Pro Kabaddi PKL 8 Highlights: Maninder's Super 10 helps Bengal Warriors beat Telugu Titans 28-27

Pro Kabaddi League Live Score: Get live updates and scores from the PKL 8 game between Telugu Titans and Bengal Warriors being played in Bengaluru on Monday.

Updated : Jan 17, 2022 22:06 IST

Telugu Titans take on Bengal Warriors in match 61 of the Pro Kabaddi League 8 in Bengaluru on Monday.
Telugu Titans take on Bengal Warriors in match 61 of the Pro Kabaddi League 8 in Bengaluru on Monday.

Telugu Titans take on Bengal Warriors in match 61 of the Pro Kabaddi League 8 in Bengaluru on Monday.

Welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League. This is Nihit Sachdeva and I will be taking you through today's PKL 8 match between Telugu Titans and Bengal Warriors.


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Summary: Don't know what Telugu Titans need to do more to emerge victorious. This was a closely fought game, exactly opposite to the first game of the evening between U.P. Yoddha and Puneri Paltan. Bengal Warriors were leading by a solitary point at the halfway stage. Telugu Titans did well to comeback and take lead from the beginning of the second half. However, an all out in the final stages of the match ultimately proved costly. With this win, Bengal Warriors are at seventh spot in the points table while winless Telugu Titans stay at the bottom.

27-28: Another heartbreak for Telugu Titans. Nabibakhsh came in for the final raid, ran down the clock before the Titans defense finally took him down. However, Bengal Warriors beat Telugu Titans 28-27!!!

26-28: This time, Rajnish does pick up a bonus but there are just 30 seconds left now.

25-28: Bonus points picked in consecutive raids by Maninder and Rajnish. Every point feels like a super raid here.  A bonus only for Maninder as an excellent review by Warriors took Rajnish's bonus away. It's a ninth consecutive Super 10 for Maninder.

25-27: ALL OUT!!! Rajnish picked up a bonus but failed to get a touch point as the Warriors defense took him down. Two minutes to go. This is huge.

24-24: C Arun went alone tackle Maninder and no surprise as he escapes freely.

24-23: Rajnish picks a bonus in the do-or-die raid. No revival though.

23-23: Oh my god, Surender! Another gift of a touch point to Maninder with just two other teammates left on the mat now.

Final strategic time out. Titans ahead by 23-22 with five minutes to go. This is not done yet and a big raid could change the complexion of the game completely.

23-21: Do-or-die raid for the Titans. Adarsh T could not come back without a point, went too deep and on his way back, found three defenders blocking him. As it turned out, Abozar Mighani at the back had stepped out of bounds which was well spotted by the Titans who used the review and got a point.

22-20: Maninder with a smart raid as he forced Prince D into making an unnecessary attempt and got a touch point.

Strategic time out. Ten minutes to go. Can the Titans finally get their first win of the season today? Stay tuned.

22-19: You don't get to see Nabibakhsh making errors every day. This is one of those rare occasions. Adarsh T was in for the do-or-die raid, hadn't managed to get a touch but then Nabibakhsh went in for an unnecessary tackle and gifted him a touch point.

21-19: Maninder hasn't had a massive day but everytime Surinder is on the mat, it is like one touch point is there on a platter for him. However, he gets one more and it is Akash who'll walk with Surinder to the bench.

21-17: SUPER TACKLE!!! Well, this was weird. Rajnish went into the lobbies without a touch but Amit Nirwal followed him and got a self-out. The official had initially given just a super tackle but a smart review from Titans earned them one point and got a Warriors player off the mat.

20-15: Hello? Where did Prince D come from? That's what Sukesh Hegde must have been wondering as the Titans defender tackled him into the lobbies.

19-15: SUPER RAID!!! Excellent raid from Rajnish. Ran Singh went in for the ankle hold and missed him. On his way back, Rajnish got another touch. He had already picked up a bonus.

16-14: Beautiful! Akash and Gallu Raju get hold of each ankle of Maninder and take him down.

15-14: Rajnish sensibly picks up a bonus to avoid a do-or-die raid.

14-14: Sandeep Kandola with another massive tackle on strong Nabibakhsh. Quality stuff from the Titans skipper.

HALF-TIME: Telugu Titans 13-14 Bengal Warriors

13-14: Maninder is just making a mockery of Surinder today. The defender does not look focused at all and it is an easy hand touch for Maninder.

13-13: Ankit Beniwal comes in for the raid and it is Amit Nirwal who takes him down to get his second tackle point of the night.

13-12: Sandeep Kandola blocks Nabibakhsh with full force before his teams come with the assist.

12-11: Akash with another error. Too close to the mid line and it was an easy touch point for Nabibakhsh.

12-10: Ankit Beniwal with an excellent ankle hold on Sukesh Hegde stops him from returning to his Warriors teammates. Great work from the Titans raider.

11-10: Sukesh Hegde, the bonus specialist, picks up another bonus.

10-9: Maninder came in for the do-or-die raid and went towards the right corner but Akash got hold of his ankle and the Warriors skipper is off to the bench.

9-8: Nabibakhsh jumped over Akash in order to escape but Akash got a great hold of his right leg and then just did not let it go.

7-7: Skipper gets skipper! Strong ankle hold on Maninder by Sandeep Kandola. Maninder is still trying his best to somehow get his hand across the line but the other defenders come in time and then just land on him.

6-6: Silly block tried by Prince on Sukesh Hegde. There was no chance of stopping the big man there on his own.

6-5 Rajnish picks a touch point in addition to a bonus as Vijin tries to push him off the mat.

4-4: Lovely back kick by Rajnish and he gets Maninder on the right corner. Clinical.

3-4: Maninder gets a touch on......yep, Surinder again.

3-3: Rajnish picks up a bonus.

2-2: Amit Nirwal's weak hold on Ankit proves insufficient. Parity restored and first raid point for the Titans.

1-2: Maninder Singh came in for the do-or-die raid and Akash Choudhary on the right corner went for him. First points for Titans.

0-2: A strong back hold on Rajnish by Ran Singh and the Titans have both their best defender and raider on the bench.

0-1: Maninder Singh starts from where he left in the last game. A quick running hand touch on Surinder's cheek.

Bengal Warriors won the toss. Telugu Titans to raid first.

8:35PM: LINE-UPS!!

Telugu Titans: Rajnish, Surinder Singh, Prince D, Galla Raju, Ankit Beniwal, Akash Choudhary, Sandeep Kandola (c)

Bengal Warriors: Maninder Singh (c), Amit Nirwal, Vijin T, Sukesh Hegde, Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Abozar Mighani, Ran Singh

8:20PM: Head-to-head-stats- Matches played - 16, Matches won by Bengal Warriors - 9, Matches won by Telugu Titans - 3, Matches tied - 4

8:15PM: Start the game on a high, lose a bit of momentum in the middle, give a hint of a comeback before failing to show up in the decisive moments - this has been the story of almost every match Telugu Titans have played. Rightly so, they are at the bottom of the table with seven defeats, two ties and no wins in their nine games. Raiders Rajnish and Ankit Beniwal have tried their best to cover up for the absence of the Baahubali Siddharth Desai. However, raider Rohit Kumar has had a shockingly bad tournament so far. The Titans possibly need to win every match from today onwards to keep their playoff hopes alive.

8:10PM: For an impressive outfit like theirs, Bengal Warriors have had a bit underwhelming tournament so far with four wins, five defeats and one tie in 10 games they have played. It could have been five wins but in their last game against U Mumba, a mistake in the final raid forced them to settle for a tie. Still, the Warriors would back themselves to beat a winless Telugu Titans. Skipper and star raider Maninder Singh has led from the fron with 29 points in last two games but he needs others such as Mohammad Nabibakhsh and Abozar Mighani to raise their game.

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