALL OUT and U Mumba scores its first All Out. Both teams are fighting tooth and nail. The game has turned towards U Mumba now.

21-21: Darshan Kadian reduces Gujarat to one man. Both teams back on level terms.

19-21: 1 vs 4, but no problem for Siddharth Desai as his toe touch sends Ruturaj back to the bench. His 8th point of the night.

18-19: Rohit Baliyan comes in for the do-or-die raid and the pressure gets the better for him as he entered the lobby without the touch. 2 points and 1 revival to Gujarat.

17-18: Fazal Atrachali turns up after 21 minutes and grabs his first tackle point to get the crowd buzzing.

16-18: The 2nd half is off to a great start as Siddharth Desai clinches two points for U Mumba.

First Half

14-18: Vinod Kumar given the onus at the stroke of first half. His empty raid brings the first half to and end. Fazal Atrachali of U Mumba is looking off-colour tonight. U Mumba needs him to fire if it is to beat Gujarat Fortunegiants for the first time.

14-18: Sachin has already bagged 7 raid points tonight.

14-16: Siddharth swivels with his right arm and gets a touch point. 5th raid point for him off Ruturaj.

13-16: Abhishek Singh gets his revenge. He lures Bhainswal in and claims his first point of the match.

12-16: Parvesh Bhainswal once again comes in from the left to stop Abhishek Singh.

12-15: Dong Geon Lee with a terrific raid that fetches him two points and inflicts the first All Out of the match.

12-11: Gujarat's defence comes to the fore as Siddharth Desai couldn't get his dangling hand through the defence.

11-10: Vinod Kumar's hasty attempt to stop Sachin goes in vain as he is shown his way back to the bench.

11-9: Parvesh Bhainswal throws himself on Abhishek Singh to reduce the deficit to 2 points for Gujarat.

11-8: Fazal Atrachali fails to block Prapanjan who powers himself past the midline.

11-7: Unsuccessful do-or-die raid by Rohit Gulia.

10-7: Rohit Baliyan powers past the Gujarat Dong Geon Lee to earn two points.

7-7: SUPER TACKLE by U Mumba.

4-7: Sachin does extremely well to get his hand past the midline. He beats two U Mumba players to earn two points for Gujarat.

3-5: U Mumba loses its only review. Rohit Gulia completes a successful raid.

3-4: Sunil and Sachin of Gujarat take care of Abhishke Singh's Dubki  to take Gujarat into the lead.

2-3: Dong Geon Lee tackled by Rohit Baliyan. Baliyan's ankle hold from the right was well supported by his teammates.

1-1: Rohit Rana of U Mumba dashes into Rohit Gulia.


U Mumba: Surender Singh, Rohit Rana, Siddharth Desai, Rohit Baliyan, Abhishek Singh, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Fazel Atrachali.

Subs: Abolfazl Maghsodlou, Darshan kadian, Gaurav Kumar, Hadi tajik, Vinod Kumar

Gujarat Fortunegiants: Sachin, Sunil Kumar, Parvesh Bhainswal, Rohit Gulia, Dong Geon Lee, Ruturaj Koravi, Sachin Vittala

Subs:  Ajay Kumar, Anil, K. Prapanjan, Mahendra Rajput, Shubham Palkar.


Second Game of the night: Home team U Mumba vs Gujrat Fortunegiants.

Second half

50-30:  Patna Pirates rides on 1 High 5 and 2 Super 10s and beats Bengal Warriors for the second consecutive time.

49-29: Amit Nagar bags his 7th raid point of the night.

47-29: Baldev lands in a massive tackle and prevents Vijay from crossing the midline.

47-27: Ran Singh bags his third tackle point of the night as he knocks Deepak Narwal out.

46-24: Amit Nagar drags his way out of the hold to cross the midline. Raider bags 2 points.

46-21: Now Deepak Narwal bags his seventh super10 of his career and becomes the second player tonight to reach this mark.

45-20: A defensive lap by Patna Pirates allows Rakesh Narwal to fetch another raid point for Bengal.

41-18: Ravinder Kumar charges into Amat Nagar low and hard to fetch Patna yet another tackle point. TIME OUT taken by Patna Pirates.

41-18: Pardeep Narwal bags his 36th Super 10 of his PKL career.

39-18: Amit Nagar completes a successful do-or-die raid.

39-17: Pardeep Narwal turns around Baldev Singh.

With 103 points, Pardeep Narwal is now on top of the total points list of PKL 6. 2 short of a Super10.

38-17: 14th tackle point for the Pirates as Rakesh Narwal of Bengal is unable to get back on time. TIME OUT. Only a little over 8 and a half minutes remain in the tie.

35-17: Vijay earns his first tackle point of the evening after blocking Maninder Singh. He also has 3 raid points to his name tonight.

34-17: Rakesh Narwal escapes the ankle lock and jogs past the midline.

33-16: Maninder Singh manages to escape Vikas Kale's block to grab a single raid point for Bengal.

32-14: Another All-Out by Patna Pirates. Bengal's move to push Ran Singh clearly hasn't worked tonight.

28-14: Pardeep Narwal picks up a touch point with minimum fuss and completes a successful do-or-die raid.

26-14: Following Vijay's raid point, Kuldeep and Vijay block Amit Nagar to extend its lead to 12 points.

23-14: Jaideep crouches low and times his ankle lock to perfection to block Maninder Singh.

First half

22-14: Pardeep Narwal sent to the bench right on the stroke of half time. However, with 725 raid points, he now leads the raid points leaderboard and surpasses Rahul Chaudhari's count of 724 raid points.

22-12: Maninder Singh of Bengal comes in to raid with a 40% success raid in the match so far and fetches 1 point. No Bonus for him.

21-10: Baldev gets a Green Card as his block attempt on Pardeep Narwal is deemed illegal.

19-10: With only over 3 minutes remaining in the first half, the defending champion lead by 9 points.

18-9: Baldev Singh and Adarsh Singh of Bengal continue to dominate over a struggling Pardeep Narwal.

16-8: ALL OUT. Patna Pirates bag the first all-out of the game. In the last 3 minutes, Patna has clinched 9 points while Bengal has only clinched 1.

11-7: Only two shirts remain on the mat for Bengal.

9-7: Adarsh T clinches Pardeep's ankle in the do-or-die raid.

9-6: Deepak Narwal clinches two raid points in a do-or-die raid.

7-6: Super Tackle! Patna back into the lead.

5-6: Ravinder Kumar sent to the bench Maninder Singh's successful raid

5-5: Inclusion of Baldev in the right paying off for Bengal so far as Bengal blocks Manjeet and level the scores.

5-4: Unsuccessful raid by Pardeep Narwal as Baldev and Adarsh plummet Pardeep to the ground.

3-2: Maninder Singh grabs the first bonus point for Bengal.

2-1: Deepak Narwal gets the bonus point for Patna.


Patna Pirates: Pardeep Narwal, Kuldeep Singh, Vikas Kale, Deepak Narwal, Manjeet, Ravinder Kumar, Jaideep

Subs: Manish, Tushar Patil, tae Doek Eom, Vijay, Vikas Jaglan


Bengal Warriors: Ran Singh, Surjeet Singh, Ziaur Rahman, Jang Kun Lee, Maninder Singh, Baldev Singh, Adarsh T

Subs: Amit Nagar, Mahesh Goud, Mithin Kumar, Rakesh Narwal, Shrikant Twethia



Matches – 13 | Patna Pirates – 8 | Bengal Warriors – 2 | Tie – 3

  • Patna Pirates has defeated Jaipur Pink Panthers in 8 of the 13 encounters in PKL and Bengal Warriors has defeated Patna Pirates 2 times, with 3 ties between the two.
  • Bengal Warriors have the least tackle points in Season 6 while Patna Pirates are second in terms of raid points scored.
  • In their past 5 encounters, the teams have played out two ties. Patna has won twice, whereas Bengal has only won once.
  • Patna edged out Bengal Warriors by a narrow scoreline of 27-25 in their first encounter of the season.
  • Deepak Narwal scored 7 raid points for Patna Pirates.
  • Jaideep was the leading tackle point scorer for Patna Pirates with 5 tackle points.
  • Ran Singh was the best raider for Bengal with 7 raid points.
  • Amit Kumar was the leading tackle point scorer for Bengal Warriors with 3 tackle points.
  • Jaideep of Patna Pirates in defence is currently third in the race for Best Defender with 33 tackle points in 10 games.
  • Ran Singh has been a terrific all-rounder this season by scoring 15 raid points and 11 tackle points.
  • Patna Pirates PKL 6: 4 wins, 6 loss. Won their last match against Puneri Paltan by 9 points.
  • Both Pardeep Narwal and Maninder Singh are back for this encounter.