Merv Dillon

West Indies Test star Merv Dillon (pix, below) is recovering after being struck by lightning while batting for Trinidad in Jamaica on October 9. Dillon was facing the bowling of the Windward Islands' Fernix Thomas, who was also struck by the same bolt. The pair was taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies for overnight observation. Their condition was described as "stable," and visitors the next day said both players were laughing and joking.

The incident happened during a Red Stripe Bowl match in Jamaica. A single lightning bolt struck from what witnesses said was a clear blue sky. Dillon slowly slumped to the ground clutching his left side, while Thomas ran unsteadily to the pavilion. A clap of thunder, which Tony Gray, Trinidad and Tobago's coach, described as "the loudest noise I have ever heard," accompanied the strike.

Spectators rushed for shelter, and although several players were seen on the ground it appeared that most had dived for cover rather than been struck. It was a surprise when the decision was made shortly afterwards to resume the match, and more so when Thomas took to the field after receiving treatment.

He bowled two more overs before complaining of a headache and a burning sensation on his neck and walking off. Shortly afterwards, Thomas and Dillon — who had been receiving treatment in the pavilion — were taken away in an ambulance.