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What does Andy Roddick need to do to win a big one?

What does Andy Roddick need to do to win a big one?

ANDY RODDICK is the heir apparent to Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras. And at this year's Australian Open he took a big step forward when he beat Younes El Aynaoui in five amazing sets to reach his first Grand Slam semifinal. Can A-Rod take the next step? We asked some of the game's sharpest minds what they think he has to do to win a Grand Slam title.

Mary Carillo: "He has so much energy. He plays with this engaging, jumpy passion. But sometimes it seems like he's playing more on emotion than with emotion. That can get your engine out of alignment over the long haul, so I'd like to see Andy subdue himself just a bit and let his head instead of his heart get him through matches."

Nick Bollettieri: "For Andy at this stage, it's a question of putting the team together — the physical trainer, the coach, the nutritionist, the strategy. Today you can't have a weakness in any shape or form."

Cliff Drysdale: "He's got to stick around for a couple of years and get more experience. He's got the game. And I think he's going to do it. But he's got to get in superhuman shape like the rest of the guys."

Jack Kramer: "He needs to have more confidence with his volley game and to add a safe approach shot instead of trying to knock the ball off from the backcourt. His game gives him a lot of short balls, so he should take advantage of them and learn to set up well for his volleys."

Pam Shriver: "The key for him is to get clear on his thought process and what his game is. Does Andy want to be a baseline basher or come to net more or vary it? But he has to know this before he walks onto the court and commit to it, not just for a few points or a few matches, but week after week. You wonder if playing doubles might help round out his game so he can be more adept at taking advantage of his big serves."

Fred Stolle: "Andy needs to get more consistent. Technically, his serve is his strongest weapon but he uses too much of his arm and I'd like to see him change that action a bit and get more of his body weight into his delivery. Look what happened to Patrick Rafter by using too much of his arm." — Joel Drucker