PKL 2018: Bengal Warriors, U Mumba script wins

Catch all the updates of the Pro Kabaddi League fixtures as the Inter-Zone Challenge Week moves to Patna.

Updated : Oct 27, 2018 22:21 IST , Patna

Jaipur Pink Panthers would look to forget its last outing against Pirates when it clashes with Bengal Warriors in Match 35 of the Pro Kabaddi League on Saturday.
Jaipur Pink Panthers would look to forget its last outing against Pirates when it clashes with Bengal Warriors in Match 35 of the Pro Kabaddi League on Saturday.

Jaipur Pink Panthers would look to forget its last outing against Pirates when it clashes with Bengal Warriors in Match 35 of the Pro Kabaddi League on Saturday.

Hello and welcome to the LIVE commentary for Wednesday's matches of the Inter Zone Challenge Week between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Bengal Warriors, followed by the clash between Patna Pirates and U Mumba at Patliputra Sports Complex in Patna.


Jaipur Pink Panthers would look to forget its last outing against Pirates when it clashes with Bengal Warriors in Match 35 of the Pro Kabaddi League on Saturday. Will Anup Kumar and his men be able to brave Bengal's defence?

Saturday's second fixture promises to be a nail-biter of a match between the table-toppers when second placed U Mumba of Zone A clashes with second placed home-team Patna Pirates of Zone B. Who will prevail in the high-voltage clash? Atrachali or Narwal?


39-40 Fazel Atrachali concedes the touch with less than six seconds to go and that's all the action we will have! What a turnaround from U Mumba! Match of the tournament contender? A stunning effort from Fazel Atrachali and Siddharth Desai, who picked up 14 points with an injured shoulder and despite being out of the court for a good part of 15 minutes.

38-40 Siddharth Desai gets another point!

38-39 What a point for U Mumba! Vikas is tackled down!

38-38 Rohit Baliya picks up a bonus and a touch! What a finish we have on our cards!

38-36 Jaideep, on the left corner, eliminates Siddharth Desai.

37-36 Fazel forced the initiative on Pardeep Narwal and he is taken down!

37-35 Bonus plus a touch for Siddharth Desai. The raider is struggling here. Pirates ask for a review on the bonus and it's unsuccessful.

37-33 Pardeep Narwal's raid fetches non-technical raid points.

36-33 Siddharth Desai gets a point, eliminates Vikas Kale.

36-32 What a huge raid by Vikas! He gets three points in the raid.

33-32 Reverse toe-touch by Rohit Baliyan, eliminated Jawahar.

33-31 Vijay is taken down by Fazel Atrachali. Siddharth Desai is revived.

33-30 Vikas Kale gets the thigh hold on Abhishek Singh.

32-30 Pardeep Narwal is taken down by Atrachali and Co, gets caught in the chain.

32-28 Pardeep eliminates Siddharth Desai.

31-28 Two-point raid from Siddharth. Fazel Atrachali is revived. 10-point match yet again for Siddharth.

31-26 Pardeep gets a touch on the fingers of the defender.

30-26 Siddharth picks up a bonus.

30-25 Pardeep Narwal with a quick raid point, eliminates Surender.

29-24 Non-technical raid points for Patna Pirates.

28-23 No way out for Siddharth Desai. He gets engulfed by four Patna defenders.

27-23 Siddharth Desai gets a kick in on the inside right.

27-22 Pardeep Narwal is tackled down on his raid.

A time-out taken. Siddharth Desai is icing his injured shoulder during the break. 11:37 left on the clock.

27-21 Siddharth Desai with another raid point.

27-20 Pardeep Narwal's raid fetches two points for Patna Pirates.

25-20 Siddharth Desai gets a raid point but he looks to have hurt his shoulder while getting back to the line.

25-19 Vijay was ever-so close to the line but U Mumba pulls him back.

25-18 Pardeep Narwal draws in Atrachali and Dharmaraj into the tackle but he manages to reach the mid line. Another all-out on U Mumba.

21-18 Pardeep gets a touch on Rohit Baliyan and sends him to the bench.

20-18 Rohit Baliyan gets a bonus point.

20-16 Abhishek Desai is reeled back into Patna's court. Patna turning on the style here.

19-16 Pardeep Narwal gets twp touch points!

17-16 Siddharth Desai stepped into the lobby and it's a super tackle for Pune.

15-16 An easy bonus for Pardeep Narwal.

14-16 U Mumba's Rohit Baliyan gets a kick on Vikas Kale on the left corner.

14-15 Vikas stepped out of play during Siddharth Desai's raid. One point for U Mumba.

Second half

That's the end of the half. U Mumba despite being on the back-foot for much of the half has managed to stay on par with Patna Pirates thanks to Fazel Atrachali and Surender.

14-14 Siddharth Desai gets a touch on Jaideep on the left corner.

14-12 Vinod Kumar is the last man to be eliminated and that's the first all-out inflicted on U Mumba.

10-11 Jaideep makes an error by coming in for Vinod Kumar but he gets to the mid line.

10-10 Pardeep Narwal forces Fazel Atrachali to step into the lobbies.

9-10 Vikas Kale successfully tackles Darshan Kadian out of the court.

7-10 Fazael Atrachali gets the thigh hold on Pardeep Narwal. Pardeep immediately concedes defeat on that raid. Two points for U Mumba.

6-8 Pardeep Narwal gets the touch in the left inside — Abhishek Singh.

5-8 Rohit Baliyan turning things around for U Mumba. Jawahar commits and Baliyan makes the dive to get to the mid line.

5-6 Super tackle affected on Manjeet. Rohit and Dharmaraj take the raider down.

It's 7 vs 3 in favour of Patna Pirates now.

5-4 Siddharth Desai is taken down on the left corner. Another big point for Patna.

4-4 Pardeep Narwal gets two touches.

2-3 Huge point for Patna. Pardeep Narwal gets rid of Fazel Atrachali.

1-3 Siddharth Desai sends Jaideep to the bench on his raid.

1-2 Rohit Rana goes alone in the tackle and Pardeep Narwal evades him to get to the mid line.

0-1 The in-form Siddharth Desai powers his way to the first raid point of the match.

U Mumba wins the toss and chooses the side of court.


Patna Pirates vs U Mumba


39-28 A night to forget yet again for the Jaipur Pink Panthers.

Bengal Warriors meanwhile takes the top spot in Zone B. If Patna Pirates wins the next match, then the standings will change shape again.

Official timeout taken.

38-27 Kun Lee gets two points as unintentionally he steps on Ajinkya's foot as he dives back.

36-25 Surjeet, one of the game's best right cover defenders, goes for a raid but unsuccessfully. Sandeep Dhull, the left corner gets him. Meanwhile Chillar picks up a Green card too.

35-24 Verbal confrontation between Goud and Chillar, as Chillar appeals for a point. Goud gets a warning- Green card.

35-22 Kun Lee gets Anup Kumar off the court. It has been a tough night for the Panthers' skipper.

32-20 Bengal Warriors inflicts yet another All-out on the Panthers. Ran Singh comes up with a short block as Ajit tries to escape. The curtains coming down on the Panthers in this match gradually as the Warriors' lead keeps extending.

Official timeout taken.

28-19 Ajit Singh comes home with a point. Successful raid.

28-18 Kun Lee tries to go for Chillar but he continued to hang back dangerously near the line. Lee had to go for the left corner instead.

26-18 Super tackle on for the Panthers and they execute it perfectly. Right corner, Mohit Chillar goes one-on-one with a diving double ankle hold, as Maninder Singh walks back to the bench.

25-14 Mahesh Goud yet again comes home with a Super Raid. Three touch points as he dives for the mid-line. Can you believe that? He is enjoying his form tonight.

22-14 Surjeet goes for Ajinkya Pawar's midriff. Pawar perishes to the frontal block.

20-14 Deepak Hooda goes. How could the Warriors pull that Super tackle off?

18-14 Kun Lee's Do-or-Die Raid goes in vain. Anup Kumar is the man with the strong ankle hold.

18-13 Bengal Warriors to get things underway. Twenty minutes for the Panthers to change how things are now. Kun Lee starts off with an empty raid.

18-13 Jang Kun Lee with the last raid of the first half. A good lead of five for the Warriors here. Pink Panthers appeared clueless until the dying minutes of the half when it picked up a few points to carry on the momentum from in the second half.

18-10 Anup Kumar gets two points. Gets both the left and right corners to walk off, even as the right corner tries to push him off the court.

17-9 Jang Kun Lee has two attempts at the bonus but does not make it.

17-8 This time Maninder gets a touch point from Amit Kumar. Changes his stance and Amit is taken by surprise.

16-7 Maninder Singh arrives with a point yet again. Jaipur's right cover sent back yet again.

15-5 Surjeet on song tonight! Pushes Deepak Hooda out of the lobby before he could make it to the other side of the line.

13-5 All-Out inflicted on Jaipur Pink Panthers. Remarkable show of strength from Maninder as he drags the remaining two players of the Panthers out.

9-3 Maninder Singh, one point! A shirt pull eminent from the left corner. He cannot afford to do that.

7-3 Super tackle on for Jaipur. That is, two points if they can tackle Kun Lee. Empty raid.

7-3 Bengal Warriors with a Super Raid! Out of all people Mahesh Goud gets three points coupled with a bonus point. Jaipur down to three men.

2-3 Maninder Singh, trapped! The left corner, Sandeep Dhull gets him with an ankle hold. What is worth mentioning is the Panthers has a completely different way to approach things when it comes to a Maninder raid. Anup Kumar moved up left before the raid.

1-2 The right corner, Manoj Dhull has been tagged b Deepak Hooda. 1 Point!

1-1 Kun Lee, the agile South-Korean starts things as is customary to him. Picks up a quick touch point from the right corner.

0-1 Deepak Nivas Hooda, who has had a silent PKL 6 for the Panthers until now, picks up a point.

0-0 Maninder Singh starts things for Bengal here. Empty raid again.

0-0 Who else but Anup Kumar to raid first? Empty raid.

The toss is done. Bengal to raid first in the second half.

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