Nov 23, 2018

India’s 52nd international cricket venue

The new Vajpayee Stadium in Lucknow is a splendid piece of construction. One hopes that it will also be maintained well.


Book Review

Shane Warne at his candid best

In his autobiography, the former Aussie spin wizard holds a mirror in unhindered language and readers can get an insight into perhaps cricket’s last cowboy.


India vs Australia over the years — in numbers

An inexperienced India lost 4-0 to Don Bradman’s Australia in 1947-48. The Indians failed to find much success Down Under. Here’s everything you need to know about how India has fared.

Short Takes

Happiness is being with my family

Just like his batting style, Faiz Fazal loves to keep things simple. While he is a big fan of Rafael Nadal, the India international and Vidarbha captain prefers spending quality time with family.


Why fitness for golf?

Every golfer is different — limb length, body type, flexibility, stability, genetic loading, lifestyle, food habits, type of musculature, etc. Each needs to be treated as a special case in every aspect.


The world of Hima Das(h)!

Performances of athlete Hima Das have been spectacular. On available evidence, no 18-year-old girl in history has run the 400m faster. And it is likely that no teen or seasoned pro has slashed nearly 5 seconds in less than a year in the lung-busting athletics event.

Last Word

Should sportsmen carry the burden politicians refuse to?

Often sport is politics by other means, the 1936 Olympics in Berlin under Hitler being a good example. International sportsmen must tread carefully.

For The Love of Sport

Jisshu Sengupta: I’d happily choose cricket over acting

Cricket is a game I love, and even today I make it a point to carry cricket bats whenever I am travelling for outdoor shoots. Who knows, you might just get a chance to play a bit.


The halcyon years of West Indies

A nostalgic look into the powerhouse that West Indies were and a wistful reminder of how those gentle giants of cricket strode around the world as invincible gladiators.

Ind vs Aus 2018-19

History beckons Down Under

India will not be short of ambition and a sense of anticipation as it travels Down Under this time around. But the team needs to clean up its batting act.


Preparation, prudence, patience, personnel-picking

While teams don’t play to meet external expectations, it won’t be lost on Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli that walking the talk is non-negotiable on the tour of Australia.


Looking for redemption and respectability

Australia’s stock is at a low ebb after the sandpaper episode in South Africa. The cricket world's eyes will be on the India vs Australia series to see if the host can turn things around.


India’s best chance in 70 years

Four decades ago, it was Packer. This time, it is Sandpaper. Steve Smith and David Warner’s bans may have just tilted the odds in favour of Virat Kohli’s team in the India vs Australia series.

Star Struck

'When I played TT with Tendulkar'

He(Sachin Tendulkar) walked in to play table tennis and I ended up playing with him. I was excited and after the game, I rang up my father and told him that I paired with Sachin and played TT.


Kohli's turn to be overtaken

18,665The number of international runs made by Virat Kohli before the age of 30. Only former teammate Sachin Tendulkar had made more at that age.Most ...


Saurabh succeeds by keeping it simple

Saurabh was so much in love with the sport that he would practise for long hours, unmindful of anything.


Here, the clock doesn’t help you out!

Tennis is a year-round sport that can be played outdoors or indoors. Anyone can play. And it’s so much fun. But that’s just for starters. Here are the first 23 of 46 more reasons why tennis is great.


Warm hearts in cold seats!

The cold iron-bar seats were, however, no discomfort for the hooting and singing crowd, which cheered every pass, every dribble and every attempt to score a goal.

View from the paddock

Drama and controversy in Brazil

Max Verstappen lost his lead in the Brazil GP after coming into contact with Esteban Ocon at the Senna Esses. Looking purely at the rules and the facts of the case, Ocon was within his rights to try to unlap himself. But it’s also good etiquette to not really put the race leaders at risk.

On The Write Line

India’s 52nd international cricket venue

The new Vajpayee Stadium in Lucknow is a splendid piece of construction. One hopes that it will also be maintained well.