Pro Kabaddi: Jaipur stays alive with Bengaluru win, Steelers hammer Titans

Tune in for live scores, commentary and updates from the final day of the Haryana leg of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season 7 in Panchkula.

Updated : Oct 04, 2019 23:06 IST , Panchkula

Haryana Steelers would be hoping to go into the playoffs with some sort of form, while Telugu Titans will be playing for pride today.
Haryana Steelers would be hoping to go into the playoffs with some sort of form, while Telugu Titans will be playing for pride today.

Haryana Steelers would be hoping to go into the playoffs with some sort of form, while Telugu Titans will be playing for pride today.


That's it for today! Tune in again tomorrow as UP Yoddha's home leg, which is the last stretch of league games, begins.

MATCH REPORT| Jaipur beats Bengaluru to keep playoff hopes alive, Steelers thrash Titans

Siddharth Desai with today's Super-10 becomes the joint fastest to reach 400 career raid points in Pro Kabaddi history with Naveen Kumar.


Haryana Steelers 52 - 32 Telugu Titans: Farhad gets the better of Sunil with a running hand touch in a quick raid. Vikas Kandola sees out the last raid of the match, which was an empty one.

52 - 31:  ONE MORE SUPER TACKLE!!! Akash Choudhary absolutely floors Vikas Chhillar. Haryana's Ravi Kumar had pushed opponent raider Ankit Beniwal out of bounds in the previous raid.

51 - 29: Hyderabad substitute Ankit Beniwal evades Chand Singh and bags a raid point for his side. SUPER TACKLE!!! Farhad successfully tackles Tin Phonchoo with an ankle hold.

50 - 26: Vikas Chhillar finally gets his first raid point of the match. He evades Krushna Madane with a jump. Ravi Kumar executes a successful tackle on Rakesh Gowda next.

48 - 26: Another Haryana substitute Tin Phonchoo comes out with a successful raid point at the expense of Farhad. In the next raid, Sunil sends Siddharth to the bench. AND IT'S A TIME-OUT!!

46 - 26: Haryana coach Rakesh Kumar is trying out few substitutes now. One among them Vikas Chhillar goes in for the raid. Farhad takes him out with ease.  Siddharth gets the better of Chand Singh in the very next raid.

46 - 23: Prashanth Kumar Rai somehow finds the gap between Akash Choudhary and C Arun to increase the Haryana Steelers' lead. And one more two-point raid!

44 - 23: Five minutes to go! Siddharth Desai gets the better of Sunil. ANOTHER TIME-OUT TAKEN!!! What a dominant performance from Haryana in its last home game.

44 - 22:  Farhad puts in a brilliant two-point raid! Vikas Kale commits an error one more time! The substitute Chand singh followed him in the tackle and he pays the price as well.

44 - 20: The lead keeps inflating!!! HIGH-5 for Ravi Kumar! He floors Siddharth with a double thigh hold. Vinay takes out C Arun in the next raid with a toe touch.

42 - 20: After a barrage of empty raids finally Vikas Kandola gets a raid point at the expense of Farhad. TIME-OUT TAKEN!!! 22-point lead for Haryana now!

41 - 19: Farhad takes out  Kuldeep. In the next raid, Vinay wrongfoots Farhad and gets the better of him. Siddharth doesn't have supporting raider on the mat right now.

39 - 18: Rakesh Gowda is now supporting Siddharth well. He evades Ravi Kumar well. And Vikas sends Rakesh to the bench with a hand touch to ease it up for Haryana.

37 - 16: Three straight points for Telugu Titans now! SUPER 10 for Siddharth Desai! The Titans' raider is slowly getting into his groove. But it his too little too late????

37 - 13: THIRD ALL-OUT!!! Vikas completes the formalities in a single raid once again!!!  Farhad and C Arun mistime the tackle and pay for it.

33 - 13: Haryana's Vinay takes out Krushna Madane with a kick. Hyderabad's Farhad follows it up with a bonus point. Telugu down to two men once again!!!

Haryana Steelers 32 - 12 Telugu Titans:  Rakesh Gowda went in deep there trying to get the bonus but Sunil got the better of him with a good thigh hold.

The final 20 minutes of the match are underway!

Vikas Kandola has successfully completed his tenth Super-10 of Pro Kabaddi season seven and HAryana Steelers are running away with this game.


Haryana Steelers 30 - 12 Telugu Titans: Prashanth Kumar Rai completes 400 Pro Kabaddi career points now!! Akash heads to the bench one more time! Ravi Kumar gets the better of Siddharth Desai in the very next raid.

28 - 12: SECOND ALL-OUT!!! Vikas takes out both Akash and substitute Manish in a single raid to complete another all-out. 

24 - 12:  Vikas Kandola goes past 400 Pro Kabaddi career raid points. Titans down to two men. Siddharth comes in to raid and he he's happy with a bonus point.

23 - 10: Telugu Titans is throwing it away!!! It's defenders are repeatedly putting in advance tackles.  Vikas Kandola has benifitted the most out of it. Vinay has also started chipping in with points.

20 - 10: ALL-OUT!!! Ten-point lead for Haryana Steelers!!! Vikas completed the surrender raid on Aakash Arsul. And immediately after the restart, both Siddharth Desai and Rakesh Gowda are back to the bench.  Prashanth claims one more bonus.

14 - 10: Vikas executes a perfect toe touch on substitute C Arun. Titans down to two men! Siddharth goes in to raid and he quickly gets the bonus. But left-corner Kuldeep Singh floors him with a thigh hold.

12 - 8: Siddharth Desai completes 400 Pro Kabaddi career points with a bonus. Vikas keeps piling up the points at the other end.

11 - 6: What Siddharth does Vikas can do one better! Siddharth with the running hand touch on poor Vikas Kale, while Vikas Kandola takes out both Farhad and Akash.

9 - 5: Aakash Arsul takes out Vikas Kandola with a block. Ravi Kumar returns the favour on Rakesh Gowda. Vinay manages a two-point raid next as he evades both Krushna Madane and Aakash Arsul.

5 - 4: Three straight bonus points here. Prashanth and Vinay with two for Haryana, while Rakesh Gowda claims one for Telugu.

3 - 3: Vikas Kandola with a two-point raid! He sends both Manish and Akash Choudhury to the bench. SCORES LEVEL! Siddharth Desai gets the better of Sunil in the next raid for the Titans.

Haryana Steelers 1 - 1 Telugu Titans: Vikas Kale's misery continues in this game as well. His 11th consecutive unsuccessful tackle as Siddharth Desai opens his account. Prashanth Kumar Rai bagged the bonus for Haryana to tie the scores.

The second match of the evening begins!

'Anna' Dharmaraj Cheralathan is not in the Haryana Steelers lineup today but check out his appearance in episode 5 of Sportstar's Kings of Kabaddi.



Now, moving on to match 121 of the tournament!

Jaipur Pink Panthers has done something amazing tonight without its skipper Deepak Hooda. The advantage kept oscillating between the sides and finally the side from Jaipur has held its nerve to keep its playoff hopes alive.


Jaipur Pink Panthers 41 - 34 Bengaluru Bulls: ALL-OUT!!!! And Jaipur wins to stay alive in Pro Kabaddi season seven. Nilesh Salunke completed the formalities as the Bulls get a solitary point from this fixture.

38 - 34:  HIGH 5 FOR VISHAL!!! Bengaluru's Sumit Singh is the player out!! Jaipur's veteran left-corner Sandeep Dhull takes out the substitute Mohit Sehrawat next. Two seconds left on the clock!

36 - 34: The Pink Panthers have a two-point lead now!!!! And Pawan is out as well!!!! Guman Singh has made the difference here. He sent Saurabh Nandal to the back once again with a toe touch, while a passionate Amit Hooda got the better of Pawan with a successful block.

34 - 34: SCORES LEVEL ONCE AGAIN!!! Amit Hooda sends Banty to the bench with a lethal dash. Jaipur has to win this game to advance to the playoffs.

33 - 34: It's a one-point game now! Nilesh Salunke got the bonus point first. Then Banty jumped over Sandeep Dhull with ease. Finally the super-sub Guman Singh took out Mahender Singh. ANOTHER TIME-OUT TAKEN!!!

31 - 33: Deepak Narwal goes to the bench and Pawan is back on the mat, thanks mainly to Sumit Singh! Amit Hooda's miserable day continues!

31 - 31: SCORES LEVEL!!! Sandeep Dhull took out Pawan first and that paved the way for Deepak Narwal to go to the other side and successfully 'Dubki' past Mahender singh and Saurabh Nandal. AND IT'S A TIME-OUT!!!

28 - 31: Nilesh Salunke is successfully tackled by Amit Sheoran in a do-or-die raid. The Jaipur super-sub Guman Singh bags a bonus point next. Amit Hooda finally gets his first tackle point of the game by getting the better of Banty with a double thigh hold.

Saurabh Nandal completes 50 Tackle points this season!!!!

27 - 30: REVIEW SUCCESSFUL FOR BENGALURU!!!  It was against a bonus decision. Deepak Narwal and Sumit Singh are out in consecutive raids here.

26 - 28: Pawan with a two-point raid. Before that, Nilesh had got the better of Banty. Pawan went for the raid and quickly sent Pavan TR and Sandeep Dhull back to the bench.

25 - 26:  ALL-OUT!!! And Bengaluru takes back the lead!!! Pawan evades Vishal with ease as the Bulls are back in pole position now.

25 - 23: Pawan Sehrawat executes a perfect kick on Amit Hooda. Jaipur down to two men!!! Deepak Narwal comes in to raid. The very next raid, he got the bonus and the Bengaluru defence waits out the entire 30-second time period as Mahender Singh finally pounces on him.

24 - 21: Sumit Singh revives Pawan once again! Santhapanaselvam mistimes an ankle hold. In the next raid, Deepak Narwal gets a bonus and he gets the better of Ankit on his way back.

Jaipur Pink Panters 22 - 19 Bengaluru Bulls:  SUPER TACKLE!!! Vishal takes out Pawan one more time!!!

The second-half begins!

This match is literally decided by the raiders. Deepak Narwal has an able deputy in Nilesh Salunke but Pawan Sehrawat is as usual playing a solo act. A small lead for Jaipur here but anything can happen in the next 20 minutes. Stay tuned!!


Jaipur Pink Panthers 20 - 18 Bengaluru Bulls: The raiders have performed very well today. The defenders, on the other hand are gifting points like Santa Claus. Deepak Narwal and Nilesh Salunke are the reasons as to why Jaipur is leading today.

19 - 17: SUPER 10 for Pawan Sehrawat!!! His 15th of the season!!!! Amit Hooda and Sandeep Dhull are having a miserable match here.

18 - 14: ONE MORE SUPER RAID!!!! FIFTH OF THE MATCH! And Deepak Narwal reaches a well-deserved SUPER-10!!!! Pawan goes to the bench a third time today. This time due to a defensive error. Mahender Singh initiated the tackle and Saurabh Nandal is the other player going to the bench.

15 - 12: Three-point lead for Jaipur! Two-point raid for Deepak Narwal! He takes out both Ankit and the revived Saurabh Nandal on his way past the mid-line.

13 - 11: The advantage keeps swinging like a pendulum. ANOTHER SUPER RAID! Deepak Narwal got the bonus first. Amit Sheoran and Saurabh Nandal tried to block him after that but failed miserably.

10 - 11: Bengaluru takes the lead! The hi-flyer Pawan Sehrawat is at it once again! Amit Hooda commits the error once again. He takes Vishal and Nilesh Salunke with him to the bench. SUPER RAID!!! Deepak Narwal is also slowly inching towards a Super 10.

Pawan Sehrawat becomes just the second person in Pro Kabaddi history after Pardeep Narwal (Season 5) to breach the 300-point mark in a single season.

9 - 8: Both the teams trade a raid point each now. Both the defences have been very ordinary so far. Pawan and Deepak Narwal get the points.

8 - 7: ANOTHER SUPER RAID!!! It's Pawan's turn now! No bonus just three touch points. Both the jaipur corners are gone and its lead raider in this game Nilesh Salunke is also out. Jaipur is finding ways to throw away this game as well.

NOTE: Jaipur Pink Panthers has already lost its review, while Bengaluru Bulls has one.

8 - 4: SUPER RAID!!! Nilesh Salunke works out his magic! One bonus plus two touch points. Ankit and Banty are the defenders at fault.

5 - 4: Bengaluru is mounting a comeback now. Jaipur's Deepak Narwal failed in a do-or-die raid initially and then Pawan claimed his first raid point of the night. The hi-flyer also celebrated like his side won the title after getting the touch.

5 - 2: Sumit Singh is gone too. This season's top defender Sandeep Dhull floors the Bengaluru raider.

4 - 2: Nilesh Salunke bags a good bonus point. Good start for the Pink Panthers here.

3 - 2: Pawan is out once again!!! He surprisingly falls prey to a raider Deepak Narwal. Poor footwork from the hi-flyer.

2 -2: Sumit Singh revives Pawan. Vishal was too eager to for the tackle here and he pays the price. Pavan TR joined him in the tackle and he now joins him on the bench.

2 - 0: Pawan Sehrawat goes to the bench! Dream start for the Pink Panthers. Vishal you beauty! He takes out Pawan with an ankle hold.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 1 - 0 Bengaluru Bulls: Deepak Narwal gives his side a very good start. He gets the running hand touch on Ankit with ease.

And the match begins!

Jaipur Pink Panthers captain Deepak Niwas Hooda is also not part of this game, which is a kind of like a must-win game for his side. A big blow for the first Pro Kabaddi champion even before the start of the match.

Jaipur has to try hard and somehow win tonight in order to bag that final playoff spot. However, a loss by less than seven points might give them an outside chance of staying alive in the tournament. But with UP Yoddha having four games and a home leg in hand, anything less than a win today might pull the curtains on Srinivas and his team's campaign this Pro Kabaddi season.

The Bulls enjoy a very good head-to-head advantage over the Pink Panthers. The defending champion has seven wins in 10 games against the inaugural winner. The men in pink have beaten Randhir's side only twice, while there was a tie in one of the encounters.

Bengaluru Bulls skipper Rohit Kumar is not in the squad today as well but he was there with Sportstar in episode six of Kings of Kabaddi.



The match will be available for live streaming on Hotstar and will also be available on Star Network's live broadcast.


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