Welcome to SportstarLive 's live blog of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018-19.

U Mumba vs UP Yoddha


U Mumba never looked back.



40-24 Yep! Those who are tuning in after watching the first half, believe this score. U Mumba has been incredible in the second half, denying any breathing space to UP Yoddha.  

36-21 Super raid AND All Out! Darshan Kadian has made things worse for UP Yodhha. The home crowd goes crazy as he picks up four raid points, just managing to get his fingertip across the line.

29-21 Darshan Kadian picks up two points in a do-or-die raid and it's slipping away from the hands of UP Yoddha.

27-19 This time it's U Mumba with a Super Tackle! Fazel Atrachali takes down Shrikant Jadhav, hurting UP Yoddha, which is trying to find a way back into this.

25-16 UP Yoddha seems to be struggling to match U Mumba in the second half, falling to a 9-point deficit quickly.

21-16 The strength that Siddharth Desai possesses is incredible. Three UP Yoddha players held him as he tried to make an escape. He pushed one to the other side of the half-line with one swift motion. UP Yoddha got the super tackle points still, but U Mumba got one point too.

18-15 U Mumba has come out the stronger side after the break.

Kabaddi is just getting bigger and bigger in the country.


15-14 UP Yoddha ALL OUT! And just like that, U Mumba goes into the lead in the final minute.

12-14 U Mumba is pulling it back here. Rishank Devadiga who came on to take an advantage of the lead has been taken down after a successful raid from Siddahrth Desai.

10-13 Double that! Maybe all UP Yoddha needs on the mat is three players, because it's yet another super tackle, this time from Sachin Kumar.  Jeeva Kumar stepped out of bounds during the tackle, so that's one point to U Mumba.

8-11 U Mumba grabbed a point back through another Surinder Singh tackle but yet another Super Tackle from UP Yodhha, stopping Shrikant Jadhav in his tracks, puts it three points in the lead. Is this going to come down to who has a better defense?

7-9 Another Super Tackle from UP Yodhha! Darshan Kadian is brought down.

7-7 This is a really watchable game here. Both teams have performed at their peak in the first ten minutes.

5-6 Both teams' defenses are putting up brilliant defensive shows. UP Yoddha scores points for a SUper tackle on Siddharth Desai after a good tackle by Surinder Singh at the other end.

4-4 With an excellent tackle on the dangerous Prashanth Kumar Rai, Rohit Rana levels the score for U Mumba.

3-4 UP Yoddha gained a 1-3 lead with a tackle on Darhsan Kadian but it has been unable to keep Siddharth Desai from snathcing points from their half.



Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans



25-28 Telugu Titans climb to the second place in ZONE B. Rahul Chaudhari scrambles past the midline and his eighth raid point sees the Titans home for its fifth victory of PKL 6.

24-27 ALL-OUT. less than a minute to go and the Titans are alll out. Mohsin steeped out of bounds and Pune inflict its first all-out.

20-27 Rare error by Mohsen Maghsoudlou as he fails to contain Monu with a thigh hold. A rather ordinary tackle by his standards

19-27 Both teams have no reviews left with a little over three minutes left in the game.

17-27 Akshay Jadhav's attempt to steal a raid point off a toe touch is unsuccessful as the Iranian pair gets the better of him.

17-26 Girish Ernak' solid tackle on Chaudhari has increased Pune's chances of scoring its first all-out.


15-26 A bit of brain fade from Nilesh Salunke who failed to pick up a raid point in a do-or-die raid.

14-26  Anil kumar gets his first tackle point. He is ably supported by Mighani.

13-25 Abozar Mighani stunning tackle from the right stops Deepak Dahiya from grabbing a raid point. He's been in top form tonight.

13-23 Time out taken by Telugu Titans.


Action a plenty between Puneri Paltans and Telugu Titans. The Paltans have already been all-out twice

13-23 Nilesh Salunke's raid grabs 1 point for the Titans.

12-22  Second all-out inflicted by Telugu Titans takes it 10 points clear of Puneri Paltan.


11-17 Second super tackle by Nilesh Salunk brings the first half at the NSCI Indoor Stadium, Mumbai to an end. He grabbed hold of Nilesh Salunke and there was no escaping for the Telugu Titans' raider.

8-17 Absolutely vintage stuff from Rahul Chaudhari. Just when he seemed down and out, he swung his leg out to cross the midline.

8-15 Farhad Milaghardan brushes Deepak Dahiya aside and is shown a Green Card in the process.

8-14 Rahul Chaudhari's 3 raid point of the match brings him equal to Pardeep Narwal in terms of total raid points in Pro Kabbadi League.

7-13 Nilesh Salunke grabs 2 raid points with dupki.

7-11 Telugu Titans draw first blood as they inflict the first all-out of the match.

6-7 Action Replay- Akshay Jhadhav gets involved in the second unsuccessful do-or-die raid. Once again, it's Krushna Madane's ankle hold which held Akshay back.

6-6 Another super tackle by the Puneri Paltans. This time, MohsenMaghsoudlou was at the receiving end.

4-6 Do-or-die raid and Akshay Jhadav is brought to the ground by an ankle hold from the left wing.

4-5 Puneri Paltan bags 2 point with a Super Tackle. Rahul Chaudhari was unable to escape the thigh hold.

1-4 Another great tackle from the the Titans after Akshay Jadhav picked up a raid point for Puneri Paltan.

0-3 Nilesh Salunke picks up two points on the raid.

0-1 Titans get the first point of the day! It's the defense again. Abozar Mighani makes a strong tackle. Will the defense pick up most of Titans' points today?