PKL 2018-19: Bengaluru qualifies for playoffs, Jaipur downs Haryana Steelers

Bengaluru Bulls qualified for the Pro Kabaddi League 2018-19 playoffs with a 44-28 win over Telugu Titans, while Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Haryana Steelers 37-30 to move to fifth in Zone A table.

Jaipur Pink Panthers will avoid a bottom-placed finish when it faces Haryana Steelers.   -  Twitter @JaipurPanthers

Welcome to SportStar's live blog of today's Pro Kabaddi matches of Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans and Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana Steelers at the Tau Devilal Sports Complex, Panchkula.

Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana Steelers

Second Half

37-30 Deepak Hoods gets two more points with the final raid of the match and Jaipur moves from the bottom of the pile into the fifth in Zone A. Haryana Steelers, as a result, is now the bottom of the table despite picking up a point from this match.

35-29 Haryana gets a bonus point, but Naveen is taken out on the left flank and with just 60 seconds left in the match, Jaipur gets another all-out.

31-27 Haryana plays the waiting game to get a super tackle, but Deepak Hooda foils the plan to extends his team's lead.

29-27 Ajinkya Pawar gets a running-hand touch on Monu Goyat to extend Jaipur's slender lead.

28-27 Sunil Siddhgavali's superb tackle on Vikas Kandola puts Jaipur back in the lead.

26-27 Monu Goyat has turned the tables with that raid. He takes out Young Chang Ko and Sunil Siddhgavali to get the all-out.

26-22 Vikas Kandola is off a flash and gets a toe touch on Sandeep Dhul to eradicate Jaipur's lead to four points.

26-20 Monu Goyat gets a toe touch, while Deepak Hooda is tackled by the defence. It is not over yet.

26-18 Selvamani evades a tackle in the centre, but is swarmed by the Haryana defence.

26-17  Vikas Kandola is taken out by the Jaipur defence. Jaipur has managed to hold on to its lead despite few errors in tackling.


25-16 Deepak Hooda gets his fourth raid point of the night by capitalising on another defensive error by Haryana.

21-14 Deepak Hooda takes out the last man in the Haryana court and the first all out of the match goes in Jaipur's favour. Haryana has managed just one point in the second half so far.

16-13 Naveen is stuck in the centre on a Do-or-Die is tackled down by the Jaipur defence.

14-13 Vikas Kandola loses his balance on the left cover and Selvamani uses the opportunity to push his counterpart out of the lobby.

First Half


13-13 Two more empty raids ends the first half as both teams are cautious enough to stay out of the bottom of the table.

12-12 Ajinkya Pawar does well to successfully tackle Naveen in the centre.

11-12 Both teams are looking to play on the do-or-die raids.

10-10 Kuldeep Singh tries a shoulder push on Ajinkya Pawar, but the Jaipur raider is too smart to fall for it and quickly doubles up over the halfline.

8-10 Vikas Kandola and Deepak Nivas Hooda are taken out by the defences at both ends.

7-8 Sunil puts his team in the lead for the first time in the match with an ankle hold on Ajinkya Pawar.

7-5 Monu Goyat is caught on the turn by Jaipur's left cover. The Haryana captain asks for a bonus point is the umpire says no.

5-4 Sachin Shingade comes up with a frontal block on Ajinkya Pawar to get a tackle point for Haryana.

5-2 A super-raid by Selvamani early on in the match fetches Jaipur a bonus point and two touches.

2-2 Vikas Kandola pulls his team level on points by taking out the left cover.

1-0 Deepak Nivas Hooda opens the account for Jaipur after Sunil tries a weak ankle hold on the right corner.


Form Guide

Vs. Gujarat FortunegiantsLOST2934
Vs. U MumbaTIED3535
Vs. Puneri PaltanWON3623
Vs. Tamil ThalaivasWON3724
Vs. Telugu TitansLOST2636


  • With just two games left in its campaign, Haryana Steelers will aim to finish the season on a high with victories in both their remaining fixtures.
  • Jaipur Pink Panthers have a chance to sweep the season record between the two teams, having won both their previous matches this season.
  • The last encounter took place in Greater Noida where a 12-point performance from Deepak Niwas Hooda helped Jaipur Pink Panthers secure a 38-32 victory.

Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans

Second Half

44-28 Rahul Chaudhari gets a touch on Mahender at the other end, but it is not enough for his team which is at third in Zone B now while Bengaluru Bulls marches into the playoffs with a game left.

44-27 An easy shoulder touch on Mohsen Maghsoudlou by Pawan Sehrawat which tells the story of the match and how bad Telugu Titans' defence has been.

43-26 Nilesh Salunke does not get his turn from the right corner right and the Bengaluru Bulls defence pounces on him at full force.

40-26 Raju Lal Chaudhari goes for a double-thigh hold on Rahul Chaudhari but is unsuccessful in doing so. Telugu Titans gets another point.

39-24 Rahul Chaudhari is taken out with a push out of the lobby, but the umpire awards point apiece.

37-23 Rahul Chaudhari gets a bonus point but it will not affect the scoreline with Bengaluru Bulls in cruise control.

34-22 Mohsen Maghsoudlou outs himself by stepping out of the court and tries to tackle on Rohit Kumar and shown a green card.

32-22 Rahul Chaudhari gets his super 10, but his joy does not last long after he is taken out in a comical fashion by Kashiling Adike.

31-21 Rohit Kumar is taken down by Farhad Milaghardan and Rahul Chaudhari comes to his aid and the super tackle helps the Titans reduce the arrears.

31-18 The usually-reliable Abozar Mighani has been error-prone today and he once agains fails to get an ankle hold on Pawan Sehrawat.

30-18 Rahul Chaudhari gets a raid point, but Pawan Sehrawat gets Vishal Bharadwaj on the right corner to complete his super 10.

29-17 Nilesh Salunke is taken out Rohit Kumar's tackle. Bengaluru is leaving its opponent far behind across all departments.

26-17 The Telugu Titans is in tatters after a second Pawan Sehrawat comes back with a raid point and Farhad Milaghardan tries a feeble tug at Rohit Kumar.

First Half

22-16 Pawan Sehrawat sneaks two more points by evading an ankle hold by Abozar Mighani with the final raid of the first half.

19-16 Pawan Sehrawat does well again as he picks up his fourth and fifth raid points of the match.

16-16 Rahul Chaudhari takes the final two Bengaluru Bulls players and pulls his team level with an all-out.

16-11 Bengaluru is playing on Do-or-Die raids and Kashiling Adike gifts away a point by committing early into a tackle and Rahul Chaudhari walks to the other side with a point.

15-10 Kashiling Adike manages to pull off a super tackle on Mohsen Maghsoudlou after Rahul Chuadhari manages to get two more raid points.

12-8 A super-raid by Rahul Chaudhari who gets three players on his way out, including a touch on Mahender who was trying to jump over the star raider.

11-5 First all-out of the match goes to Bengaluru Bulls as Mohsen Maghsoudlou is tackled by Ashish Sangwan, but the raider manages to pinch the bonus line.

6-4 Ashish Sangwan on the right corner gets a waist hold on Nilesh Salunke in a Do-or-Die raid.

5-4 Pawan Sehrawat is taken successfully and Hyderabad is back in the hunt.

5-2 Rahul Chaudhari is taken out once again in the match as Bengaluru takes an early lead.

1-0 Amit Sheoran gets the first point of the match with an ankle hold on Rahul Chaudhari.


Vs. Telugu TitansWON3724
Vs. Dabang Delhi K.C.LOST3132
Vs. Bengal WarriorsLOST3744
Vs. Telugu TitansWON3426
Vs. U.P. YoddhaWON3727


  • A victory for Bengaluru Bulls will see it go 17 points clear at the top of Zone B, in a strong position to qualify for the Playoffs, while a victory for Telugu Titans will see it move into the second spot in the zone by leapfrogging Patna Pirates.
  • The two sides have met twice this season with Bengaluru Bulls winning both contests. The teams last played against each other in Vizag, with Bengaluru Bulls winning the game 37-24.
  • Pawan Kumar Sehrawat starred for the Bulls in offence with 13 raid points, while Mahender Singh managed a High 5.