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MATCH REPORT| Paltan end Titans' unbeaten run; Delhi concludes home leg with 100% win record

The Delhi leg of PKL 2019 is over and tomorrow the Bengaluru leg begins. Earlier today, Puneri Paltan beat Telugu Titans 34-27 and now Dabang Delhi overcame Patna Pirates 38-35 in a thrilling contest to end its home leg with four wins in four.


Dabang Delhi 38 - 35 Patna Pirates: WHAT A FINISH!!! Naveen Kumar gets the do-or-die raid right!!! Jawahar Dagar puts in a silly tackle!! Pardeep has to get two in the final raid of the match to tie the match but no bonus is on offer as Delhi has only five on the mat. Dabang Delhi captain executes a perfect double thigh hold on Pardeep Narwal to close out the match for his side against Patna Pirates!!!

36 - 34: Pardeep Narwal just keeps reducing the deficit! He takes out two experienced defenders in Vishal Mane and Anil Kumar. Nervous moments for the capital team now as Patna is just two points down.

36 - 32: ALL-OUT and REVIEW SUCCESSFUL!! Patna's Pardeep completes the formalities and he challenges for an extra raid point and he gets it as the two extra points are added to his team's tally. Delhi just has a four-point lead now!

36 - 28: Whatever Naveen Kumar does, Pardeep Narwal is doing one better! Naveen gets a bonus first. Then Pardeep registers three straight raid points as Vishal Mane, Naveen Kumar and Vijay move to the bench.

35 - 25:  SUPER-10 for Pardeep! He finally gets the better of Ravinder Pahal. Vijay takes out Jawahar Dagar in the next raid. Naveen and Pardeep come up with a successful raid point each. AND IT'S A TIME-OUT!!

33 - 23: REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL FOR DELHI!! Chandran Ranjith was successfully tackled and Dabang Delhi felt Hadi Oshtorak also was out along with its raider. But the referees had got it right initially and the capital side loses its only review.

32 - 22: Both Naveen Kumar and Pardeep Narwal are now on the bench! Joginder took out Pardeep with a deadly ankle hold, Hadi Oshtorak floored Naveen with a push!

Dabang Delhi 29 - 19 Patna Pirates: Both Naveen Kumar and Pardeep Narwal just keep increasing their tally of raid points in the match, while Ravinder Pahal has four tackle points now..

The last twenty minutes of the Delhi leg are underway!!

Dabang Delhi has a nine-point lead over Patna Pirates after the first twenty minutes of match 66 of PKL 2019 in Delhi.


Dabang Delhi 26 - 17 Patna Pirates: Naveen Kumar breaks Pardeep Narwal's record!!! The Delhi raider bags a bonus to complete his ninth straight Super-10 of the tournament. Pardeep had eight in a row in season five.

24 - 16: Dabang Delhi's star raider Naveen Kumar gets the bonus point, while Neeraj Kumar successfully tackles him to give his side one plus two points. Patna Pirates is well and truly back in the game.

23 - 13: Delhi is down to one man in an amazing turn of events!!! Pardeep Narwal is back to form finally!! He executes a perfect SUPER RAID as Chandran Ranjith, Vishal Mane and Ravinder Pahal head to the bench.

23 - 8: Pardeep is finally getting into the groove. One Narwal gets another. Delhi skipper Joginder is the player out. But Delhi still has a humongous 15-point lead!

21 - 7: ANOTHER ALL-OUT!!! Ravinder Pahal completes the formalities for the Dabang Delhi once again. Vikas Jaglan is the final player out. Naveen Kumar is inching closer towards breaking Pardeep Narwal's eight consecutive Super-10s record,

17 - 6: Delhi's Naveen Kumar got the better of Hadi Oshtorak first. Vikas Jaglan gets a bonus and a touch point on Ravi Kumar to reduce the deficit for Patna. But is the lead too huge to make a comeback for the Pirates? 

15 - 3: Have to feel bad for the Patna Pirates coach! He looks as clueless as his players. The difference is that he's sitting on the bench. Immediately after the all-out, Ravinder Pahal sent Pardeep to the bench in the very first raid. Vijay, Chandran Ranjith and Naveen all get raid touch points in the next few raids.

10 - 3: ALL-OUT!!! That took just three minutes!!! Crazy scenes here. Monu comes in to raid for Patna Pirates and Ravinder Pahal floors him with a lethal block.

7 - 2: Dabang Delhi raiders are getting free points here! Naveen Kumar sends both Vikas Jaglan and Jaideep to the bench. Patna Pirates down to one man as Mo Maghsoudlou is self-out during a do-or-die raid. The Pirates aren't even trying!

Dabang Delhi 4 - 1 Patna Pirates: Pardeep Narwal is already on the bench. Naveen Kumar has two raid points! And he looks set to break the former's 'Super-10' record.

And the match is underway!





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Now, we move on to the second game of the evening as Dabang Delhi takes on Patna Pirates in the final game of the Delhi leg of PKL 2019.


Telugu Titans 27 - 34 Puneri Paltan: HIGH 5 for Arun!!! And yet another Super Tackle. Telugu Titans now holds the record for most Super Tackles by a team in a single game!!!!! The substitute Pankaj Mohite is out! Sagar Krishna takes out another sub Siva Ganesh Reddy to complete the proceedings of the match.

25 - 32: SIXTH SUPER TACKLE FOR TELUGU TITANS!! C Arun gets two points and sends Nitin Tomar back to the bench.

Two minutes and forty-seven seconds to go!

23 - 32: Balasaheb Jadhav now registers his first tackle point! He gets the better of Farhad Milaghardan. ANOTHER TIME-OUT taken here.

23 - 31: Pune's Amit takes out Siddharth Desai with a double thigh hold. Then, Hyderabad skipper Vishal Bhardwaj gifts the opposition a point during a do-or-die raid. Poor stuff! Manjeet came in for the raid and he goes back untroubled.

23 - 29: Surjeet Singh makes another mistake! Farhad is gifted a point here. The very next raid, Nitin Tomar jumps past Abozar Mighani to restore his team's six-point lead.

Eight minutes twenty-five seconds remaining in the match.

22 - 28: Both the teams exchange tackle points. Ankit Beniwal took out Manjeet and then Shubham Shinde returned the favour on Ankit himself. TIME-OUT TAKEN!!! Pune still enjoys a six-point lead over Hyderabad.

21 - 27: Manjeet gets one more bonus. And the raider comes back to his side's half and successfully tackles Siddharth Desai. First tackle point of the second half!!!

21 - 25: Siddharth Desai continues racking up the raid points to keep his side in the game! Both Sagar Krishna and Balasaheb Jadhav are out now.

19 - 25: SUPER RAID!!!!!! No tackle point in this half so far! And Manjeet gets four in a single raid. He got the bonus and on the turn left-corner and skipper Vishal Bhardwaj went in for a thigh hold. Manjeet escaped Vishal's hold and went past both Farhad and Arun with an amazing Dubki!!!  

19 - 21: Siddharth is using a brilliant strategy here. He either gets a raid touch point or bags a bonus! Manjeet, on the other hand, also gets a bonus point. The lead is slowly decreasing.

17 - 20: The raiders have finally woken up!! Siddharth Desai first gets the beeter of Amit Kumar and then he adds a bonus point to his tally. Nitin Tomar executes a successful toe touch on C Arun to restore the three-point lead for his side.

Telugu Titans 15 - 19 Puneri Paltan: Nitin Tomar with a bonus point to begin the half. Non-raid technical points awarded to Puneri Paltan after too much argument from the Telugu Titans players. Siddharth Desai evades Sagar Krishna to finally get a raid point.

And the second-half is underway!

AND IT'S HALF-TIME!!! We've had an eventful first twenty minutes.

Telugu Titans 14 - 17 Puneri Paltan: ALL-OUT!!! Substitute Ankit Beniwal gives Pune captain Surjeet Singh his first tackle point of the game. And Pune regains the lead! Nitin Tomar comes up with a successful running hand touch on Hyderabad skipper Vishal Bhardwaj to close out the half.

13 - 13: All-rounder Nitin Tomar gets his first tackle point of the game. He tackles Amit Kumar with a perfect block. In the next raid, Manjeet finally gets a raid point to break the domination of the defenders. Titans down to one man as Abozar walks off.

13 - 12: REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL!! Telugu Titans can't challenge the referee's decision anymore in this game. Manjeet went in for the raid and he was successfully tackled after a shirt pull from Farhad. The referee's gave the point to the raider. And the decision stands!

13 - 10: Pune has literally thrown away the advantage it had after a bright start. Nitin Tomar began well but the Telugu Titans defenders have turned this game on its head. 18 tackle points and just 5 raid points in this game so far.

12 - 9: Both teams get a tackle point each. Farhad pushed Nitin Tomar out of bounds first. And then Shubham Shinde pounced on Suraj Desai to send him off the mat.

11 - 8: FIFTH SUPER TACKLE! 10 tackle points and one bonus point for Telugu Titans so far! Vishal Bhardwaj with another two points to his name. Manjeet is the raider out.

9 - 7: Fourth consecutive SUPER TACKLE!!!! Telugu Titans take the lead now! Abozar Mighani first sent Nitin Tomar to the bench with an ankle hold. Then, one Amit Kumar got the better of the other with a brilliant block!!

5 - 7: ANOTHER SUPER TACKLE! C Arun pulls back Manjeet with a brilliant wrestling move! Pune's Sagar Krishna takes out Hyderabad's Palle Mallikarjun in a do-or-die raid next. Titans down to two men!

3 - 6: SUPER TACKLE!!! Vishal Bhardwaj finally gets the better of Nitin Tomar. Amit Kumar completes a successful tackle on the other brother now. Three-point lead for Pune!

1 - 5: Telugu Titans gets its first point of the evening. Suraj Desai with a bonus. Amit Kumar executes a perfect thigh hold on Suraj's brother Siddharth. Manjeet continues his good form by evading a Farhad Milaghardan block.

Telugu Titans 0 - 3 Puneri Paltan: The returning Nitin Tomar registers three straight raid points straightaway! Both Abozar Mighani and C Arun are on the bench now.

The match begins!

Puneri Paltan wins the toss and selects choice of court. So Telugu Titans will raid first!






The match will be available for live streaming on Hotstar and will also be available on Star Network's live broadcast.