PKL 2018-19: Meraj Sheykh the hero as Delhi beats Bengal 37-31

Meraj Sheykh came up with a five-point raid in the dying seconds of the match as Dabang Delhi beat Bengal Warriors 37-31 in the Pro Kabaddi League Inter Zone wild card match.

Dabang Delhi's Chandran Ranjit in action against Bengal Warriors.   -  PKL

Welcome to SportStar's live blog of today's Pro Kabaddi League 2018 matches of Inter Zone wild card match of Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indoor Stadium, Kolkata.

Second Half


31-37 Maninder gifts away another point with a self-out and that is it for Delhi! Meraj Sheykh has a smile pasted over his face after inflicting an all-out with that five-point raid in the final seconds. Dabang Delhi stays a third in Zone A, while Bengal, despite qualifying for the playoffs will wait to secure a second place in Zone B.

31-36 What an outstanding raid by Meraj Sheykh! With just few seconds left in the match, Surjeet has a self-out and the remaining two Bengal are unable to stop Meraj from getting over the line. It is an all-out and possibly the match for Delhi!


29-29 Maninder Singh is put in an inescapable ankle hold on the right corner--an area which has been a weakness for him today after a successful first raid.

28-29 Joginder Narwal gives away a point with a self-out and Ran Singh executes a perfect ankle hold on Meraj Sheykh to bring Bengal back into the game.


24-28 Meraj Sheykh gets a Super 10 after Bengal's left chain lets him escape easily.

24-26 Maninder Singh is tackled to the mat by Ravinder Pahal! Pahal has not had a great match so far, but when he is involved in action, it is something spectacular.

24-23 Outstanding tackle by Baldev! The defender is off in a flash and puts Chandran Ranjit in a waist hold. Credit to the Bengal defence, they rush to their teammate's aid.

23-22 Naveen Kumar is successfully tackled by Ran Singh on the right cover.

21-21 The home teams completes the comeback by inflicting an all-out on Delhi. Meraj Sheykh cannot get past the chain of Surjeet and Ran Singh.


17-20 Jang Kun Lee gets a smart toe touch on Satpal on the right cover and Bengal captain Ran Singh gets a running kick on his counterpart Vishal Mane. The home team has come inspired into the second half.

15-20 Chandran Ranjit runs into Surjeet in the centre and the defender slams Ranjit to the mat to get Bengal's second point off the match.

First Half


14-20 Jang Kun Lee gets a touch point by evading Ravinder Pahal's ankle hold on the right cover. Delhi ends the first half with a considerable lead, thanks to its good defending.

13-20 Finally there is a tackle point for Bengal, after they pin Naveen Kumar to the mat on the right cover.

11-17 It has been a nightmare for Bengal Warriors' defence which has failed to execute even a single tackle point. Meraj Sheykh sweeps the remaining two Bengal players off the mat and it is the first all-out of the match.

10-11 Ravinder Pahal puts Maninder Singh under a double-ankle hold and his teammates rush in to support him.


10-10 That was howler by Bengal's left cover! Jang Kun Lee and Baldev both loose balance and step out of the lobby to gift away two easy points for Delhi.

8-7 Referee declares Meraj Sheykh self-out.  He does not get a touch, and makes a leap to reach the midline and his hand is on the lobby.

6-7 Jang Kun Lee gets a bonus point and a touch point in back-to-back raids. Chandran Ranjith takes out Ravindra Kumawat despite being put in an ankle hold.

4-5 Naveen Kumar escapes a waist hold attempt by Surjeet with a Dubki and puts Delhi back in the lead.


3-4 Joginder Narwal and Ravinder Pahal combine perfectly and tackle Maninder Singh from reaching the midline on the right side.

3-2 Naveen Kumar gets a revival and a bonus for Delhi by dragging Ran Singh along with him to the midline.

3-0 What a start! Maninder Singh begins the match with a Super Raid. The home team's star raider takes out three players on the right side.

Delhi's star tackler will be tasked with keeping Maninder Singh silent



Bengal Warriors

Ravindra Kumawat, Surjeet Singh, Ziaur Rahman, Jang Kun Lee, Maninder Singh, Baldev Singh, Ran Singh

Subs: Manoj Dhull, Bhupender Singh, T. Adarsh, Vijin Thangadurai, Rakesh Narwal

Dabang Delhi

Meraj Sheykh, Vishal Mane, Vishnu Viraj, Naveen Kumar, Chandran Ranjit, Ravinder Pahal, Joginder Narwal

Subs: Pawan Kadian, Yogesh Hooda, Anil Kumar, Vishal, Satpal

  • Dabang Delhi K.C. is assured of third place in Zone A, Bengal Warriors could seal the second place in its zone with a win.
  • The only other encounter between these sides in Season 6 took place in Pune which Dabang Delhi K.C. won by nine points.
  • Rookie Naveen Kumar shone for Dabang Delhi K.C. with 11 raid points on the night while Jang Kun Lee returned his first Super 10 of the season for Bengal Warriors.

Head-to-head: Bengal Warriors 5-4 Dabang Delhi K.C. 1 tie

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