Long live Roger

The article `The Roger Rules' by L. Jon Wertheim was quite witty. However, the difference between the `Roger hegemony' and that of Ferrari in FI or Armstrong in cycling should have been stressed properly.

While the success story of Armstrong in Tour de France or Ferrari's domination of F1 are good advertisements for `hard work laced with courage' and `benefits of superior technology', the `Roger reign' is one with a difference.

It is all about the Renaissance of finesse and artistry (the virtues), which had made the game of tennis such a lovely spectacle long ago but were under severe threat of extinction after the advent of `graphite racquets' and `power tennis.'

So can anyone, on seeing this peerless artist drawing exquisite patterns on the tennis court as though his racquet were some paintbrush and the court some giant canvas, honestly complain about his unchallenged reign?

Rather, in one voice, we (the true tennis lovers) need to herald `Long Live Roger's Reign'.

Suresh Manoharan, Hyderabad Curbing racism

It is really sad and disgusting to know that a truly gifted player is booed instead of being applauded whenever he gains possession of the ball.

The player in this case is Barcelona's Samuel Eto 'o, who was racially abused by the Real Zaragoza fans in a Spanish Premier League match.

The result of the match was overshadowed by this racial abuse incident. This is not an isolated case as black players are frequently booed and racially abused across Europe.

FIFA should take immediate steps to curb this growing menace. Pleading with the crowds or requesting them to refrain from indulging in racial abuse will not do. Instead, these fans should be identified through close circuit televisions and police intelligence networks.

Once identified, they should be banned from entering the stadia for lifetime. Though a bit harsh, this method will help eradicate racial abuse by crowds.

Sukhraj Sekhon, Mohali Dhoni has landed

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's scintillating 72 in the Lahore ODI, which gave India a convincing win over Pakistan, underlined his potential as one of India's leading batsmen. He appropriately bagged the Man of the Match award, much to the delight of his innumerable fans.

After Sehwag, Dhoni has emerged as a dashing batsman who can play without any inhibition.

He should play regularly in both Tests and one-day internationals and hone his batting skills.

Jyotiranjan Biswal, Dungapur Include contents page

I have been a regular reader of Sportstar for over a decade. I and my fellow countrymen look forward to reading your prestigious magazine in its new format. One of the new features is the large photographs of leading sportsmen that are very attractive.

I suggest you include a contents page so that your readers can easily locate articles of their choice.

C. Goonetilleke, Colombo (Sri Lanka) Problem with Star Poster

Sportstar in the new format has been a pleasant surprise. The new editorial feature `Then & Now' is a good inclusion.

The only objection I have against the magazine is that the Star Poster, unlike in the old format, carries print on the other sides.

This makes it impossible to detach the poster.

Arvind Kinikar, Solapur More sports

I have seen the issues of the Sportstar in the attractive new format. I would like you to also cover international tournaments in table tennis, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and equestrian.

A. G. Kanetkar, Mumbai