PKL 2018-19: Jaipur settles for a tie against Dabang Delhi

Jaipur Pink Panthers managed a 37-37 tie against Dabang Delhi in its final home match at the Tau Devilal Sports Complex, Panchkula.

Dabang Delhi defenders tackle Jaipur Pink Panthers' Deepak Hooda.   -  Special Arrangement

Welcome to SportStar's live blog of today's Pro Kabaddi match of Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Dabang Delhi at the Tau Devilal Sports Complex, Panchkula.

Second Half

37-37 Deepak Hooda strangely comes back with an empty raid with just few seconds left on the clock rather than go for the win. Meraj Sheykh runs down the clock with an empty raid. Jaipur keeps its fifth position in the table, while Dabang Delhi, having qualified for the playoffs, will remain third in Zone A.

35-36 At last an all-out for Jaipur! Pawan Kadian is set up by the Jaipur's right cover and the raider is tackled successfully.

32-35 Deepak Hooda gets a crucial touch point and leaves Pawan Kadian as the last man standing.

30-34 Ajinkya Pawar goes on a Do-or-Die raid, but Delhi manages a Super Tackle. Enforcing an all-out for Jaipur has been a mirage in today's match.

29-32 Rather than let Ajinkya Pawar go back with a touch point, Viraj Vishnu makes a futile dash near the midline and Jaipur has two more men back on the mat.

27-32 Chandran Ranjit steps out of the lobby and gifts away a Super Tackle for Jaipur. It also gives Jaipur a revival.


25-31 Meraj Sheykh makes it count again! In a Do-or-Die raid, the Delhi captain gets a running-hand touch on Sandeep Dhull.

25-30 Gangadhari Mallesh punishes Tapas Pal's slip at the right cover and reduces the arrears for Jaipur.

24-30 Meraj Sheykh gets a running kick on Selvamani in a Do-or-Die raid.

24-29 Jaipur fights back with a successful raid by Deepak Hooda, but Meraj Sheykh gets two points and a super tackle on Deepak Hooda to extends his side's lead.

22-24 This is brilliant from Selvamani! He gets his Super 10 with three touch points, including that of his counterpart Chandran Ranjit. Delhi is mirroring its opponent by committing unforced errors. He becomes the second raider for Jaipur in the entire season 6 to get a Super 10.


18-24 It is a Super 10 for Chandra Ranjit as he gets two touch points and Jaipur looks to be faltering under pressure.

18-22 Chandran Ranjit is gifted away an easy point by Deepak Hooda and Delhi has four players on the court.

18-21 A Super Raid by Pawan Kadian gets Jaipur two revivals and a bonus point. It is another missed chance for an all-out for Jaipur.

18-18 Pawan Kadian gets a bonus point, but does not review it after the first raid of the second half. It allows Deepak Hooda to take out another Delhi player off the mat easily.

First Half


17-18 Pawan Kadian gets a point with the final raid of the half, but an all-out is in the sights for Jaipur with just two Delhi players on the mat.

17-17 Dabang Delhi's inexperience shows after Anil Kumar goes for a rushed tackle near the midline on Ajinkya Pawar and Jaipur is level again.

16-17 Ajinkya Pawar gets two more points and the home side is on the verge of an all-out.

14-17 Selvamani shows that he should have started the game by taking out Chandran Ranjit and Delhi are forced to raid with Meraj Sheykh. Sandeep Dhull gets his High 5 with a tackle on the Delhi captain..

11-16 Deepak Hooda and Selvamani are taken out by Pawan Kadian. Jaipur, yet again, is playing chaser.


10-13 Selvamani's fetches three points with a Super Raid and Jaipur reaches the double digits.

7-11 A Super Raid and Jaipur Alll-Out! Delhi's star raider Chandran Ranjit clears out the remaining three Jaipur players off the mat and it is the first all-out of the match for Delhi.

6-7 That was brilliant from Chandran Ranjit! The raider executes a scorpion kick in a flash and grazes the cheek of Deepak Hooda.

6-6 Another Super Tackle by Sandeep Dhull pulls the home team level on points.

3-6 The lights are back again and Chandran Ranjit returns with a touch point in a Do-or-Die raid.

2-5 There seems to be a power cut at the Tau Devilal Sports Complex, Panchkula causing an interruption to the game.

2-5 Sandeep Dhull and Sunil Siddhgavali pull off a super tackle on Meraj Sheykh. It revives Jaipur captain Deepak Hooda.


0-4 Santhapanaselvam lunges at Meraj Sheykh and misses a thigh hold. It is an easy point for the Delhi's stand-in captain.

0-3 Chandran Ranjit gets a running-hand touch on Young Chang Ko and Viraj Vishnu extends the lead with a dash at Lokesh Kaushik to push the raider on the left lobby.

0-1 Delhi wins the toss and chooses court. Anil Kumar gets a double-thigh hold on Deepak Hooda to get the first point for Delhi.


Jaipur Pink Panthers

Deepak Hooda, Sunil Siddhgavali, Young Chang Ko, Ajinkya Pawar, Lokesh Kaushik, Santhapanaselvam,Sandeep Dhull

Subs: Shiva Ramakrishna, Gangadhari Mallesh, Ajit Singh, Selvamani, David Mosambayi

Dabang Delhi

Meraj Sheykh, Tushar Bhoir, Viraj Vishnu Landge, Pawan Kadian, Chandran Ranjit, Tapas Pal, Anil Kumar

Subs: Shabeer Bappu, Yogesh Hooda, Joginder Narwal, Vishal, Sumit Kumar

  • The home side will aim to reduce the gap on Puneri Paltan in the fourth place of Zone A as the league stage nears its closing leg.

  • The two sides have previously met twice this season with Dabang Delhi K.C. winning both games.

  • Dabang Delhi K.C. won the previous game between the sides by a 13-point margin despite Deepak Niwas Hooda returning with 20 points.

  • For Dabang Delhi K.C., Meraj Sheykh managed his first Super 10 of the season, ending the night with 15 raid points while Ravinder Pahal managed a High 5.

    Head-to-head: Jaipur Pink Panthers 7-5 Dabang Delhi K.C. - 1 tie

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