Welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League. This is Nihit Sachdeva and I will be taking you through today's PKL 8 match between Haryana Steelers and Telugu Titans.


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Summary: Vikash Kandola will hope that his final raid does not come back to haunt Haryana Steelers in its bid to make it to the play-offs. Rakesh Kumar's men had five points and the jump to second place almost sealed. However, Telugu Titans showed incredible spirit in the final few seconds to first take a quick touch point which not only brought the deficit down to a single point but also ensured that the last raid had to be Haryana's. Vikash Kandola, who had already completed a Super 10, needed to come back with a touch point since the whole Titans defense was on the baulk line. His effort to get that touch was right but what he did after that is questionable as he dived straight into Sandeep's block. Haryana started the match strongly but let Titans to comeback before the end of the first half. A similar script followed post the mid-game interval ultimately leading to the 15th tie of the season. Both teams take three points each which helps Haryana move to third place on the point table but Titans stay at the bottom.

Sandeep Kandola walks off the mat holding his shoulder with a possible injury.

39-39: IT'S A TIE!!! Haryana has bottled this. It was the skipper Vikash Kandola who went in for the final raid. Titans understandably had a high line to make it impossible for him to make it a legal raid unless he had a touch point. He tried to get a touch with his stretched arm, did not get it and then, Sandeep Kandola (who else it could be!) came in with a superb block one and a half feet away from the mid-line to block Vikash.

39-38: WOW! Adarsh T has picked a quick touch point in three seconds.

39-37: Ankit, what did you do? There was no need to go for the tackle on Vinay. Easy touch point.

38-37: Huge. Mohit commits the error and Ankit gets a quick touch point. There is time for minimum of two raids.

Forty seven second to go. Titans have taken the time out and coach Jagdish Kumble has instructed that if you get a point from you raid, play a high line.

38-36: Amazing. It is a do-or-die raid and Vikash Kandola has been pushed off the mat after the initial ankle hold by Rohit. No bonus either.

38-35: Another bonus. This time, the raider was Ankit Beniwal.

Ninety seconds on the clock.

38-34: Rohit Kumar picks up a quick bonus.

38-33: Vinay does exactly that and then returns to the mid-line to run down the clock. However, the official has not given the bonus. Haryana has challenged the decision and wasted the review.

Haryana has taken the timeout and coach Rakesh Kumar has instructed his side to pick up the bonus every single time they go for the raid as Titans will put in quick raids now.

38-33: ALL OUT!!! Galla Raju was subbed in for the raid but the Haryana defense only allowed him to take a bonus. Haryana has a strong hold now.

35-32: SUPER 10 FOR VIKASH! The raider first got a touch off Rohit Kumar and then C Arun gifted one more trying for the ankle hold.

Final strategic time out. Five minutes to go. Do the Titans have it in them to turn this around? Stay tuned to find out.

33-32: Vikash restores Haryana's lead as he gets a touch off Sandeep Kandola on the left corner with a sublime back-kick. It's a brilliant raid given the fact that Sandepe has been THE defender for Titans tonight with a High Five.

32-32: Jaideep, you beauty! The defender of the season pushes Adarsh off the mat.

31-32: Excellent. It was a do-or-die raid for Vikash Kandola, the Titans was patient enough before pushing him off the mat.

31-31: Ankit Beniwal picks up a bonus but then gets dashed off by the pumped up Haryana defense.

30-30: Sandeep Kandola went in for the ankle hold on Vinay but the support came in too late which resulted in the raider picking one more touch point.

First strategic time out. Ten minutes to go.

28-30: ALL OUT!!! Rohit Gulia, my word! The raider, last man standing for the Steelers, put in the raid, literally flew over one of the defenders after picking a bonus as the others closed in him but eventually, he was tackled.

27-27: Adarsh T has an easy touch point off Vinay and Haryana is down to one man again.

27-26: Rohit Gulia takes a bonus.

26-26: Parity restored. It was a do-or-die raid for Ankit but he is in some form tonight and it shows as he gets two touch points.

26-24: So close!! Vikash Kandola was in for the raid, Rohit tried the ankle hold, missed it but the entire defense was alert and did not allow Haryana skipper to escape.

26-23: I don't understand what Akash was trying to do there as he tried a block on Vikash.

25-23: Vikash Kandola takes a bonus point without much fuss.

24-23: SUPER RAID!!! Brilliant work from Rohit Kumar. He tried to take the bonus, didn't get it but the Haryana defense went to block him since he was quite deep but he somehow muscled his way past the defenders. Mohit, Jaideep and Surender are off to the bench. Telugu Titans loses its review looking for the bonus.

24-20: Surinder commits his first error of the night as Rohit Gulia invites him for a back hold but then makes it to the mid-line.

22-20: Do-or-die raid for Ankit Beniwal but he calmly goes and gets a touch via a back kick on Surender Nada.

22-19: Another successful raid for Vinay as Akash goes for the ankle hold, gets it but no support from Surinder and others as the raider was too close to safety.

Both teams are playing a high line to deny the bonus.

21-19: Vinay is in for the opening raid of the second half and he quickly takes a running hand touch off Rohit Kumar.

Haryana Steelers started the match strongly and had an eight-point lead at one point when it inflicted the all out on Telugu Titans. However, since then, the Titans have been absolutely sensational and this is now a nicely poised contest going into the second half.

HALF-TIME: Haryana Steelers 20-19 Telugu Titans

20-19: ALL OUT!!! Jaideep goes in for the raid with his head bandaged but the Titans defense doesn't allow him to take even a bonus as he is tackled.

20-16: Unbelievable. Adarsh now gets a touch off sub Shrikant and Haryana is down to one man.

20-15: Vikash Kandola picks up a bonus.

19-15: Mohit tries a solo ankle hold on Adarsh as the Super tackle was on but he ideally should have waited for Jaideep to settle in who had just come back on the mat.

19-14: A quick running toe touch by Adarsh off Ravi Kumar. Is he the Titans raiders are targeting?

19-13: Nicely done from the Titans. They didn't commit early as Rohit Gulia waited for someone to gift a touch point. Then, while he looked to return, Akash came in with a high quality back hold.

Jaideep has a cut on his head and is receiving medical attention. Hope the defender is okay.

19-12: Adarsh goes in for the raid, tries to find a touch point on the right corner but he was too deep and Jaideep came in time to take him down.

18-11: A successful raid for Ankit as Surender went for the ankle hold but didn't get much support.

18-10: Rohit Gulia gets the bonus but then gets mobbed by the Titans defense. That's more like it.

17-9: ALL OUT!!! Surender Nada looked like he wanted to carry Ankit Beniwal all the way to the bench. The raider got the bonus though.

14-8: Titans are down to one man as Vikash smartly goes for Ruturak Koravi and not Ankit. The touch is there and he has no problem in returning to his side off the mat.

13-8: Ankit Beniwal picks up a bonus.

13-7: Vinay goes in for the raid, Sandeep Kandola ruled self-out and then the raider easily takes a touch point off Adarsh.

11-7: SUPER TACKLE!!! Ruturaj Koravi with an excellent hold takes down Vikash and the other two players on the mat come on time to assist.

11-5: Adarsh T picks up a bonus. Titans need touch points since they have just three on the mat.

11-4: SUPER RAID!!! Vikash Kandola opens his account in some style as the Titans defence goes all in on him but he manages to get his fingertips over the mid-line.

8-4: The in-form Haryana defence is at it again. Mohit sees Ankit Beniwal try to take a touch point with a back kick and goes for the dash to push him off the mat.

7-4: Another bonus for Vinay. This is too easy.

6-4: A clean running hand touch by Ankit Beniwal off Ravi Kumar.

6-3: Vinay, hero of the last match, starts off with a bonus.

5-3: Rohit Kumar picks up a bonus.

5-2: No point for Rohit Gulia as he jumps over Sandeep but then gets blocked by others.

5-1: This time Adarsh T goes in for the raid and he has been pushed off the mat. Not sure why the official didn't rule one of the defenders self out.

4-1: Another bonus for Rohit Gulia.

3-1: First point of the night for the Titans as Sandeep Kandola blocks Vikash Kandola.

3-0: Do-or-die raid for Ankit Beniwal and the dangerous duo of Mohit and Jaideep takes him down.

2-0: Rohit Gulia picks up a bonus point.

1-0: Rohit Gulia tries for the bonus and instead gets a touch point from Akash on the right corner who went for the ankle hold.


TOSS - Haryana Steelers wins the toss. Telugu Titans to raid first.

7:20PM: LINE-UPS!!!

Haryana Steelers: Vikash Kandola (c), Vinay, Rohit Gulia, Surender Nada, Jaideep Dahiya, Mohit Nandal, Ravi Kumar

Telugu Titans: Rohit Kumar (c), Adarsh T, Surinder Singh, C. Arun, Ankit Beniwal, Akash Choudhary, Sandeep Kandola

7:10PM: Head-to-head stats: Matches played - 6, Matches won by Haryana Steelers - 3, Matches won by Telugu Titans - 3, Last meeting: Haryana won 39-37


The Haryana Steelers ’ impressive resurgence has seen it register a hat-trick of wins and climb to sixth on the PKL points table. In its last outing, it beat UP Yoddha 36-35 and ended its three-game winning streak . All seven starters contributed to the victory, with five players scoring five or more points. The Steelers have an excellent and versatile raiding unit, led by the mercurial Vikash Kandola. Their defence, marshalled by veteran Surender Nada, has been one of the most lethal this season. Haryana has seemingly found the right personnel and is looking better with every passing game.

The Telugu Titans would have hoped that its victory over the Jaipur Pink Panthers would turn the tide of its campaign, but unfortunately, its form since that win has been just as poor as it was before that. It has lost its last two games against U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls and remains rooted to the bottom of the points. In both matches, the Titans found themselves trailing by plenty at the end of the first half, making it an uphill task for them to mount a comeback in the second. The Titans are currently 20 points off a playoff spot. They’ll have to win their remaining nine matches to stand a chance of making it to the playoffs. But the Titans can’t think too far ahead and will only focus on getting their second win of the season when they face the Steelers.

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6:35PM: In case you are wondering why there is only one game today, it is because a number of COVID-19 positive cases have been reported amongst two teams forcing PKL organiser Mashal Sports to reschedule some games. Read the full story here: COVID-19 hits Pro Kabaddi League, changes in January fixtures

6:30PM: Hello folks! Welcome to our live coverage of the only PKL game for today between Haryana Steelers and Telugu Titans. Before we get to that, here are the results from the last three days -

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