Leave Sachin alone


The jig regarding the schedule between the BCCI and CSA has nothing to do with Sachin Tendulkar (in pic) really, but somehow he has to be the focal point.

Sachin Tendulkar has been more communicative to the media in the last couple of years than he was in the first two decades of his illustrious career. He has more often than not conveyed his intent to carry on, contrary to the ever growing speculation that he is all set to retire once he plays his 200th Test. Interestingly enough, the champion batsman, who has never clarified on many matters during his career, has repeatedly ventured to reveal to the Press his desire to continue playing for the country. One can presume that he is a trifle irritated with the media speculation and therefore he is hinting to the media that he needs to be left alone. However, the powerful draw for the “Tendulkar” brand makes the media spin its lead stories around the little master whether it is warranted or not. For instance, the jig regarding the schedule between the BCCI and CSA has nothing to do with Tendulkar really, but somehow he has to be the focal point.

It will not matter to Tendulkar where he makes his 200th Test appearance but in the current scenario, wherein sports management & marketing companies look for ways and means to monetise any and every potential opportunity, individuals especially someone like Tendulkar will be projected enough and more to garner the maximum leverage. It is understandable given the landmark that Tendulkar is set to reach, but the hype should be restrained when it comes to up and coming youngsters. Unmukt Chand, for one, is being projected as the next superstar of the country.

But, after the triumph in the junior World Cup, he has been subjected to enough distractions with business entities trying to make him a brand of sorts. It was rather interesting to see the selectors naming him the India ‘A’ captain for the one-day ‘A’ series, ahead of other experienced players. Now, we all are aware that performing at the junior level requires talent but there is no point in getting carried away too soon. The junior World-Cup winning captain needs to be left alone to carry on with his game, failing which he will join the list of players who faded away after making a mark in the Under-19 level. It is alright to encourage a talented young man but in a team sport the accent should be on the entire unit more often than not.

Sachin Tendulkar is aware of the impact the media hype can have on a player. Hence he is looking to protect his son from getting too much attention. However, that is going to be a bigger challenge for Tendulkar Sr. and Arjun Tendulkar needs to learn to put up with it. The junior Tendulkar is just into his teens and is at an age where he needs to have a good time. But that’s the price one pays for being a Tendulkar, I suppose. It is rather ironical that media at times gets its wires crossed.

We do have the likes of Leander Paes to cheer a lot about for displaying enormous grit and dedication to play and win a Grand Slam event at the age of 40. Paes has shown that age need not be a factor in any sport as long as one has the fire and the will to succeed.

At 40, to compete in a sport where speed and agility needs to be top class is commendable but to win a Grand Slam is extraordinary. Unfortunately, the achievers in individual sport do not always get the credit and attention that they deserve.