PKL 2018-19 highlights: Bengal edges out Tamil Thalaivas, Pune thrashes Telugu Titans

A strong second half showing lifted Bengal Warriors to a 27-24 win over Tamil Thalaivas, while Puneri Paltan thrashed a woeful Telugu Titans 35-20 to keep its playoff chances alive.

It is a must-win match for Puneri Paltan with a playoff berth at stake.   -  PKL Media

Welcome to SportStar's live blog of today's Pro Kabaddi League 2018 matches of Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans and Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indoor Stadium, Kolkata.

Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans

Second Half

35-20 Manoj Kumar gets two touch points with the final raid of the match which is a mere consolation for Telugu Titans after enduring a torrid game. The Titans' players have looked lethargic throughout the match and Bengal Warriors will be more hopeful of its playoffs chances alongside Patna Pirates.

32-17 Substitute Manoj Kumar tries to inject some energy in his raid, but he is unable to get past the confident Pune defence. Telugu Titans is staring down at the barrel here, as a defeat will extinguish its playoff chances.

29-17 It is easy for G.B. More as he jumps over the Vishal Bharadwaj and Abozar Mighani is the last man remaining.

27-17 Vishal Bharadwaj pulls off a Super Tackle on G.B. More alongside Abozar Mighani.

26-15 Pune is running away with the game. Nilesh Salunke is taken down easily on the right side and joins Rahul Chaudhari on the bench. However, captain Vishal Bharadwaj's decision to ask for a review fetches Titans a bonus point.


24-14 Another poor raid by Rahul Chaudhari as he trudges along the bonus line and goes down easily on the right side.

22-14 Pune defence comes up a super tackle and extends its lead.


20-12 That is a smart trap from Telugu Titans! The defence positions itself all over the mat as Rajesh Mondal turns and trips after clashing into the yellow jerseys and tackle him successfully.

20-11 An ordinary game is becoming worse for Telugu Titans as Rahul Chaudhari is pushed out of the lobby on his 10th raid.

19-11 Rahul Chaudhari gets his first point on his 9th attempt with a touch point.


18-10 Nilesh Salunke is tackled easily by the Pune defence in a Do-or-Die raid.

First Half


17-10 Nilesh Salunke gets a touch point with the final raid of the first-half. Rahul Chaudhari has not scored a single point from 7 raids in the half.


16-9 Abozar Mighani makes a horrible mistake by rushing in for an ankle hold which was never there and G.B. More gets a point.

15-7 Of all players it had to be Rahul Chaudhari is tagged on the left cover. He acknowledges that he is out and walks off the mat nonchalantly. The star raider is looking drained off confidence today.

11-7 That is a crucial raid by Kamal Singh. The raider is caught in a back hold, but manages to put his hand over the midline before being pushed out of the lobby.

11-5 A good raid by Nilesh Salunke followed by a combined effort by Abozar Mighani and Mohsen Maghsoudlou gets Amit Kumar out.

11-2 Amit Kumar pushes Rahul Chaudhari at full force to send the raider out of the lobby. The raider clatters into the cameraman on the sidelines.

10-2 First all out of the match goes Pune's way! Kamal Singh is the last man standing and is tackled easily by the Pune defence.


5-2 Just three men left on the mat for Telugu Titans after More takes out Abozar Mighani with his latest raid.

3-1 A win is the only option Telugu Titans and its star raider Rahul Chaudhari shows he is under pressure as he steps out of the lobby. It is an easy point for Pune.

2-1 Mohsen Maghsoudlou gets a bonus point for Telugu Titans, while G.B. More gets a bonus point for Pune.

1-0 G.B. More gets a touch on Nilesh Salunke in the centre chain with the first raid of the match.

Lineups for the crunch match



  • With a win in the Inter Zone Wild Card match, Puneri Paltan will want to finish its campaign on a high and confirm fourth place in Zone A.
  • Meanwhile, Telugu Titans will eye its position in the top half of Zone B as its look to qualify for the Playoffs.
  • The two sides met once earlier in the season with Telugu Titans running out victors in a close game. Rahul Chaudhari and Krushna Madane starred in the win for Telugu Titans.

Head-to-head: Puneri Paltan 4-6 Telugu Titans. 1 tie

Form Guide

Puneri PaltanRESULT
Vs. Jaipur Pink PanthersLOST2336
Vs. Patna PiratesLOST3653
Vs. Dabang Delhi K.C.LOST2435
Vs. Gujarat FortunegiantsLOST2035
Vs. Haryana SteelersWON3533


Telugu TitansRESULT
Vs. Bengaluru BullsLOST2844
Vs. Patna PiratesWON4136
Vs. Bengaluru BullsLOST2437
Vs. U.P. YoddhaLOST2027
Vs. Haryana SteelersWON3531



Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas

Second Half

27-24 Sukesh Hegde is put in a thigh hold by Vijin Thangadurai on the right cover and it is the winning tackle for the home team. The win keeps Bengal in the hunt for a playoff spot, currently third in the Zone B standings. Tamil Thalaivas, stays rooted at the bottom.

26-24 Jang Kun Lee is tackle successfully as Tamil Thalaivas closes in on its opponent.

26-22 Surjeet and Ran Singh combine to pin Ajay Thakur to the mat. With just 2 minutes left, it could be the turning point of this low-scoring match.

25-21 It is a Super 10 for Jang Kun Lee! The South Korean manages to cross the midline after Sunil makes a dash from the left cover and pushes the raider out of the lobby. Tamil Thalaivas asks for a review and the decision is given in Bengal's favour.


24-21 Two empty raids follow before D. Pradap is tackled by Ran Singh on the right cover.

23-21 Ravindra Kumavat makes a leap, but he is unable to get to the midline as he swarmed by the Tamil Thalaivas' defence.


23-20 Ran Singh pulls off a successful tackle on Athul M.S in a Do-or-Die raid for Tamil Thalaivas.

21-19 Maninder Singh probes on the right cover and gets a touch on Pon Parthiban in the centre.

20-19 Ajay Thakur goes for a Do-or-Die and escapes an attempted ankle hold from Vijin Thangadurai.


20-17 Athul M.S is tackled by the Bengal defence. The game has seen a surprising number of empty raids--16 is the count so far.

18-17 Surjeet, a defender by trade, goes on a raid and tackled down. Jang Kun Lee, a raider, manages to get a Super Tackle on Ajay Thakur to revive Maninder Singh.

16-16 Ajay Thakur is off in a flash to the right corner and puts Surjeet under pressure. But the experienced campaigner escapes Thakur's reach. However, Baldev's mistimed dash allows the Chennai captain to get a touch point.

16-15 Jang Kun Lee gets a bonus to give Bengal a slender lead.

First Half


15-15 It is a Super Tackle for Bengal! Baldev gets a double-thigh hold by lunging at Athul M.S and Jang Kun Lee gets a touch point to end the first half with the scores tied.

12-15 Manoj Dhull is flat footed on the right cover, making it easy for Athul M.S to get a tap on his shoulder.

11-14  Athul M.S is put in a double-ankle hold by Ran Singh, but the raider pushes himself to the midline.

11-12 Sukesh Hegde keeps the pressure on the home team with a two-point raid. Tamil Thalaivas has looked a better team defensively so far.

10-10 Ajay Thakur avoids a double ankle hold with a quick turn to pull Tamil Thalaivas back on level terms.

9-7 Athul M.S gets a toe touch on the right cover. Ajay Thakur was seen whispering some advice before sending in the young raider and it seems to have worked.

7-7 Jang Kun Lee gets two touches and a bonus to pull his team level on points!

4-6 Sukesh Hegde gets a Super Raid with four touch points for Tamil Thalaivas. All of a sudden, the visitor is in the lead.


4-2 Amit Hooda is at fault this time allowing Jang Kun Lee to get a kick on him at the right cover.

3-1 Ajay Thakur gets a point for Thalaivas, but Maninder Singh takes out Pon Parthiban.

2-0 Sunil goes for a half-hearted ankle hold on Maninder Singh and the home team is off the mark. The umpire also awards a bonus point to Bengal.

Bengal's starting 7


  • With six games in hand, Bengal Warriors is the frontrunners to qualify for the Playoffs alongside Bengaluru Bulls.

  • The two sides have met twice previously this season with Bengal Warriors winning both encounters.

  • The last time the two sides played, Bengal Warriors came up with an all-round performance to win by seven point.

  • Captain Surjeet Singh returned with a High 5 while substitute Bhupinder Singh turned the game around for Bengal Warriors. Amit Hooda returned with a High 5 for Tamil Thalaivas.

Head-to-head: Bengal Warriors 4-1 Tamil Thalaivas

Form Guide

Bengal WarriorsRESULT
Vs. Tamil ThalaivasWON2821
Vs. U MumbaLOST2031
Vs. Haryana SteelersLOST3335
Vs. Bengaluru BullsWON4437
Vs. Bengaluru BullsWON3331


Vs. U.P. YoddhaTIED2525
Vs. Bengal WarriorsLOST2128
Vs. Jaipur Pink PanthersLOST2437
Vs. Dabang Delhi K.C.LOST3337
Vs. Patna PiratesTIED3535