Anand on Parimar1jan


"As you grow your knowledge, worries double.

"I have met Parimarjan, quite a few times. In Corus 2005, I got to see him play. In spite of the tough competition he held his own. He seems a really cool kid, unfazed by results. For a child it is quite impressive. I think we spoke, when he got his IM title, soon after Hastings and he just seemed so calm. Clearly he has a lot of talent and is working hard. It is also very heartening to see that he has a good structure around him. His school, family have been able to support him. It is nice to see that he can enjoy being a kid and also be a prodigious talent. I think a Grandmaster title is a milestone. When you cross it, you have this problem of what to aim for. He should enjoy the title. You can only earn it for the first time, once in your life. Goals will always be there and records too. Carpe Diem (A Latin phrase that means seize the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future) and enjoy the events.

"Clearly he seems to be working with a lot of Soviet coaches. He has also played a few international events and, that has given him exposure and confidence. At this age it is difficult to quantify improvement. You will find a huge spurt in ratings and then a few years without much of a performance.

Just playing a lot of events, facing new players, different styles will be an excellent preparation. Whatever theoretical preparation he does, will be able to give him confidence to play and also mould his intrinsic skills as a chess player. Just play different events, formats and don't start getting obsessed about ratings or GM title. This is the fun time, as you grow your knowledge and worries double."