Hello and welcome to the highlights of the 92nd fixture of the Pro Kabaddi League at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex in Delhi. The titanic clash between U Mumba and Gujarat Fortunegiants promises to be one worth watching considering how the sides are placed in Zone A. Meanwhile, Dabang Delhi and Puneri Paltan clash with final Playoffs spot at stake.


35-24 Meraj Sheykh pockets a point in the last raid. The Delhi coach is already celebrating with a few seconds to go. He is shown a green card but he happily accepts the referee's decision. It has been a night to remember, afterall!

33-22 Solitary point conceded. Chandran Ranjit at the left corner gets a firm ankle hold but Mondal was already safe. Unnecessary but the result is out there already with a few seconds to go.

32-21 Meraj Sheykh gets a point as Sandeep Narwal goes for an ankle hold, unassisted. That is strange. Maybe Puneri are not willing to lose more points and are ending up giving them away instead.

31-20 Deepak Kumar Dahiya at it again! This time he breaches the black line, bags easy points.

31-19 Vishal Mane goes for a nap as a crafty Deepak Kumar Dahiya gets a touch point. But is it all too late?


28-17 Meraj Sheykh gets easy pickings. One point.

27-16 Chandran Ranjit comes home with a successful raid after Rajesh Mondal gets trapped in the centre. He had absolutely no way out of that trap. Delhi's defence has been exceptional tonight. Mondal could never really get things going this season.

Can Dabang Delhi seal the deal? Or do we have a comeback on the cards?



24-15 Deepak Kumar Dahiya has gone ahead and picked up a brave Super Raid- Two in touch points, one bonus.

23-11 Delhi to take a Do-or-Die raid and Chandran Ranjit is the man. Girish Ernak commits and does so for some unknown reason. Big mistake.

21-11 Naveen Kumar walks in for a Do-or-Die raid. Goes in for a kill too early. Gets Rinku Narwal out!

18-11 Shabeer Bappu comes in for Vishal Mane and almost sluggishly walks into the hands of Rinku Narwal.


18-10 Dabang Delhi's defence has been the story of the first twenty minutes of this contest. However, considering how Pune has managed to decrease the gap since a horrendous start to the match, it promises to be an interesting second half.


18-9 Dabang Delhi pockets a Super Tackle. Akshay Jadhav had just managed to dodge the right corner but a dash and strong hold from the left corner sees him pinned down for good.

16-9 Chandran Ranjith walks in for a Do-or-Die raid and is given away the bonus point despite getting floored. 1-all.


15-7 Rinku Narwal, the left corner dives to get a firm ankle hold as Naveen walks up to him. Even if he had been completely unsupported, the job was done.

15-6 A Do-or-Die raid and G B More is to take. Joginder Narwal is well supported by Naveen as they take More down together .

Good news for Delhi fans meanwhile! Naveen Kumar is back on the court.


13-6 G B More  does not take any risk. Walks back.

13-4 Meraj Sheykh doesn't look to go for the bonus. Empty raid.

Naveen Kumar meanwhile looks to be in some sort of discomfort as he walks off the mat.

12-4 A Do-or-Die raid. And who else but Naveen Kumar to take it? One of the defenders crosses the line and lands in the opponents' half. One point to Delhi.


10-1 An All-out has been inflicted On Puneri. The side doesn't seem to have woken up yet. Naveen Kumar starts exactly from where he left off yesterday, bagging three points. That is five raid points to Delhi.

5-1 Pune coach Ashan Kumar watching the game anxiously as his team hasn't had the best of starts.




The Dabang Delhi vs Puneri Paltan coverage begins shortly. Stay tuned!


26-36 And that is how it ends. U Mumba defeats Gujarat Fortunegiants the first time in PKL history.

24-35 K. Prapanjan gives in to the strength of the right corner. Mumba might be ending its losing streak against the Fortunegiants here.

24-31 With two and a half minutes to go , substitute Abolfazl trips, almost into the hands of the defender, but qucikly regains his balance.

23-29 A critical tackle by Fazal. That is timing at its very best, but a review reveals a tug at Ajay Kumar's jersey.


20-28 Rohit Gulia, for a moment might have seen an opening. But the very next moment Fazal and Rohit Rana drag him back. What a tremendous show of brute strength!



20-27 Siddharth Desai finds himself heavy-footed in the Do-or-Die raid and Rituraj Koravi pounces on him. Goes back on the bench.

19-27 Rohit Gulia sprints in in an attempt of pursuit of Desai. Empty raid.

19-27 Rohit Baliyan, empty raid. Doesn't seem to try much. Mumba clearly defending its lead now with eight minutes to go in the contest.


17-23  Desai, finally! He gets two points, breaking the fast. Desai breaks the defensive chain and dives onto the line.


17-20 Fazal walks in. Stands, looking at the timer. Walks off after 30 seconds. That sure does send a message to the Fortunegiants.


16-19 Siddharth Desai has been surprisingly silent. He has all the goods to deliver but surprisingly he has nothing to show today. Storing something up his sleeve?

15-19 Rohit Gulia has been pinched. All that Fazal needs is a small opening. He himself walks into the trap. Easy pickings for Mumba.

15-18 A Do-or-Die raid for the Fortunegiants. Prapanjan comes in for his ninth raid of the day, but fails to get a point.

14-17 Dharmaraj coming into raid at this point in the match could mean only one thing. Mumba would be looking to defend the small lead it has.


14-17 U Mumba leads by just three points. Anything can happen from here on as we walk into the end of the first half.

14-16 Siddharth sent back on the bench again as he has been flung out of the lobbies. It has been a quiet night for him.


13-16 Dharmaraj flies into the lower body, taking down Gulia with him who has no other options. What a show from the veteran!

13-14 With Gujarat's two raiders back on the bench, Rituraj Koravi was the first one to pounce on Vinod as everyone joins the party later.

12-13 Gujarat catching up here. Fazal comes back, both teams get a point each as Sachin has been floored by the right corner.

8-11  Rohit Baliyan gets another point. He was quick to switch to the right corner from the left and picks up Sachin on the run. What is more important is that this point brings Atrachali back on the mat.

6-10 Rohit Baliyan gets a toe-touch point from Rituraj.

6-9 Sachin effortlessly picks up the bonus point.

5-9 Each time Siddharth Desai comes in to raid the audience is up on its feet, cheering each dash. This time he comes back with an empty raid.


4-9 U Mumba inflicts an all-out on Fortunegiants. That was real quick.

3-6 Siddharth grabs a Super Tackle opportunity. It is strange how he manages to make it look so easy each time.

2-2 Siddharth Desai retreats. Doesn't take any risk.

1-0 Gujarat Fortunegiants to raid first and Prapanjan has been assigned the duty. And with that one touch point he moves to 200 points, in his PKL career.


U Mumba sits on the top of the group now with 67 points in its kitty. Although it is four points clear of the Fortunegiants, it cannot afford to sit back and relax. Fortunegiants which is breathing down its neck might think that it has the upper hand in this contest if numbers are taken into consideration. The sides have already met each other twice on the mat earlier this season and on both the occasions it was the Fortunegiants which triumphed.


Moreover, the two teams’ combined 23 victories this campaign exceeds the total number of wins by the rest of teams in Zone A which shows what sizzling form they are in.