Bright future

Sania Mirza... doing India proud.-AP

Nandita Sridhar's Cover Story on Sania Mirza (Sportstar, January 20) was absorbing. In Indian women's tennis, Sania's achievements, notwithstanding her early exit from the recent Australian Open, are epoch-making.

How many `firsts' Sania has to her name! In Indian women's tennis, she is the first to break into the top 40; the first to beat top ten players such as Kuznetsova and Hingis; the first to win a silver medal in singles and gold in the mixed doubles at the Asian Games.

In the recent Hopman Cup, Sania, with her remarkable performance, made other teams sit up and take notice of her. With Sania on the rise, the future of Indian women's tennis really appears bright.

The Cover Story on Shaun Pollock by S. Dinakar (Sportstar, January 13) was also interesting. Pollock, a `natural' with cricketing genes, did not do full justice to his batting potential as he was concentrating on his incisive bowling, much like what Wasim Akram did.

Ted Corbett's coverage of the final Ashes test would have enraged many a Sportstar reader. Barring the scores, there was nothing to suggest that it was a report of the Sydney Test. Not a word on McGrath's six-wicket haul or Warne's wonderful rearguard action with the bat.

Suresh Manoharan,Hyderabad Sania has to improve still

Refer your Cover Story `A good beginning, it is' (Sportstar, January 20). Sania's meteoric rise in women's tennis can only be compared with fairytales. Now she has become the toast of the nation. There is no doubt about her talent, but she still lacks consistency. Her antipathy for long rallies reflects her lack of patience. To add to her woes, her first serve has proved to be her Achilles' heel. So, she has to improve in these areas. Hope Sania will tide over these shortcomings.

Arindam Basu,Kolkata