Excellent presentation

Your Australian Open coverage was fantastic. Serena Williams prepared for the event with sheer commitment and determination. She overwhelmed Maria Sharapova in the final even as the Russian looked sapped of energy and mental toughness. The invincible Roger Federer swept past Fernando Gonzalez in the men's final.

The World Cup cricket flashbacks are also noteworthy as was the coverage of the India-West Indies one-day series with India just managing to win in Nagpur and Cuttack.

B. Kapoor, Jalandhar Tennis machine

My heartfelt thanks to Sportstar (February 3, 2007) for the exhaustive coverage of the Australian Open.

Now, the men's tennis circuit has become a one-man show that revolves around Roger Federer. His 2006 performance was superb. He won 12 titles and out of 97 matches he lost only five.

In fact, he is well-placed to break Jimmy Connors' record of staying atop the men's rankings for 160 weeks in a row.

But Federer is not the type to rest on his laurels. He is really made of sterner stuff and his winning the Australian Open without dropping a set has proved it all. He indeed has elevated his game to such an extent that Pete Sampras' Grand Slam record (14 titles) is in peril.

In the women's section of the Australian Open, Serena Williams came from nowhere to be the winner. It was such a grand return, after a long sabbatical due to a nagging knee injury. Though she looked rusty in the initial stages, her tennis skills literally singed her opponents as the tournament wore on.

Arindam Basu, Kolkata A phenomenon indeed

We thought the Swiss were all about chocolate and cheese. Roger Federer has changed all that. At no time in tennis history has there been such a wide gap between the No. 1 and the rest. Federer is only 25 and even if he calls it a day at 30, at least another 10 Slams will be added to his name. It is difficult to imagine anyone coming close to him in the foreseeable future. Besides, with his exemplary behaviour on and off the court, he has shown that nice boys can also finish first. Truly a phenomenon.

R. Ganesh, Chennai A win-win situation!

Federer's game is classy enough to produce unalloyed joy in tennis lovers. On top of that, there is yet another spin-off to the fans who are also avid readers. Even as Federer, embodying the Olympic motto (citius, altius, fortius), keeps going one up not only on the competition but also on his own spectacular shows of the past, writers in Sportstar like Nirmal Shekar and Rohit Brijnath are compelled to delve deeper into their reserves of creative flair to capture the transcendental beauty of his game in words. And who are the beneficiaries?

The Sportstar readers, who are getting the best of both the worlds (bewitching live action as well as an ethereal action replay in their mind's eye thanks to the splendid efforts of the Sportstar writers). Boy, for readers like me it is a win-win situation, if there was one!

Suresh Manoharan, Hyderabad