A fighter to the core

"He has aged"... "end of the road for him"... these were some of the comments about Schumacher during the early phase of the current F1 season.

Now the German is just 11 points behind Alonso. He will never give up and he is a true Champion.

S. Bagawati Prasad, Chennai A genius

Congratulations to Tiger Woods for retaining the Claret Jug. He is refreshingly one who marches into territories of excellence, hitherto unexplored.

Seeing the `Tiger' on the prowl, one is reminded of a flowing river.

Nandita Sridhar's article in the recent issue dwelling on a not-too-often dealt with subject, `Comeback of sporting greats, post retirement' made for interesting reading.

Suresh Manoharan, Hyderabad Interesting

The article "Waning and Waxing" by Nandita Sridhar was quite interesting. There is a balance in the feature. She has also mentioned about unsuccessful comebacks.

Duke Jeyaraj, Hyderabad Still he is great

The Cover Story "This Zidane, AND THAT" along with other relevant articles, in the July 22nd issue — about the infamous incident between Zinedine Zidane and Marco Materazzi — provided interesting insights. Here the gainer of course was Meterazzi and the sufferer was none but Zidane, the genius. Zidane is one of the most accomplished footballers in the world and has enchanted millions with his sheer artistry. Italy knew that the strength of France would be reduced without Zidane. That was why they played this trick. Unfortunately, Zidane fell into that trap and was sent off. Though his career ended in ignominy, Zidane will continue to be remembered as one of the great footballers in the world.

Arindam Basu, Kolkata