Give me red

The eye popping routine of cheerleaders,Washington Redskins, specially flown for the event and to cheer his team, Bangalore Royal Challengers, by Vijay Mallya, was a big hit. Even as they were performing, make-shift placards “Give Me Red” and “I came to watch the girls,” appeared from nowhere in the stands. On the eve of the IPL, while they were practising on the field, Rahul Dravid, addressing a media meet nearby, commented on their impact in jest, “I am asking my boys to keep their eyes on the ball.”

Cheerleaders meant business as Venkat Vardhan, the MD of DNA, which organised the show, observed: “They are professionals and the girls are from US Colleges, who graduate into professional league cheerleading outfits.

“Every team in the US has one and we thought why not have this concept in the IPL also ?” Vardhan, went on to add “the girls enjoy their stint here. Yes, they are getting to know a bit about cricket and Twenty20 seemed a little more like baseball for them.” The Redskins also have another agenda during their stay. They will raise and train an Indian cheer-leading squad for the IPL.