All about Creativity

With over 10 million footballs distributed over the 160 countries in the world and 8 World Cup teams as partners, Nike, according to its Global Brand Management Vice President Trevor Edwards, is contributing to the game in its own way. The company _ which is approaching an annual turnover of $1.5 billion in comparison to $40m during 1994 _ has also started a campaign called `Joga Bonito', the Brazilian way of referring to `the beautiful game'. "We would like the game to be vibrant, joyful and producing magic like the way the Brazilians do it," said Edwards. A video clipping is making its rounds and would be seen in various parts of the world before the World Cup. Nike has been associated with the Brazilian team since 1996. "We were able to learn from their free-flowing football, and this was the inspiration for us to innovate and make better products for them. Players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Adriano gave us inputs to help us manufacture the range of shoes for them. Working with top teams helps us understand the meaning of creativity," said Edwards.

"We spread this message to the young audience in other parts of the world. Our latest addition is India. We are working with Indian football authorities."