Pro Kabaddi PKL Highlights: Naveen Kumar scores 25 points to power Dabang Delhi past Telugu Titans; Rajnish impresses with 20 points

Pro Kabaddi League Live Score: Get live updates and scores from the PKL 8 game between Dabang Delhi and Telugu Titans being played in Bengaluru on Wednesday.

Ankit Beniwal has stepped up and shouldered raiding responsibilities for the Titans in the absence of Siddharth Desai. Will he be able to counter Dabang Delhi's Naveen Kumar in their PKL clash on Wednesday?

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A stunning, gripping encounter ends in Dabang Delhi's favour as it picks up a 36-35 win over Telugu Titans. Dabang Delhi rode on Naveen Kumar's brilliance as he top-scored once again with a mammoth 25 points. Telugu Titans had a star of its own, in Siddharth Desai's absence, as Rajnish stormed into the limelight with a phenomenal 20-point show.

The win sees Dabang Delhi extend its unbeaten start to the season and climb to the top of the standings, while Telugu Titans remains winless and moves to the 11th spot.


Dabang Delhi vs Telugu Titans


36-35 Naveen does not pick up a point on the do-or-die raid but it does not matter, Dabang Delhi remains undefeated and storms to the top of the table.

Telugu Titans coach, "Stay on the baulk like! Play a high line and tackle Naveen."

36-34 Rajnish has been tackled and that had swiftly given Dabang Delhi the advantage! Ashu Malik initiates the tackle and gets ample support to eliminate the in-form Rajnish.

35-34 Naveen bags the bonus and keeps his side ahead.

Telugu Titans coach, "If Naveen raids, make sure you tackle him out."

Dare I say it, we might just have a tie today!

34-34 Naveen is at it again and he relegates Sandeep Kandola to the bench now. One minute and 20 seconds to go!

33-34 Rajnish bags his 20th point of the evening! He teases Joginder on the right corner and escapes his ankle hold.

33-33 Surinder makes a silly error and Naveen says thank you very much.

32-33 ALL OUT FOR TELUGU TITANS! I have not seen a better raid than that this season! Absolutely unbelievable from Rajnish. Jeeva and Deepak flatten him to the mat but Rajnish channels his superhuman strength to drag them inch by inch and gets to the mid-line.

Telugu Titans coach, "Give Naveen the bonus ans then tackle him We need the All Out!"

32-29 Naveen bags two points when it matters the most! He gets a bonus point and a touch on Surinder. Five minutes to go!

30-29 Oh my word, Rajnish says I can do what Naveen can do! He sneaks a touch on Manjeet and evades Ashu's tackle to pick up two invaluable points! Dabang Delhi down to one man - Naveen.

30-27 Naveen picks up more points that takes his season's tally to 100 points! He's only played games!

28-27 Wow, Rajnish is picking up points at will! He gets a running hand touch on Joginder and a touch Krishan to keep his side in the game.

27-25 Rajnish, you beauty! The muscular raider takes out two of Dabang Delhi's strongest and most-experienced raiders in Jeeva and Sandeep Narwal.

27-23 Sandeep attempts an ankle hold on Naveen from almost three feet away and Naveen coolly slips out of it.

26-23 Things aren't getting any better for Ruturaj...he succumbs under pressure from Naveen and steps into the lobby to give away an easy point.

25-22 Ruturaj is having a poor game today. He launches into a low tackle on Ashu, but the Dabang Delhi raider is too quick and jumps past him.

24-22 SUPER 10 FOR RAJNISH! He outfoxes jeeva on a do-or-die raid and bags a stellar Super 10.

Sandeep is grimacing in pain, but is back on the court.

24-21 Neeraj Narwal runs into a tackle from Sandeep and the latter seems to have hurt himself in the process.

Joginder Narwal picks up a green card for shouting during a raid.

24-20 Surinder seems to be the only Telugu Titans defender today who's been able to outwit Naveen. He charges at him and flattens him to the mat.

24-19 ALL OUT FOR DABANG DELHI! Surinder gets the bonus but is taken out by a collective effort from Manjeet, Ashu and Joginder. A five-point lead for Dabang Delhi now.

21-18 Telugu Titans down to one man! He eliminates Prince, who had just come on, and Dabang Delhi can inflict an All Out now!

20-18 Naveen is back where he left off, he gets a touch on Ruturaj now and has 15 points to show!

19-18 Neeraj Narwal comes off the bench and does just that - he gets rid of Rajnish and that will bring Naveen back on the mat. Talk about executing your coach's plans...

Dabang Delhi coach has a very simple half-time talk Krishan Kumar Hooda, "Stay calm and play the game. Just get Naveen back on the mat."

HALF-TIME! Nothing to separate the two sides at the interval with both sides locked at 18 points each. The usual suspect Naveen Kumar has been at his best, as he has all season, to score 14 of his side's 18 while Rajnish has been Telugu Titans' star of the evening with nine points.

18-18 SUPER TACKLE FROM SURINDER SINGH! He lunges into a beautiful double ankle hold on Naveen and executes it to perfection.

18-16 That's another tackle point for Dabang Delhi as he blocks Adarsh.

17-16 That's great awareness from Naveen. Rohit was busy raising an issue with the umpires and wanted a bonus point and was oblivious to Naveen's arrival. The Dabang Delhi raider ran in, got a touch on Rohit, and saunters back into his side of the court.

15-16 Finally, a tackle point for Dabang Delhi! Joginder gives it his all to trap Rajnish in an ankle hold and is furious as the delayed assist from Manjeet comes just in time.

13-16 Not really sure what Jeeva was doing there....he pretty much sacrifices himself to Rajnish.

12-15 ALL OUT FOR TELUGU TITANS! Rajnish is the man of the moment as he gets rid of the three remaining Dabang Delhi men to inflict the All Out.

12-10 SUPER 10 FOR NAVEEN! He wriggles out of Surinder's advanced tackle.

11-10 Manjeet is the next Dabang Delhi defender to make a silly error and Rajnish, yet again, earns the point.

11-9 Naveen to the rescue! He catches Surinder napping and gets a superb running hand touch on him.

9-9 Rajnish is turning it up here! He toys with Manjeet on the right before getting a kick on Krishan.

8-8 That's very unnecessary from Ashu. He tries to take out Rajnish, who is on his way back, and gets himself sent to the bench. Dabang Delhi is down to three and is staring at an All Out!

7-7 Excellent work from Rajnish! He targets the right corner and then manages to give Sandeep the slip to pick up his third point from as many raids.

7-6 Poor work from Jeeva and that gives Telugu Titans a way back into the game. Rajnish wrestles his way out of Jeeva's meek ankle hold.

7-5 Dabang Delhi skipper Joginder makes a silly error as he steps into the lobby and gift the Telugu Titans an easy point.

7-4 That's his fifth raid point of the game and it's come in just six raids! The Naveen Express is well and truly motoring on.

6-3 Naveen, Naveen, good was that? The Telugu Titans defence is simply struggling to read his game and he gets the better of Ruturaj this time around.

5-3 No luck this time for Ankit as he is flattened by Vijay.

Naveen is displaying some blistering pace! I sense a 20+ point game from him today.

3-3 Naveen strikes! He gets a running hand touch on Sandeep and picks up his third point of the game.

2-3 Ankit Beniwal picks up two in a raid! He scores a bonus point and slips out of Ashu's tackle.

1-1 Naveen Kumar, the best raider of the season, also bags a bonus point to set the ball rolling.

1-0 Rohit Kumar makes the first raid of the game and takes a bonus point.

Dabang Delhi won the toss and chose the right side of the court, hence Telugu Titans will raid first.


8:35pm: LINE UPS!

Telugu Titans: Rohit Kumar, Ankit Beniwal, Surinder Singh, C. Arun, Rajnish, Ruturaj Koravi, Sandeep Kandola

Dabang Delhi: Joginder Narwal, Naveen Kumar, Ashu Kumar, Manjeet Chillar, Sandeep Narwal, Vijay Malik, Jeeva Kumar

8:30pm: Puneri Paltan has snapped a three-game losing run to defeat Gujarat Giants! Maybe the Telugu Titans, who are now at the bottom of the table, can take that as a source of inspiration and pick up their first win of the season.

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Dabang Delhi can return to the top of the PKL table if it gets the better of, or even draws with Telugu Titans today. Dabang Delhi has won three and tied two of its five matches and remain the only unbeaten team this season. The defence had a poor outing in their previous game against the Tamil Thalaivas, and the raiding unit was heavily reliant on Naveen Kumar delivering consistently.

Telugu Titans, on the other hand, remains the only team without a win this season. The side has tied two of its five matches and has lost the other three by a collective margin of four points. The team has been competitive in every game they’ve played this season but simply haven’t been able to score a victory.

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Where to watch PKL 8?

You can watch all the games of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL 8) on the Star Sports Network. The matches will also be streamed live on the Disney+ Hotstar app.