Sreesanth beware

This is with reference to your Cover Story, ‘Bite, Don’t Bark’, (Sportstar, November 3). The author has hit the nail on the head. Yes, there should be bite on the field of play, but not the barking. After all a sportsperson is assessed by his performance on the field, and the proof is Rafael Nadal and Rooney. Until Sreesanth starts taking wickets, he cannot expect to earn a name in cricket.

There was no need for his antics against Symonds. Sreesanth could have avoided unnecessary attention from the Match Referee. Hope he will be careful with his behaviour against the visiting Pakistan team and also during India’s tour of Australia, where he is definitely going to be taunted by the public as well as the players.

N. Mahadevan Chennai Wonderful novelty

It was indeed a great pleasure to read a novel Cover Story on Inzamam-ul-Haq, co-authored by Nirmal Shekar and Vijay Parthasarthy. How seamlessly their styles blended, providing the readers such a wonderful fare! Two writers putting their heads down for a common article — it represents a wonderful novelty!

Suresh Manoharan Hyderabad