Hard Habit to Break

Novak Djokovic is trying to break a habit. The sixthseeded Serb bounces the ball repeatedly before serving _ so much that crowds have noticed it.

"I KNOW EVERYBODY makes fun of that,'' Djokovic said after reaching the third round beating Laurent Recouderc 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 6-1.

During that match, Djokovic had bounced the ball so fast with his hand that it flew away.

"I was a bit embarrassed,'' Djokovic said. "I had some bad bounce, and the ball went away, and everybody smiled.''

DJOKOVIC SAID BOUNCING the tennis ball repeatedly like a basketball player helps him focus.

"I'm thinking about a lot of things in my head,'' he said. "I'm trying to concentrate for my serve. I know that on clay, I have to play long points.''

But he promises to make an effort from now on. "I'll try to make it faster,'' Djokovic said. "So the crowd cannot make fun of me.''