Welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League. This was Nigamanth and I took you through today's PKL 8 match between UP Yoddha and Puneri Paltan.

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RECAP: A commanding victory for Puneri Paltan as the side put up a superb overall performance. The side's star raider Aslam Inamdar came up with an all-round display picking up 12 points from 20 raids and four tackle points. Mohit Goyat, on the other hand, picked up another super 10 tonight and delivered when it mattered. UP Yoddha was never allowed to comeback into the game after the start of second half as the deficit grew bigger with every Paltan raid.

The positive takeaway for UP Yoddha was Surender Gill's brilliant performance, which saw him pick up a whopping 16 points. However, he did not receive the necessary support from his teammates. Pardeep Narwal, the side's primary raider, had a poor outing as he managed only six points.

PKL 8 Points Table: Gujarat Giants, Bengaluru Bulls and Puneri Paltan through to playoffs  

With the victory, Puneri Paltan has picked up hat-trick of wins and has leaped to eighth place in the table, just behind UP Yoddha.

44-38 Surender gets back two points but those are consolation. Puneri Paltan have won the match. Dominant performance from the men in Orange

44-36 DO OR DIE! Mohit goes in for an important raid and he picks up a touch point. Swift work. UP Yoddha reviews it. Very Very slight touch but the review is unsuccessful

43-36 Sankit gives away an easy point. Pardeep Narwal snatches those, the seven point deficit is within Yoddha's reach

Less than two minutes to go. Paltan looking confident at the moment

43-35 Abinesh with an amazing dash and is helped by Sanket. UP Yoddha gets a bonus and will look to reduce the deficit. Each team gets a point.

42-34 Mohit gets a freebie from Shrikant. Loose ankle hold and Mohit gets away. It is Paltan's game as of now.

40-34 Pardeep Narwal is taken down by Aslam. Amazing double ankle hold

39-34 Surender Gill at it again. The paltan defense holds him firmly. Big start after the break


38-34 Surender Gill has a multi-point raid. Picks two defenders. Huge raid in the context of this match. Paltan is left with five defenders, a sloppy defense work and two points leaked.

37-32 Pardeep Narwal is the raider and returns empty handed.

37-32 A technical point for Paltan. You cannot do that. A freebie awarded .

36-32 ALL OUT! Surender is the man again. Picks up the remaining two defenders of Paltan.

35-28 SUPER RAID! Surender  is back after the break, Sombir coming in with the ankle hold. Wait. That is four points!!

Less than 10 minutes left in the match and Puneri Paltan will be happy with the lead.


35-24 Pardeep Narwal is dashed away by Sanket and the rest of the defense joins in. Rock solid defense.

34-24 SUPER RAID! Pardeep Narwal is the man. Just another day in the office. He gets rid of two defenders and bags a bonus point. Can the Dubki King inspire his side to a win today?

33 -21 Mohit with an amazing jump and takes a point.

32-20 Surender SUPER 10 and an ALL OUT Triggered . Surender is unstoppable. Paltan have just brushed past Yoddha in the last five minutes

DO OR DIE! Surender Gill goes in and is dashed by Nitin Tomar. Colossal tackle.

26-20 DO OR DIE! Mohit gets rid of Pardeep. Huge point for the Paltan

25-20 Aslam is in against four defenders and it is yet again an empty raid.

25-20 Mohit goes in and returns empty handed.

24-20 Pressure back on Yoddha as they give away two points.

22-20 Pardeep Narwal picks a bonus and a touch point. Review and it is unsuccessful . Only one point awarded

22-18 Abinesh with an amazing dash to prevent the raider from taking home a point.

End of first half and its 21-18 in favour of Puneri Paltan

21-18 ALL OUT! UP YODDHA has triggered it this time. The match looks very  interesting as things stand. Surender Gill is the man. Absolutely demolished the remaining two members of Puneri Paltan with a dubki . UP Yoddha has comeback extremely well after an early setback and the match is nicely poised.

21-14 Aslam gets a bonus and a point. Fantastic back kick.

Last two miutes left in the first half.

18-13 DO OR DIE! Shrikant Yadav. Only touch points were available and Shrikant grabs two with ease. UP Yoddha is well and truly back.

18-11 Sumit picks the raider with an ankle hold. Puneri Paltan picks a Bonus point.

17-10 UP Yoddha has pulled back two points and is closing in on the opponent.

17-8 Mohit with a swift toe touch to take back a point.

16-8 Nitin finally comes in for a raid. After 12 minutes and is pushed off the mat by the Yoddha defenders.

16-7 The two teams take a point each.

15-6 DO OR DIE! UP Yoddha has reviewed it and got it spot on

15-5 Aslam Inamdar comes back empty handed

15-5 Surendar Gill has run into Abinesh, amazing hold. Puneri Paltan's defense is looking impenetrable.

13-5 ALL OUT! Puneri Paltans have triggered the all out.

9-4 Mohammed Thaghi picks up a bonus point

9-3 Pardeep Narwal cannot elude the Paltan stronghold. Paltan with a good lead. Off to a flying start.

7-3 Surendar Gill goes in to pick up the bonus but an ankle hold stops him on his tracks

6-3 Surendar Gill takes the safe path. Bonus point picked up

5-2 Abinesh comes up with the dash and stops Shrikant from getting away

4-2 Aslam goes in for the raid and its an empty raid.

3-1 Pardeep Narwal starts things off for UP Yoddha.

0-3 : Aslam Inamdar wins a bonus and a point. Puneri Paltans review in their firsr raid and wins it.

It was raids galore last time these teams met. A blockbuster encounter awaits.

UP Yoddha win the toss. Puneri Platan to raid first


7:20pm: Line-ups! Heres how the teams look:

UP Yoddha: Nitesh Kumar (c), Pardeep Narwal, Shrikant Jadhav, Surender Gill, Sumit, Ashu Singh, Shubham Kumar

Puneri Paltans: Nitin Tomar (c), Mohit Goyat, Aslam Inamdar, Abinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant, Karamvir, Sombir

7:05pm: Head-to-head stats: Matches played - 6. UP Yoddha have won four of those matches and Puneri Paltan have won two.

7:00pm: Seventh-placed UP Yoddha faces tenth-placed Puneri Paltan for the second time this season. Both the teams have lost one of their last three games but will be determined to win this one as it could change their position in the table drastically. That being said, UP Yoddha has the upper hand among the two teams as it had won the last three matches against Puneri Paltan, including two from season 7.

UP Yoddha vs Puneri Paltan: Recent form

Match on the left is the latest

UP Yoddha: L, W, W, W, T
Puneri Paltan: W, W, L, L, W

6:40pm: Due to an outburst of Covid-19 cases within camps, the organisers were forced to make changes to this week's fixtures. Here's the revised schedule for this week:

COVID-19 hits Pro Kabaddi League, changes in January fixtures  

6:30pm: Good evening, folks. Before we get into the live action of the contest between UP Yoddha and Puneri Paltan, here is our review of the season thus far by my colleague Lavanya Lakshminarayanan:

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