In a different class

Aussies... simply irresistible.-K. R. DEEPAK

As pointed out by the author, the Aussies are used to the big stage (Cover Story: "Skill, Brain and Guts", Sportstar, November 11). They definitely lift their game when it comes to a summit clash.

Even under tight situation, the Aussies always find a player or two to bail the team out. Truly, they are the World Champions.

Coming to the Champions Trophy presentation ceremony, the Pawar incident was unnecessary. The Australians could have avoided it.

Vinay Mahadevan, Dubai Deplorable act

It was a thumping victory for Australia in the Champions Trophy final in Mumbai. It finally managed to win this one title that eluded the team for a long time. However, the manner in which the Australian players behaved during the prize distribution ceremony was bad. They showed that they are no champions off the field. Their behaviour towards the BCCI President, Sharad Pawar, was deplorable.

S. Bagawati Prasad, Chennai One of the giants of cricket

The demise of veteran cricketer Polly Umrigar is a great loss not only to his family and India but also the entire cricketing world. He was a gentleman and a very nice human being. He was a shrewd captain and his cricketing knowledge was appreciated by one and all.

As far as Umrigar's performances are concerned, his figures speak for themselves. After his playing days, he was involved with the game in various capacities.

In his time there was no limited overs cricket, otherwise he would have been a very useful one-day cricketer.

Polly Umrigar will be remembered for a long, long time.

Shirish. J. Buch, San Antonio (USA) Jeev making waves

Rakesh Rao's interview with the `Golden boy' of Indian golf, after his epoch-making victory in the Volvo Masters, made for an absorbing reading.

Jeev has shown the golf world that he can hold his own against the best in the business.

Well done, Jeev. You have made all of us proud.

Suresh Manoharan, Hyderabad