Jitu Rai, the giant killer

JITU RAI IS GREETED after he wins the gold in the men's 50m pistol event.-PTI

September 20: There is some good news coming in early at the Games. In fact the competitions have just begun. Jitu Rai has beaten the South Korean World and Olympic champion and world record holder Jin Jong-oh to win the men's 50m free pistol gold.

He is thrilled, the Diary too. But where's he?

Everybody waits for him and there are eager questions in every journo's lips at the media conference room. But the new Asian Games champ is missing.

Fifteen minutes go by, then half hour.

Still no sign of our hero. Then news comes in, `Jitu Rai has just finished the dope test and he doesn't want to talk now.' We are all worried and everybody packs off to have a look at other sports.

But the Diary stays back. This is the Diary's first Asian Games and it does not want to let go of the man who has just won the country's ?rst gold at Incheon. And a rare one too, for shooting has just brought six golds for India in the history of the Games so far.

The Diary tries its luck. It gets back to the shooting range to ?nd Rai back at work. A little later it gets to speak to Rai. Unfortunately, Rai does not speak English. And like many born in Chennai, the Diary can't make out a word of Hindi.

Thankfully, it gets hold of an official who agrees to help out. And the Diary gets an exclusive story.