Mary Pierce

Mary Pierce has spent a long time in tennis. Now the Canadian-born, American-based Frenchwoman, 28, feels she has a book in her.

"I haven't thought about it so much," admitted the two-time Grand Slam winner, adding: "But I will.

"I'm the type of person that if I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna do it all the way and full-out or not do it at all. It would take a lot of thought because I'm not the only person in my life. There are also other people involved. So I would have to think about that."

Pierce's run in the game includes dealing with one of the original tennis' Bad Dads, Jim Pierce, who was banned from the WTA Tour in the 1990s. She has also been beset by injuries in between her Grand Slam winning performances at Australia in 1995 and the French Open five years later.

Pierce says that any autobiography of hers will be warts and all. "I try to live my life that way, that's one of my principles — honesty. The truth hurts, that's a fact. But I think that it can definitely help a lot of people as well."

Just in case the book idea someday becomes reality, Pierce will be prepared: "I'm keeping a journal," she admits, adding that she has yet to contact a publisher.

"I just know (that writing a book) is something I'd like to do. But I haven't even got into the process at all. When I retire, I might do it or something."

She won't be the first to put thoughts to paper, with retired French player Nathalie Tauziat writing a book a few years ago highly critical of the game and John McEnroe another published author from the ranks of former players.