Welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League. This is Nihit Sachdeva and I will be taking you through today's PKL 8 match between Patna Pirates and Bengaluru Bulls.


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Summary: Patna Pirates' determined defense led by Sunil Narwal's High Five (9 points) and Mohammadreza Shadloui (3 points) made sure that the seemingly unstoppable Pawan Sehrawat could not create his magic again and lead Bengaluru Bulls to another win. Pawan did get a Super 10 but that's all that he could do as he spent half of the time on the bench and other raiders Chandran Ranjith and Bharat Hooda had a forgettable night. For the Pirates, it was Sachin Narwal (8 points) and Guman Singh (7 points) who worked efficiently in raider Monu Goyat's absence. The win takes Patna Pirates level on points with Bengaluru Bulls at the top of the points table but Bengaluru is ahead on score difference.

In the first game of the evening, Tamil Thalaivas and Jaipur Pink Panthers played an exciting 31-31 tie featuring another solo tackle of the season. You can go through the highlights of that game here: Pro Kabaddi PKL 8 Highlights: Prapanjan injured; Last second drama sees Jaipur Pink Panthers, Tamil Thalaivas settle for 31-31 draw

38-31: Final raid of the match and guess what, it is Shadloui who goes in. Sadly, nothing adventurous there from the big man as he just runs down the clock. Patna Pirates have beaten the table toppers Bengaluru Bulls 38-31!!!

38-31: Sums up his night. Another unsuccessful raid for Ranjith who had to get a point as this was a do-or-die one.

37-31: SUPER TACKLE!!! It was a do-or-die raid for Patna and skipper Prashanth went in. He ran down the clock brilliantly before being taken down.

37-29: Prashanth Kumar Rai does just that. Empty raid but takes time out of the game.

This time Patna Pirates take the time out. Ram Mehar Singh has just told his team to run down the clock.

37-29: Deepak Narwal picks up a bonus but does not return to his side of the mat. Two minutes to go.

36-28: SUPER TACKLE!!! Guman had been warned by coach Ram Mehar Singh to watch out for Mahender but I guess he didn't listen carefully as it's Mahender who takes him down.

Time out taken by Bengaluru Bulls and their coach has told them that he thinks Prashanth will come and this Super Tackle is a must.

36-26: No respite for the Bulls raiders. This time it is Lee who has been tackled by Sunil. What a night he is having!

35-26: SUPER TACKLE!!! Mahender with a crucial thigh hold on Sachin Narwal. The deficit is reduced to nine points.

Final strategic time out. Match is firmly in the control of the Patna Pirates. However, stranger things have happened in this sport. So, stay tuned for the last five minutes.

35-24: And he is off again. Shadloui looks like winning this duel. Pawan was in for the do-or-die raid but a strong ankle hold by Shadloui meant no escape for the star raider.

Pawan Sehrawat is finally back on the mat.

34-24: SUPER TACKLE!!! Oh Guman! So close to what could have been a super raid instead. Bulls defense just does enough to stop him.

Pawan Sehrawat has been off the mat for more than 18 minutes now!

34-22: And it keep on getting worse for Ranjith. Great ankle hold by Sajin C on the right corner.

31-22: Pawan Sehrawat went in for the raid and stepped into the lobbies without a touch. However, Sajin C followed him there and therefore it's one point each.

30-21: Mad attempt from Mahender on Guman Singh. Literally gifted a touch point after Guman had picked up a bonus already.

28-21: ALL OUT!!! Dong Geon Lee picks a bonus but nothing more and that's an all out for the Bulls again. Pirates defense has been very compact today.

23-20: Nice move by Bengaluru to sub in Dong Geon Lee and he gets a touch point in his very first raid.

23-19: Chandran Ranjith is really not having a good day. Another unsuccessful raid.

22-19: And now he is off. Deepak Narwal has been brutally tackled by the Pirates defense.

21-19: SUPER TACKLE!!! Great work by Saurabh Nandal as he takes Guman Singh down before Mahender and Deepak come in for the assist.

21-17: Deepak Narwal picks up a bonus.

21-16: Guman Singh comes in for the first raid of the second half and straight away gets a running hand touch on the left corner. Pawan stays on the bench.

HALF-TIME: Patna Pirates 20-16 Bengaluru Bulls

20-16: Last raid of the first half and it is an empty one by the Pirates skipper Prashanth Kumar Rai.

20-16: Pawan has been sent to the bench again and this time it is Neeraj who picks a tackle point.

19-16: That was some struggle by Sachin Tanwar to escape but the Bulls defense was strong enough to hold him.

19-15: And they tackle another raider in Bharat Hooda. The Pirates defense, Sunil in particular, is on a roll here.

18-15: Do-or-die raid for Sachin Tanwar. Committed the mistake of going to deep and Saurabh Nandal had no problem in blocking him.

18-14: Pawan Sehrawat goes, Ranjith follows. Brilliant ankle hold by Sunil sends another dangerous Bulls raider to the bench.

17-14: This is turning out to be a good duel as this time, Shadloui gets the better of Pawan Sehrawat. One tackle point for the big man.

16-14: A fantastic toe touch on Aman by Sachin Tanwar. Quick.

15-13: Ranjith gets a good back hold on Guman Singh and pulls him back.

15-11: A two point raid for Sachin! Gets both Bulls defenders Mayur and Aman out.

13-11: Well done, Guman Singh. An effective raid as he gets Bharat Hooda, a raider, out with a touch.

12-10: Not this time, Shadloui. A lone tackle on the high flier is just not going to work so easily.

11-9: ALL OUT!!! What a quick turnaround this has been from the Pirates after sending Pawan to the bench. Deepak Narwal came on as the substitute and Shadloui had no problem at the right corner in getting hold of his ankle.

7-8: Sunil is having a ball here as he gets hold of Bharat and then the Pirates defense went all in on him.

5-8: Shadloui comes to the party. Strong ankle hold on Ranjith by Sunil and then a massive block by Shadloui.

4-7: Pawan gets a bonus but this time Sunil gets his man!

2-6: Another bonus and touch point raid for Pawan and he gets the right corner of the Pirates defense.

2-4: I don't know what Mayur Kadam was trying to do there going solo on Sachin. Easy point for the Pirates raider.

1-4: Lovely start for Pawan here as he picks a bonus from under Sunil's nose and then baits him in tackling him. Two points. Easy.

1-2: A weak attempt from Neeraj to tackle Pawan. Easy point for the Bengaluru raider there.

1-1: Sachin Tanwar gets a quick touch on Aman and the defender has to walk back to the bench.

0-1: It's the in-form Pawan Sehrawat who comes in for the first raid of the match and easily picks up a bonus.

Patna Pirates won the toss. Bengaluru Bulls to raid first.

8:35pm: LINE UPS!!!

Patna Pirates: Sachin Tanwar, Neeraj Kumar, Sajin C, Prashanth Kumar Rai (c), Guman Singh, Sunil Narwal, Mohammadreza Shadloui

Bengaluru Bulls: Pawan Sehrawat (c),  Chandran Ranjith, Mayur Kadam, Mahender Singh, Saurabh Nandal, Bharat Hooda, Aman Antil,

8:25pm: Head-to-head stats - Matches played - 17, Matches won by Patna Pirates - 10, Matches won by Bengaluru Bulls - 5, Matches tied - 2

8:15pm: Bengaluru Bulls have won four out of their last five matches which includes a 61-22 hammering of a Naveen Kumar-less Dabang Delhi side. Star raider Pawan Sehrawat is on a rampage with 46 points in the last two games taking him past Naveen to the top of the current season's leading point scorer's position. Pawan has got decent support in another raider, Bharat and the duo will hope to make life tough for the Patna Pirates defense.

8:10pm: It's a battle of the heavyweights. Third-placed Patna Pirates vs league leader Bengaluru Bulls. Prashanth Kumar Rai's Patna Pirates come into this match after a surprise 38-28 defeat to Jaipur Pink Panthers. The raiders did their job in that match scoring 19 points but it was the defense that let them down with just four tackle points.Against a team that has arguably the best raider this season in Pawan Sehrawat, the Pirates' defenders have a tough task on their hands.

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