Fighting fit

The Indian team, trained by the army personnel near Bangalore, is now ready for the tough battle in Sri Lanka. I have no doubts that this fighting fit team will come off with flying colours in the triangular series. Good luck to Team India.

N. V. Krishnan, New Delhi Innovative idea

It was heartening to see in the news channels on TV our cricketers undergoing training under army personnel. Tai chi and yoga should also help them immensely during the tri-series in Sri Lanka. These training methods will help the players improve their concentration on the field. I congratulate the BCCI for this innovative idea.

After watching the training sessions on TV, I was reminded of the movie `Dirty Dozen'. Irfan Pathan looks like Telly Savalas did in that movie. I wish our "Famous Fifteen" all the best in their mission.

Vinay Mahadevan, Dubai A nice piece

It was a fitting tribute to Dennis Bergkamp by Brian Glanville (August 5, 2006). The author has beautifully described an incident — how Dennis was traumatised — during the 1994 World Cup. The photograph of Dennis Bergkamp with his two children looked quite apt for the story.

Duke Jeyaraj, Hyderabad Publicity stunt

I feel the best way to get publicity is to write a book. Guess who I am talking about? Not Jaswant Singh, but John Wright who has written the controversial book — Indian Summers. Why did not Wright talk about all those issues when he was the coach of India? He knew then that he would be sent home by the BCCI. This certainly looks like a publicity stunt.

S. Bagawati Prasad, Chennai Remembering Bobby

Cricket lovers all over the world are certainly missing Richie Benaud's voice in the commentary box (This is with reference to Ted Corbett's England Diary in the August 5 issue). Here, I would like to mention about our own commentator Bobby Talyarkhan. One can never forget his voice.

Then coming to Brian Lara's outburst against the West Indies Board officials, now that he has apologised for his behaviour, I hope the WIBC forgives him.

N. Mahadevan, Chennai