Hello and welcome to the LIVE updates of Tuesday's ProKabaddi League fixture. The 92nd match of the league will see a Zone A clash between Patna Pirates and Gujarat Fortunegiants.

29-34 Chandran Ranjit is the last man to be eliminated for Delhi and Titans cuts down the lead to earn a point.

24-34 Meraj's raid is unsuccessful.


23-34 What an ankle hold on Rahul Chaudhari by Satpal Narwal! Another super tackle means two more points for Delhi. That should be the full points for Delhi.

23-32 Naveen Kumar tries to leap over two defenders but he is caught in the flight!

22-32 Super tackle inflicted on Rahul Chaudhari. Officials warn Vishal Mane for shirt pulling in that tackle.

22-30 Easy point for Rahul Chaudhar and Titans. Joginder Narwal gifts him an easy touch.

Time out

21-30 Rahul Chaudhari with a touch on the left corner.

20-30 Meraj with a busy run into Titans' court but he is tackled down on the right corner.

19-30 Rakshith picks up a touch in the do-or-die raid. Joginder Narwal of Delhi calls for a review claiming no touch. Review is successful!

19-29 Naveen Kumar with a quick raid, another raid point for Delhi.

18-27 Rakshith picks up a bonus point for the Titans.

17-27 Farhad picks up two points for the Titans.


14-27 Meraj cleans out the last two Titans players and that's another all-out inflicted.

14-23 Kamal Singh with a bonus point.

13-23 Chandran Ranjit's raid earns Delhi a point after Vishal steps out of the court.


13-21 Some respite for the Titans. Kamal Singh picks up two raid points.

11-21 Meraj Shaykh pciks up another point on his raid.

11-20 Titan's Rakshith is tackled down on the right side.

11-19 Naveen with a swift return and picks up a point by the byline.

11-18 Chandran Ranjit escapes Rahul Chaudhari's ankle grab. He also picks up a bonus point.

10-16 Meraj Shaykh crumbles in the do-or-die raid. The Titans climb all over him.


8-14 Rahul Chaudhari is forced to the lobbies and Delhi inflicts an all-out on the Titans!

7-11 Meraj again! Two points in the raid.

7-9 Titans subs in Rahul Chaudhari in for Kumar and he picks up two points in the raid with a leap.

5-9 Meraj Sheykh sends Kamal Singh to the bench.

5-8 Kamal Singh with a point on his raid and Titans brings in a defender, Anup Kumar.


3-8 Meraj Sheykh with another successful raid.

Just two players left on the court for Titans.

2-7 Meraj Sheykh adds another point to Delhi's total in his raid.

2-5 Chandran Ranjit makes a quick raid snapping up a point for Delhi.

2-3 Naveen Kumar is unsuccessful in his do-or-die raid.


Live updates

Live updates to follow.

The second Zone A match of the night is between Dabang Delhi and Telugu Titans in what is the 93rd match of PKL 2018.


The result: 45-27. Three-time champion, Patna Pirates, has a forgettable night and loses by 18 points to Gujarat Fortunegiants. Gujarat becomes the second team after U Mumba to qualify for the playoffs. from Zone A

43-22 THIRD ALL-OUT! Dharmender inflicts a third all-out on Patna Pirates.

38-21 SUPER RAID! Sachin wins three points. Desperation has cost Patna all night.

35-21 Deepak Narwal is tackled after he ventured deep into Gujarat Fortunegiants' territory.

34-18 Sachin with a successful raid. Encounters a last-ditch tackle but has the strength and reach to get a touch on the line and win a raid point for Gujarat Fortunegiants.

32-17 A super tackle on K. Prapanjan. Patna's defence has been poor all night, but it comes good now to ensure the star raider doesn't escape.


29-15 K. Prapanjan is successfully tackled by Patna Pirates. Ankle hold does the job.

27-13 Another unsuccessful raid from Pardeep Narwal. He has only one raid point in the entire match.


26-12 SECOND ALL-OUT! Patna Pirates is all-out for a second time after Vikas Jaglan, the last man standing, is successfully tackled.

23-12 K. Prapanjan with successful raids back to back. Patna Pirates is on the ropes.

21-12 Pardeep Narwal risks being tackled by venturing past the bonus point line. But Patna's position in the match forced him to venture deep and look for a touch. He gets a touch but can't escape of the stranglehold of the Fortunegiants' defenders.

Second half begins


20-12 Deepak Narwal had a do-or-die raid as the first half was nearing its end. He tries to get a touch and escape, but he had ventured too far and allowed the defenders to circle him.

19-12 Sachin is strangled by the teamwork and anticipation of the Patna defenders to pick their moment and trap the Gujarat Fortunegiants' raider.


19-10 Back-to-back successful raids from Sachin and Deepak Narwal.

18-9 Deepak Narwal with a successful raid for Patna Pirates. Even at this stage, one point isn't enough for Patna to come back into the match.

17-8 K. Prapanjan with a two-point raid for Gujarat Fortunegiants. Cleverly lures a couple of the Patna defenders in and uses his athleticism and strength to wriggle his way back.


13-6 Sachin is successfully tackled by Patna Pirates.

13-5 Gujarat Fortunegiants has shot into an eight-point lead by inflicting the first all-out of the match!

7-4 Dong Geon Lee with an unsuccessful raid for Gujarat Fortunegiants.


6-2 A successful raid from Sachin is followed by a successful chain tackle on Pardeep Narwal by Gujarat Fortunegiants, establishing a four-point lead in the early minutes.

4-2 Manjeet with an unsuccessful raid for Patna Pirates.

3-2 Dong Geon Lee wins an easy raid point for Gujarat Fortunegiants.

2-2 Deepak Narwal wins Patna its first raid point of the night. His awareness and agility help him escape the attempted tackle from Gujarat defenders.

2-1 K. Prapanjan with an unsuccessful raid for Gujarat Fortunegiants.

2-0 Pardeep Narwal with the first raid for Patna. He ventures deep into the Gujarat territory and the defenders are all over him in a flash. Unsuccessful raid!

1-0 Sachin gets a touch to get Gujarat off the mark.

Gujarat Fortunegiants to raid first, with Sachin set to get the proceedings underway.