PKL 2018 Highlights: Bengal pips Bengaluru; Pune holds Jaipur to a tie after tremendous comeback

Here are the highlights from the day's zonal matches in the Pro Kabaddi League.

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What an opening night in Pune this was! Two close battles shared between four tremendous teams. Bengal managed to edge past Bengaluru 33-31 and Pune scored 20 points in the second half to hold Jaipur to a 30-30 tie. Let this all sink in.



PHEW! The second half belonged to Pune, which almost, just almost completed one of the greatest comebacks of the season. 20 points for Pune in the second half and just 13 for Jaipur. The whole match was like a Tom and Jerry chase where Jerry(Jaipur) somehow managed to stay in the lead for the majority of the game and even comeback after Tom (Pune) seemed to race past. But in the end, the honours were shared.

30-30 THAT'S IT! WHAT HAPPENED THERE? MORE GB doesn't go for a raid and is happy with a tie!


29-30 Monu is floored by Amit Kumar from left corner with an ankle hold and this can still go anyone's way.


28-29 After Monu was held back, Ajit Singh was sent in for the do-or-die raid for Jaipur, but he couldn't negotiate the lethal corners of Pune. It's a one-point game.

In the last five minutes, Jaipur has scored only three points as opposed to Pune's nine points. This tells the story of the second half.


27-28 PUNE NOW FEELS IT CAN WIN THIS! The defence sends the dangerous Deepak Hooda back!


27-27 Sandeep Narwal gets one back with a superb raid and shows what he is made of.


27-26 SUPER10 FOR DEEPAK HOODA! FOURTH IN A ROW! He also helps Jaipur regain the lead.

26-25 Ajit Singh sends the Paltan skipper back and revives Anup Kumar! Double whammy for Pune here. Ernak needs to stay on the mat here, no matter what!

25-25 Just a little over seven minutes to go and the local team refuses to give up! Hold on tight, we are in for a belter of a finish!




25-24 ALL-OUT AND THIS TIME, JAIPUR IS ON THE RECEIVING END! Deepak Hooda was shoved to the floor.



24-19 JAIPUR REFUSES TO GIVE UP! Santhapanaselvam, the super-sub, comes in and in his very first tackle, contains More GB. Pune is letting this slip away. SUPER Tackle!

20-19 Monu raids successfully and this can go anywhere now. Jaipur is remaining with just one man on the mat.

19-18 PUNE IS COMING BACK AND COMING BACK FAST! Three points for Pune after a review.

18-14 Do-or-die raid for Jaipur and Amit Kumar is given the onus to rack some points here. But More GB comes in with a surprising double thigh hold and tosses him over into the arms of other defenders.


18-13 SUPER TACKLE BY PUNE, by virtue of a self-out by raider, Deepak Hooda. Rare mistake by Deepak.

18-11 Smart! Ajit Singh gets rid of Sandeep Narwal with a quick toe touch.

17-11 Sandeep Kumar kick-starts the second half with a raid point.



17-10 AND JAIPUR FINISHES THE FIRST HALF IN SOME STYLE! Monu is thrown off brutally by Sunil Siddhgavali. Jaipur with a seven point lead and Deepak Hooda with six raid points in his kitty. Jaipur in a highly comfortable position at half-time.

16-10 Do-or-die raid for Jaipur. Absolutely mindless by Akshay Jadhav! He went in for the tackle very early and gifted a point to Deepak.


14-10 More GB with More points! Gets a touch point and a bonus.

14-8 Deepak Hooda gets his fourth raid point of the night. He trails in the head-to-head battle against the Paltan skipper, Ernak. So, he stays away from him and is happy to go back with a bonus point.


13-7 ALL-OUT! JAIPUR'S NIGHT GETS BETTER AND BETTER! More GB gets a bonus point right before thrown off the mat.

10-6 Jaipur hits double figure first. One man left on the mat for Pune.

8-5 Mohit Chhillar and Sandeep Dhull, from the corners, have delivered on more occasions than not and they execute another successful tackle to increase the Jaipur lead to three points. This time, their victim was Akshay Jhadav.


7-5 DEEPAK HOODA REACHES THE 600 RAID-POINT MARK! He has been in remarkable form this season and he is definitely one of Jaipur's main raider.

5-5 MONU COMES TO THE RESCUE! Ajinkya gets slowed down by an ankle hold by Girish, but he was about to cross the midline before Monu comes in with a huge block to floor him.


5-4 Pune slowly coming back into the contest with another tackle point by Sandeep Narwal on Deepak Kumar Dahiya.

4-2 GIRISH ERNAK IS OFF THE MARK with a tackle point off Ajinkya. He hasn't been in great form tonight, but he needs to redeem himself to give Pune some sort of a chance against the lethal Panthers.

4-1 SANDEEP DHULL HAS ARRIVED! He shoves More GB to the ground in a do-or-die raid with a great block. He got both his hands under the body to stop him completely.

3-1 Deepak Hooda, WHO HAS A HAT-TRICK OF SUPER10 COMING INTO THIS MATCH, sends Monu back to the bench.


2-1 Sunil Siddhgavali is sent back to the bench by a Monu toe touch, who gets Puneri Paltan off the mark.

2-0 BONUS KING ANUP KUMAR, AS THEY CALL HIM, starts his night with a bonus.

1-0 More GB is floored brutally by the cover duo of Amit Kumar and Sunil Siddhgavali,.

0-0 Jaipur wins toss and Pune will raid first.



Matches – 12 | Jaipur Pink Panthers – 6 | Puneri Paltan – 5 | Tie – 1

  • The head-to-head between these two teams is very close with Jaipur having the edge at the moment 6-5 with one match ending in a tie.

  • However, Pune have won their last 3 meetings against Jaipur.

  • This includes their first meeting in PKL 6 which Pune won 29-25:

    • There were no Super 10s on either side in this match. Monu (PUN) was the top scoring raider with 5 raid points. No Jaipur raider scored more than 3 raid points.

    • Nitin Tomar (PUN) scored 1 raid point from 18 raids in this match.

    • Both sides have scored just 9 raid points each.

    • Ravi Kumar (PUN) and Deepak Hooda (JAI) picked up HIGH 5s.

    • Mohit Chhillar and Sandeep Dhull scored 4 tackle points each for Jaipur.

    • 5 Pune defenders scored at least 2 tackle points in this match.

  • Both teams are coming off a loss in their previous match.

  • Jaipur Pink Panthers PKL 6: 3 wins, 8 losses. Lost last match against Bengaluru Bulls by 13 points.

    • Jaipur have lost 3 out of last 5 games.

  • Puneri Paltan PKL 6: 6 wins, 8 losses, 1 tie. Lost last match to Bengal Warriors by 4 points.

    • Pune have lost 6 of their last 7 matches.

The action continues in Pune as we shift our focus to the second match of the night. Jaipur Pink Panthers takes on Puneri Paltan in a Zone A clash at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex on Friday.

Puneri Paltan beat Jaipur Pink Panthers in the first encounter between these sides this season. Puneri Paltan put on a defensive masterclass in that game as the team managed six Super Tackles in the match. Pune will want another win in this match to stay safe in the top half of its zone as Dabang Delhi K.C. are breathing down the paltan neck.




Not the start the home team, Bengaluru Bulls would have wanted! It's got to be the Bulls' worst defensive performance. The match ends 31-33 in favour of BENGAL WARRIORS! Guess what?! Bengal has scored more raid points than the Bulls tonight and made the most of the Bulls' lackluster defence. What an encouraging victory here for the Warriors! A well deserved victory, to say the least.

31-33 BENGALURU IS FINALLY BEATEN BY ZONE B TEAM! Skipeer Rohit Kumar goes in to raid, gets one point, but that's not enough. TIME-UP FOR THE HOME TEAM!


30-33 HANG ON! gets a bonus point and a touch point off Surjeet Singh. Bengal reviews and no bonus for for Kashiling. Just one point.


29-33 Pressure is get the better of the Bulls. Poor defending to hand Maninder a point in do-or-die raid. It gets a point back, but it may be too late.


28-32 Two minutes to go! Maninder and Adake with empty raids for Bengal and Bengaluru respectively.


28-32 TIME-OUT by Bengal! Bengal believes it needs a breather here after clinching two points in succession. First, Ravindra Kumawat raided successfully in a do-or-die raid before his team floored Pawan.


28-30 DON'T COUNT PAWAN OUT! 7TH SUPER10 IN PKL 6! He sends Maninder back with an incredible toe touch. Maninder was literally trying to run his way out of trouble, but Pawan was too quick on that occasion.

26-30 GIVE US A BREAK! THIS IS JUST INCREDIBLE! Maninder seems unstoppable today. His super raid brings Bengal back into the lead.

26-26 Honours even with all 14 players on the mat.



26-26 ALL-OUT BY BENGALURU! Pawan gets three defenders at once with  a SUPER RAID! This is incredible raiding! He is showing what he is truly capable of . GAME ON HERE!


21-26 SUPER10 for Maninder! Despite not being at his full fitness, he got a bonus point in the do-or-die raid. What an inspiration effort.


21-25 PHENOMENAL PAWAN STRIKES AGAIN! Ravindra Kumawat pounced onto him with a thigh hold and floored Pawan, but Pawan crawled past the midline and with him, took Kumawat.

20-25 Pawan goes in for the right in and he gets another soft touch point.

19-25 Maninder Singh comes in for Baldev Singh and makes his presence felt again. One away from his Super10.


18-24 Brilliant Tackle by Bengaluru. Its fifth tackle point of the night.

17-23 Cover defence comes to the rescue! Maninder had come in for the do-or-die raid and was initially thrown at an ankle hold. That, however, wasn't effective as Maninder was easing his way back to the midline before Sandeep stopped him in his tracks.



15-23 Do-or-die raid for Maninder and he clinches two raid points. He seemed to have gotten one, but Bengal reviewed it to check for two points, the second touch coming off Pawan. The review was successful, Bengal gets two points and retains the review.

15-21 MISSED IT BY A WHISKER! Pawan Sehrawat pulled off a dupki   to get away from the defence, but his hand reached as far as the line. He couldn't cross it.


14-20 BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER FOR MANINDER and BENGAL! First, Maninder started off the second half with a bonus point. It was reviewed by Bengaluru and it lost it. Then, Bengal notched up another tackle point by containing Rohit Kumar.

14-18 Let's not forget, Bengaluru has made a come-back 15 times from first half and Bengal's Maninder Singh, is struggling with a knee niggle and may not be at his best.




14-18 The first half comes an end! Bengal goes into the break with a four-point cushion. Bengal is a happier camp in comparison to the Bulls. Yes, the fortunes have swung constantly, but credit where it's due, Bengal has made the most of it. Bengaluru can't afford to get complacent here. Bengal has the third worst tackle points average among all teams this season and it strength lies in the raiding department, but the defence has done some good work tonight. A similar effort in the second half will see the Warriors home.

14-18 ALL-OUT! Bengal has come alive in the latter stages of the first half! It now has a healthy lead of four points.

13-15 Ran Singh with a great raid! Forced a Bengaluru player out of bounds and gets a touch point on Adake! Bulls staring at an all-out as only one man is left on the mat.


13-13 Kashiling now equals the score with a raid! This match is swinging both ways from time to time. just two minutes left.


11-12 SUPER RAID BY SENSATIONAL MAHESH GOUD! WHAT A SMART RAID! He looked like he was blocked by Pawan and Rohit. However, a resilient Mahesh Goud sprung his hand out to get a touch across the midline.


11-9 ROHIT WITH two magnificent points! He breaks the deadlock by getting tow raid points. The tackle pushed him closer to the midline and it was just a matter of time before Pawan crossed the midline.


9-8 Do-or-die raid for Bengal, but Mahesh Goud is held back successfully by Pawan. He puts in an ankle hold and unlike his first tackle, he emerges on top this time.

8-8 FIRST TACKLE POINT FOR BENGAL! It's taken 12 minutes, but a good point. Ran Singh puts in a dash from right corner to floor Rohit Kumar.


8-6 Self-out by Mahesh Goud! He thought he had gotten a touch in the right corner and on his way back, he lost his footing and stepped into the right lobby.  Rohit Kumar takes advantage of the mistake in the very next raid to get a touch point off Surjeet Singh, the Bengal skipper. He extends the Bulls' lead to two points.

6-6 Kashiling Adake gets a bonus point and levels the scores again.


5-5 Rohit Kumar comes in for the do-or-die raid and he gets the right corner again. A very soft touch point.


4-4 Pawan Sehrawat concedes a raid point. Not sure what he was trying to do. Turning while attempting a thigh hold Mahesh Goud. Very evenly matched, the two teams. Some good raiding and some poor defending.

3-2 Rohit Kumar muscles past Ran Singh, who put in a rather ordinary tackle.


2-2 Pawan and Maninder get one more raid points for their respective sides. Two touch points for Maninder. he hasn't been in great form, but would love to click tonight.


1-1 Kashiling of Bengaluru is sent to the bench by Maninder Singh. First point for Bengal

1-0 Pawan starts off with a massive scalp! Gets a flying hand touch at the front of Surjeet Singh's shirt, who was at right corner. We know he doesn't start off well, but wait for him to get going.

0-0 Bengal wins toss and Bengaluru will raid first


Hello and welcome!

The PKL caravan has now arrived in Pune. as Bengaluru Bulls  start their home leg against Bengal Warriors  in a Zone B encounter at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex on Friday.

The two sides last clashed in Season 5 in a highly entertaining encounter that saw Bengal Warriors win by a narrow four-point margin The stars of the match, Harish Naik and Mahender Singh for Bengaluru Bulls and Maninder Singh and PO Surjeet Singh for Bengal Warriors, are still with their respective sides and will look to make an impact again as they look to lead their respective teams to victory.



Overall: Matches – 11 | Bengaluru Bulls – 7 | Bengal Warriors – 4 | Tie - 0

  • Bengaluru Bulls have the edge over Bengal Warriors in head to head. They lead 7-4.

    • However, Bengal Warriors have won their last 2 head to head meetings in PKL 5.

  • Both sides are coming off wins in their previous games.

  • Bengaluru Bulls PKL 6: 7 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie. Won their last match against Jaipur Pink Panthers by 13 points. They are yet to lose to a Zone B team. (5 played; 5 won)

    • They have lost 1 out of last 5 matches (3 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie)

  • Bengal Warriors PKL 6: 5 wins, 4 losses, 2 ties. Won their last match against Puneri Paltan by 4 points.

    • They have lost 2 out of last 5 matches (2 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie)

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